Dawn Of My Teen

Blackmailed By the Eyewitness


BACKGROUND: Second Floor, Vrindhavan Public School, Primary Wing

SUHAIL [a 9th grader in Vrindhavan Public School, finds life boring and insulting, lost his legs during his childhood, odd one in the school full of kids with legs.]

For eternity of times when Suhail was taken down the steep stairways for wheelchairs, he have never encountered even a single interesting bug for him to be remembering on a later date. It was a regular day at school. The same kids standing in line of latecomers, the same kids yawning and dozing off during Miss Himanshis speech, the same cemented floor leading to the corridor of secondary Wing. The Cleaning Staff Bhaiya (here referring to a Man) rolled his chair like a Luggage Bag while he listened to Miss Himanshi going on and on about the great success the school had in the last weeks Inter School Debate Competition.

The mic made groaning sounds when she said ”Our Debaters have held our Prestige at Debate Competition for the last 5 years. ” The exaggerating speech continued.

Suhails head was hanging in boredom as the professional Bhaiya who thought he could handle a Wheelchair with just one hand, made a swift Right Turn for Secondary wing Corridor. He had always handled Suhail like a Vacuum Cleaner and as something that Suhail expected to witness one day, the bhaiyas hand on the Wheelchair slipped. That guys slippers went flying and his Butt landed on the floor while Suhail rolled down in an unwanted freedom.

Automatically his head pulled itself up, eyes closed and all his face muscles gripped on to each other to save the Damage on his Ideal Face. As expected, his face did smash onto something, but it didn feel like a wall. Whatever smashed his face quickly went down and ripped out two of his shirt buttons revealing his colorful T Shirt underneath.

ANNA [a neglected teenager, typical revenge lover, smokes Cigarette, acts innocent ]

Cursing the driver who caused her to fall off her bike for 47th time since last week, Anna wobbled with her stick and bandaged legs, through the school doorways. As she hopped on one foot, the other one kicked back unintentionally. To add spice, she had to take stairs to reach her classroom. She was concentrating on her steps, thinking of borrowing Doraemons Gadget which looked like a tiny fan and helped him to fly. What was its name again? Dammit!! I don have his phone number or Address. Whats the use of address? He is probably in Japan. Her mind wandered.

As she reached the end of the corridor were she had to take the stairs, she heard rattling noise from above and looked up to see a boy, making weird face as if he had a lizard on his face and clenching to his wheelchair, coming straight for her… Wait! Wheelchair? Her adrenaline hit its measurement tip as she let go off her stick and stretched her arms in his rescue.

First time helping a person but things seemed nastier than having a handicapped boy hit the wall. After a week of jumping on one foot, Annas brain still took its sweet time to register that fact that she had a broken leg. ”I got youuufff ”. When stretching, she lost her balance and hit her nose, lips and chin on his face, which went down to his chest and ripped his shirt buttons. ”lets give them a huge round of Applauds!! ” declared Miss Himanshi and unknown to the face smashing scenario, the whole school irrupted into a roar of clapping.

The only good news was that neither of them fell and Anna had successfully caught his Wheelchair.

Anna had been on leave since the first day of school. She skipped the first day, giving the excuse that teachers would be slacking on the first day and the same day, a jeep going wild near her residential area, caused her to fall off her bike, spill 1 liter of milk, and break her precious, gorgeous leg. After a week of staying home, now she missed the boring School. She held herself back from kissing the School Main Gate as she stepped out her Mothers car.

” Honey, Im running late for Office. Will you be fine to go in by yourself? ” her mother said from the driver seat. ”Said ” because there was no other way around. She couldn tell her mom that she would need help to reach her classroom and her mother never noticed when her daughter needed her.

”yah. See you later. ” She slammed the door behind her after pulling out her almost empty bag and walking stick out and watched her mom drive away, leaving clouds of dust lingering behind. She puffed her hair off her face and started her wobbling voyage for her classroom, the same voyage in which she smashed her face on the only handicapped pretty boy of the School.

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