Dawn Of My Teen

Dear Diary 2

Next day, Elba sat on her bed, cheeks flushed red. Oh My Goodness. Her consciousness muttered and she face palmed at the reappearing video clip in her head. In her last nights dream, she was hunting down guys using the cupids bow and arrow until the end of the forest, where Shawn stood in hunting gear, smiling wickedly. She stopped abruptly and Shawn snatched her weapon and strike her with its arrow. Thats when her mothers ruthless calls for the day started. It was not like she wanted to continue that dream anyways.

But Mr. Love Hunter didn get to see anything embarrassing like her because he didn get a wink of sleep that night. he tossed and turned all night and woke up for toilet business twice. After staying awake for the whole night, his eyes felt like somebody had sprinkled sand on them. that was still less of a worry as he had six hours in school to nap if he wished to.

They both got ready with the excitement of meeting each other. They both made plans on how to approach each other. Gotta get his Number. Thought Elba. that felt already too much for a girl; I can look at her without being caught if I wear a pair of shades. Right? But… Hmm. Harry broke my shades last year. So, I will take his. All their planning were shattered as they reached dinning tables of their respective homes.

”Buahahaha. Are you going to sweep the school compound? Were do you think you are going on the weekend, wearing uniform and schoolbag? ” bursted out Harry all the while there wasn anyone to make fun of Elba at the dinning table.

It was rather more dramatic at Elbas house as that was the day her mother started to grow suspicious of her having Amnesia. The drama went for the rest of the day like - ”Honey! U can be sitting there, reading newspaper while our daughter is standing in her uniform with her school bag at 7 O clock!! ”.

Elba knew that she wasn a weekend person, but hearing her mother go wild just because of that routine made her feel guilty. At Lunch after a hospital visit, her mother went more dramatic because the doctor gave them a nasty look for bringing a healthy kid for nothing.

”Wait a minute! Don tell me you were going to sneak out and meet someone! ”

That very evening, when the Sun was making arrangements to withdraw. Shawn seemed to find even the ants mocking him while they passed by. He just sat there on the tree in his front yard, nibbling on Harrys stolen Shades. it didn come to use. He stared at his neighbors front yard sparkling with lights for their daughters birthday. A car pulled at the location and a family of three came out in formal attires. ”Hmm. To attend the patty, I gash ”. He muttered with the shades still hanging from his mouth.

[sfx: hmm. To attend the party. I guess.]

”Wuahhhhhhhhhhh!! ” went his cracking manly scream as he fell, face first on the muddy grass after seeing his Sleeping Beauty in that family going to the party. His nose bled for the second time, he looked pathetic for the second time, he fell hard for her for the second time.

Due to his bad mood, he was actually going to skip that party but now the plans had changed. That very beautiful evening, the prince made his move to approach the princess at the ball( actually a toddlers birthday party) after throwing away the cotton from his nose, so as to not get a similar blow instead of a peck which the princess is obliged to give. They spend the night at the balcony, giggling and chuckling at each others lame jokes. At this point, it was hard to say who was being stupid. Then there was a heavy silence. Too silent that they both could hear the party snacks digesting down in their respective tummies. his is it!. Their minds persuaded them.

”Well, I wanted to ask you something… ” they both pushed out the dangerous words in unison.

”Oops. U go first! ” in unison.

”Ok! Then Ill say first! ” in an annoying unison.

”Umm. Its that… ” in the inevitable unison.

”Dammit!! Spit it out already!! ” screamed Harry from the neighboring balcony, whose cover was blown.

The world was really mocking these two desperate teenagers and Shawn who had lost all his majestic gangster characters in just the span of two days, looked down from the balcony to the swimming pool, wishing that he could just jump and end this misery. As the spectator of the trauma of this prince and princess, cupid himself prayed for them from the heavens.

As the Reality and Fantasy goes hand in hand, the (Classroom Sleeping) Beast and (First Aid Room Sleeping) Beauty started dating before the end of that summer.

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