Dawn Of My Teen

Partner in Crime


BACKGROUND : School Open Basket Ball Court

The same day, Suhail waited patiently at the basketball court for his driver to fetch his van. He was facing the parking lot beside the school front garden, when the familiar girl who caused his lips to swell was seen wobbling and sneaking around the parking lot. His driver was taking his sweet time to return as usual anyways and he seemed to be the only witness to her petty act. So he decided on watching the free opera unfolding ahead of him for which he wheeled himself closer for a better view. It was already 30 minutes from the school dispersal and no one except cleaning staff and Suhail could be found in school at that hour. She was obviously suspicious, huffing for air and leaning onto her stick.

From a distance she looked like a frog limping around the Parking Lot. Even on one foot, that girl actually managed to pull out her compass which had been inside her bag ever since she started learning geometry in life.

(Phuush x2) She punctured the front tiers of an expensive jeep in the parking lot which she had been eyeing for a while. That jeep had been standing out among all the vehicles due to its king like appearance and Anna had all plans of ruining it. Then she proceeded to pull out two packets of milk and threw them at the car with so much hatred that even suhails body shivered in that scorching afternoon. She brings packeted milk to school? his mind wandered. The majestic jeep, was now smeared in Annas spiteful Art of Vengeance (milk).

She was nothing like that during the morning assembly. She looked like a poor woman who, in self defense, had killed her pursuer. She was exaggerating to the limit that her lips quivered and eyes went teary. Then there was an awkward second encounter in the class room which bewildered him. She came to school for the first time that day, he found out. For classmates, they really had a bad first impression.

”She is pretty bold. ” He muttered and an unfamiliar feeling raised in chest, moving up his neck, through his mouth and came out as a soft smile. Yah, with that name and face, no one would expect her to be so spiteful.

He rolled his wheelchair till the parking lot before she could wobble away from the crime scene. She was admiring her victim (the Jeep) when a small voice came from behind.

”If you take two more steps further, you will be visible in the parking lot CCTV Camera. ”The voice scared her less than the thought of being caught red handed in the Camera. She stumbled back and fell on something soft i.e, Suhails lap. Not skipping a beat, he rolled his wheelchair to the outside canteen facility. The ride was free but was now costing her a lot to look him in the eye as they sat across one of the canteen tables. She didn seem to have the opportunity to decline his free ride to the canteen.

She kept her head low in an awful attempt to look innocent. She turned all shades of pink as she remembered giving her first kiss to him and also riding his wheel chair on his lap. She held on to the last strings of sanity and squeezed her thighs over her little too small skirt.

30 minutes ago, when she was leaving the School, the familiar jeep with the same number plate, which she had been cursing for the whole week came in her view. She matched the Number Plate with the one that she typed into her phone. That Despicable Jeep was standing with so much pride that her ears started stinging. She wobbled outside, deciding not to call her mother to pick her up and wobbled for 10 minutes until a shop selling packeted milk came in her view. She brought 1 liter milk, the same amount that was spilled on the day she broke her leg and the rest is history and mystery for the jeep owner to solve.

”You! why are you acting all nervous? Weren you having fun just now? ”. This darn handicap her mind came back to function. She swing her hair sideways and looked him straight dead in the eyes and smirked for the devil aura to surface.

Suhail wasn taken aback one bit by her personality change. if it was for him to guess, he would only take her for a psych. He waited for her to speak.

”What do you want? ” was what she asked but that disappointed him. He was expecting something more like a threat. Did she take pity on him for being handicap or as a nuisance that doesn require her attention? Na…. she is pretty much a scaredy cat. Her twitching at his smirk confirmed his thoughts.

”Do you know that, the jeep you just ruined belongs to our new Vise Principal? Well, he is a family friend of mine. I can report you anytime. You should be grateful for me. I saved you from being caught. While you were admiring the jeep, my driver was about to catch you red handed. ” A half lie. He only knew the Vise Principals name, face and his number was saved in his fathers contact list. Well, whatever gets her to get scared!

”So I am asking you, what do you want? ”

”For now, two things- my driver will come here any minute. Scold him on my behalf, for taking 15 minutes and 45 seconds to bring the car in and be my bench partner starting tomorrow. We are classmates, Remember? Rest can be discussed later. ”

Her hands were twitching to break his nonexistent leg after hearing his commanding voice but then a man in white drivers uniform barged in, huffing and puffing. ”Oh! Sir! What are you doing here? You gave me a fright. ” Suhails face went stone cold and looked at Anna, waiting for her to follow his orders. What was I supposed to do again? she thought. Ah a bright bulb popped in her head with a DING.

”Are you his driver? Do you even have any sense of time? What do you take your employer for? ” Suhail nodded and his driver went guilty for a split second, then coming to the sense that she was nobody to be scolding him. She looked at him, up and down with an imaginative scorn, then peeking at Suhail who looked satisfied.

”Miss. But who are y.. ”

”I won be tolerating such acts anymore. Remember! I am watching you. ” The drama queen gave the calculative look and proceeded to slip away before she gets caught and dragged into someone elses mess.

”Did the school timing change? ” was what her mother asked when she slipped into the front seat of the car, 45 minutes late from her School Dispersal Timing. Her mother was already waiting outside, when she called her for her ride. ”Na! just had to caught up with something ” she mumbled and kept her head low as she put on her seat belt and looked outside the window. Her ears were still tingling.

Wait a minute! Did he find me heavy? Does he think I am fat. She thought differently from any other person who was just caught in a crime.

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