Dawn Of My Teen

Stolen Sandwiches


BACKGROUND: 9C Class Room during Morning Assembly

”How did you break your leg? ” Anna needed to give an answer.

Assembly had already started but both Anna and Suhail couldn stand, which made them the exception. They sat beside each other, unable to make a conversation and the noises from assembly was simply fogging their ideas to pick a conversation. They were fighting different ideas for starting a conversation.

”So, what happened to your leg? ” was what Suhail could come up with.

”My bike sat on my leg. [sfx : My Bike fell on me.] What happened to yours? ” she needed to keep a bit savageness to fill up for the last days embarrassment even though her comment was sloppy. She should play hard headed while she can.

”The Doctor who was a Cancer specialist took a liking for my legs and cut them off. ” [ sfx : They were cut of due to my cancer] . There was a moment of silence.

”Sweet~ that was enough for the introduction. I did what you asked me to, are we done? ” She faked her annoyance although she had smiling ever since she left the canteen last day. She even checked her weight after a long time.

”of course not~ ” He mocked her. ”There is a bigger picture waiting. You see, I happened to be craving for some fun revenge lately. I have a list of their names. Look through it carefully. You need to help me make these bastards pay. ”

Anna was stunned. That was unexpected. ”Oh! That would be fun, but I didn expect you to be the type who would ask something like that. ”

”Nor do you look like one who would go around puncturing vehicles! ” That was supposed to be an insult but it only made her cheeks turn light shades of pink. She slowly shuffled her bangs to hide her face.

She is cute. he wondered as he stretched his hands to shake hers and said ”DEAL? ” She looked up at him with a face that said- Do I even have a choice? Now they had a deal. Time for this handicap to get a girl He breathed out in satisfaction.

They spend the day, analyzing the list of victims and their first course of action. When teachers were present, they would lay their head on the desk with a paper in between them. They scribbled down on how to take down each victim. There was this one rule of Anna, ”Our safety First. ”

They were still having trouble finding anything useful about Vansh, a typical rich ass, living in his fantasies even though his father is just Annas mothers co-worker. Other than the fact that his hair resembles Toilet brush and his personality sucks at being anything but personality, there wasn much other information about him. He was just pampered by his mother a lot.

”What are you both doing? ” the thick voice of Miss Highlighter came near to

”That voice could be directed towards us ” whispered Suhail who have never been in trouble with even a single teacher in his life history. Anna glanced up to see the laser eyes of Miss Highlighter looking down at her. Her lips were slowly curling up by the corner which indicated that she had found her pray for the Day.

Suhail let out an Eeek from his almost closed mouth as he wasn used to teachers preying on him. With all confidence she had gained from years of experience in being the teachers appetizer, Anna stood up, faking a concerned face. She waved the teacher to come closer tell her a secret and had Suhail feel embarrassed for being a handicap for the first time in a long time.

”Maam, he needs to go for his… his Toilet Business. May I go and ask for a Bhaiya to help him? ”( bhaiya: here referring to a male cleaning Staff) She clenched her fist and pressed it against her lips in an act of Desperation. Whether with legs or without legs, a mans urgency is still urgency. The teacher was bewildered. Suhail never used the school washroom in her memory.

”Ask a boy to find a bhaiya… ” the Miss who had preyed on the wrong pair whispered.

”No Miss! He feels embarrassed. I am sorry Miss but I will go and look for a bhaiya myself. ” The Miss seemed to have forgotten her authority as Anna got persistent.

”Can I join the Search? ” Suhail had one hand raised and the other to cover his embarrassment visible on his face. He had to accept, he had a weird taste for girls. What he heard that day wasn something he would want his crush to be saying.

She grabbed Suhails Water Bottle and tossed it onto his lap along with her walking stick. ”Whats the bottle for? ” he asked as they left the class room. She wobbled with his wheelchair. All the kids stared at the legless pair. The scene wasn really pleasant neither to his eye nor to the Teachers.

”Don you watch Discovery Channel? You can use that if we don find a Bhaiya. ”

”What?? ” His face was turning blue. What a wild girl!!

”Calm down. ” (CHUCKLE) ”Water is labeled as the most suitable weapon of all times. A harmless one – doesn hurt, doesn stain- only annoys. ” She wobbled with him towards 8 A, Vanshs Class.

”If Miss Highlighter is taking 6th period in our class then there are chances that my suspicions are right. ” They reached Vanshs class and found it empty of any noisy teenagers.

”As expected. ” She was calculative and her memory served right about 8 A having sports during every 6th period. She felt proud of herself being a smoker. Thats something good about someone who always bunked her classes to smoke.

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