Dawn Of My Teen

Have been falling so Hard




BACKROUND: First Aid Room

A dead body of a boy in blood stained school uniform, cotton stuck in his nose, eyes looking dead in her eyes, body completely motionless was sitting beside Elba when she woke up in the First Aid Room. She let out a scream which brought the dead back to life. Clara ran in to the room to see Shawn with his hand up in the air in surrender for something he didn even understand and the sick girl, in her terror, rolled out of the bed to the other side and fell on her butt.

15 minutes later, two glass of fresh water was brought in by a cleaning staff woman. She set them down on Miss Jhalaks desk across which the potential dead body and the sleeping beauty sat with Miss Jhalak shaking in her suppressed laughter.

”Don stare! Im not dead!! ”

Elba, who has been staring at an injured manly beauty, flinched at his outburst. Shawn had at last, lost his temper after a hell of a day. He would rather have his sisters soul possess him, than have everybody take him for a punch bag. He pressed an ice pack to his check were Elba hit him to certify his mortality right in front of Miss Jhalak.

Miss Jhalak chuckled and eased the thickness in the air. Elba bowed her head in embarrassment and mumbled

”Im really, really sorry. I swear I didn mean to do that. You really did look dead!! ”. The word DEAD was now easily able to make his blood pressure climb.

”You could have checked my breath or my pulse!! Could you please stop saying ”dead ” again and again? Give your mouth some rest and drink water. ” He said, finding water to be the only thing that could stop her talking.

”You both are so cute together!! ”

Miss Jhalak squealed and Elba spat water on her open register. It was now Miss Jhalaks turn to get angry. Her mood swung north and at that point she didn care if they were injured or sick anymore. They both were kicked out of her territory.

Outside, Elba thanked Shawn, mistaking him for her benefactor who brought her to First Aid Room and also for watching over while she rested. If in any other situation, finding an unknown guy staring at her while she slept would have cost that guys family tree to end at him. But she was just enough polite for the person who was at her aid even thought he was no gentleman in his words.

”well Sorry, I didn ask for your name. What is it? ”

”Shawn, your bench mate. Your name? ”

”Elba. Wait. What? You are my desk mate? You are… that guy? ”

A split second gap for understanding and they both burst out laughing at how they didn even know each others face or name and yet all of this happened. Their thoughts were- so thats what my bench mate looks like! and Elba~ Hmm. Nice name.

As their laugher died down, the last period had come to an end with the echo of ringing bell being heard throughout the corridor and all the classroom doors swung open. All kids of Vrindhavan Public school flushed out of their classrooms and ran for the School Main Gate. In all the commotion, the sleeping beauty and the potential Punch bag of the day smiled at each other, admiring the moment which was a seedling which will grow in the near future, the future they were now awaiting for.

That night they wrote—

In Elbas Diary entry- ”I think, I found a perfect candidate to continue with my quest. Wish me luck!! ”


In Shawns Diary Entry- ” My bench partner is pretty. I will get along with her better. I might be able finish that bucket list. I wish, its her! I mean, that would be nice. You know… ”

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