Dawn Of My Teen

Sleeping Beauty



ELBA [13 year old single child of a middle class family.


Dear Diary,

Dad slapped Mom today in work frustration. I hate him. I hate mom even more because she took his blow silently but still claims to love him. I told her to divorce him and she lashed out at me. I know, now dad will start to beat mom even more, once that he got a taste of it. Thats what happened in the neighborhood family. They moved out this month.

Urghhh.. Love is so stupid! Bunch of trash! This stupid love is going to make mom suffer. She said I won understand at this age. So I couldn argue any more. Its kinda embarrassing but I really don know anything about love between a Man and a Woman. To make mom realize, I need to know what that stupid love is. Goggle is no help. So now I have a task for this year- get a boyfriend!

GN Diary

/(^3^) /

Dear Diary,

Its been a week since my 8th class got started. I made a list of all the guys in my class. I avoided other classes so I could have enough background knowledge about the candidates. That gives me the upper hand. And also the guys from 8A are considered as junior gangsters; at least thats what they claim to be. Now I am focusing on cutting down the list to the most eligible ones. So I cut down the following guys:-

An arrogant guy

The guy who took my pen and lost it ( both without my consent)

The guy who flirts with almost half of the female population in the school

5 guys who are already dating my classmates (and I am not a bf snatcher)

Two guys whose physic doesn match my taste (looks malnourished)

My bench partner is always sleeping and I have never seen his face (unapproachable)

GN Diary



SHAWN [13 year old, second child of a modern-ish family, Elder brother=HARRY]

DIARY ENTRY ( CLARA : Name of the Diary )

Dear Clara,

I made a bucket list for the first time this year. Everything looks doable and I am pretty much sure that I will finish it by the end of this semester. I don even know who made this list. It had some weird parts though like kicking a guy at his manhood and kissing a girl with her consent. These two made me super nervous.

Everything started with Harry bastard giving me the yearly dare of completing this bucket list. That damn man has nothing else to do? I am quite sure he was having good time enjoying himself turning 18. Well I finished one of the hard tasks though. I kicked harry at his precious space. I loved his reaction and I dared him to not tell that to mom and dad. And about kiss a girl with her consent, I am completely clueless.

All the girls I know are total mud heads. Some are shy, some are gossipy, and some have been rubbing all over me ever since I started to know them. They give the complete creeps. So I thought about concentrating on the girls in my class. Being a backbencher was supposed to be helpful but I have this incurable disease of falling asleep when I see the blackboard. So the teachers think that I am lazing around but still let me be. At this rate of my sleep I am not at all shameful to say that I don even know what my bench mate looks like. I kept you up a lot today.



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