Dawn Of My Teen

Dead Body in the First Aid Room


PART 1: Sleeping Beauty

BACKGROUND: Classroom of 8C, Vrindhavan Public school, Noida.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Shawn was stirring in his sleep due to somebodys hot breath hitting his face but was completely awake when the science teachers perfectly aimed choke came straight and hit his head. His eyes jolt open and took its sweet time to adjust to the ruthless sunrays. He was half scared and half shocked at the site of a pretty girl sleeping peacefully, right next to him. She was sweating all over, letting out hot breath and occasionally frowning in her sleep. Her eyelids were thin and long with her round face pouting unintentionally.

OMG- said his mind twice, first at her sight and second when the classs allocated precious duster, holding the name of 8C came at him and… there was snowfall all over him and his pretty partner. He shot his head up towards the irritated teacher whose irritation was far more than the irritation of a boy who couldn stare at a pretty girl anymore.

Five minutes after he was send outside for punishment, the classroom murmuring got louder and soon after, the giant science teacher emerged out of the classroom, dragging an unconscious girl towards the first aid room which ran under the supervision of Miss Jhalak. He stood there confused for a while until he realized. He quickly peeked inside the noisy classroom through the door and as expected found his partners bench empty. Hot breath, extreme sweating and tiredness…. She surely was sick. Right after 5 minutes, the bulky figure of science teacher came back without the pretty girl. After giving him a glare which he was immune to, she went back to teaching. Like wind, he slipped away from the class corridor and dashed for first aid room.

He knew he would be safe there, as Miss Jhalak was his friend, the only one he had in the School. She was exactly like his diseased older sister Clara- supportive, bold, and had the same smile. He named his diary after his dead sister as well, who used to hear his rambling which now he writes in his diary. Whenever he was kicked out of the classroom, he would go to chat with Miss Jhalak and now was the time that his friendship would come to use.

He greeted Miss Jhalak with a smile, a woman in her early stages of 20s, easygoing and always smiling. Her marriage was closing by. She had put the pretty girl to rest after giving her medication and wasn surprised to see her daily visitor as she pulled out her large tower of a lunch box out of her bag.

”This time who kicked you out? ” she chuckled at his unimpressed expression.

”Miss Highlighter, and Hello to you too. ” He settled down on his favorite spinning chair, making himself at home.

”Hmm? She just brought in a sick girl from 8C though. ”

”Thats when I slipped away and… how is she? I mean, the girl from 8C. ”

”She is fine but you
e doing a bad job at hiding your cunning intentions. What is it? ” Her eyebrows along with her tiny bindi(a Hindu mark on the forehead) went up as she said ”You
e also from 8C. right? ”. He nodded invisibly. After a thoughtful gap, she blurted out ”You came for her? ”and there was a loud thud.

It was quite normal for Shawn to visit Miss Jhalak during punishments but right now he wasn there for that. He realized it as he lay flat on the floor after his shoe slipped on the polished material of the spinning chair, when Miss Jhalak made a correct assumption.

”urgh.. No!! I don even know who the girl is! Damn, it hurts. ” He hissed and got up with the help of Miss Jhalaks thin hand.

”Well, now you have a reason to be here~ ” she gave a know it all look.

”What? No! I said I don even know her! ”

”You fool! Not that! ”she steered his face towards the mirror hanging on wall ”your nose is leaking. ” She chuckled.

He stared at himself for a full minute, pitying the face sprinkled with choke dust and nose stinging with pain and blood flowing towards his lips. He has never looked so pathetic to himself in the history of his legacy as a savage teenager.

One hour later, he was sitting beside the sleeping beauty on the school first aid room bed, debating with his devil while staring at her dry lips. He could kiss her and cut off option 6 from the bucket list but he felt like that would be wrong for that girl, even though he has been shameless throughout his life. A piece of information popped in his head to save himself from the trauma of staring at her lips – ” with her consent ”. He should kiss her with her permission. Phew~ one crime decreased from his criminal record in heaven.


He flinched

A scream echoed in the room, causing all his hairs to stand including his mustache which had yet centuries to sprout to surface. The sleeping beauty had already woken up while the prince was still thinking about kissing her. She was looking square at his face, her eyeballs about to pop out. What to do? He gave his signature wink with which had made a lot of shoes slip in the past, but the sleeping beauty looked immune to it.

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