Daede The Eternal

Buried undersea

Daede took a few minutes to inspect this new body of his and realized he was just a rock. A shiny rock.

He could not believe the hassle he is going through. Most people got a body straight up with plot armor.

”Shit, even the unluckiest of them got a gold finger at least… Yet Daede oh dear Daede doesn get squat. You get to be consciousness then you get to be some weird consciousness jelly and guess what buddy, next up, you
e a shiny rock. Don worry, at least its shiny so people will finally like you. ”Daede cursed with heavy sarcasm.

”Well, it is true that Im extremely lucky for even surviving my stupid ideas. ” A moment of clarity rang through Daede as his insanity from the insanity of the universe could not be compared.

”Huh? I feel weird blobs in my head or my body? ” Daede started inspecting himself more closely and he couldn understand why but he felt that there was blobs already in the shiny orb.

”Wonder what these are… ”

”Poke ”

ZAP – A crisp shock that shook his entire being appeared the moment he poked.

While Daede was messing around a gentle yet imperceptible change occurred. A myriad of happenings continued while the Universe was watching yet another story being born within its infinite seas.

A cluster of stars were spread out like a blanket, as distant planets and moons spread about.

Within the embrace of space, lay a massive star. Yet it was made of lands and seas. It had a huge breadth, the colossi that Daede saw could hardly compare the sheer magnitude of this existence.

It was almost like a wall within this stretch of space. Just too much.

Meanwhile, crashes could be heard every now and then all the time. Why? Because it lived up to its name of being a wall. Meteors and random debris would continuously collide with its surface. It was very normal for such a large stellar body to experience this.

It was rare but not that rare in a sense. And today once such events was happening again.

It breached its atmosphere that was several layers thick, and the meteors thick shell ground away with each passing second. Shaving it layer by layer as though an onion on a chopping board.

As it continued sailing towards the ground, its massive size fractured and shrank until nothing but tiny little rock barely a meter wide with a little shiny rock sticking out of it was flying ever so close to the blue waters of this foreign earth.

”WHAIT!? NO! MY POOR SOUL! ” For an instance, Daede captured vast lands and continents with large bodies of water and even a few glimpses at gigantic mountains.

”plop ”

A burning hot stone crossed the waters with sheer red while a shiny little stone reflected the surrounding red light from heat and blended in with its surroundings.

One would think its a day like any other but one would be wrong as an Earthly human ball of consciousness had landed within this massive colossus of a planet.

The fear and sheer terror of what just happened gave Daede mental sweats. If it weren for lacking a fleshy body he would have done much worse to his pants, luckily no pants either in this case.

”How the hell did I suddenly end up hurtling through the air? ” Daede asked as he floated deep within the ocean waters or whatever they were called on this planet.

”Ok. Calm down and don panic. Its not unheard of that a planet shatters into a meteor but all of it happened too fast and this shiny orb is a lot more than I ever thought. ” Daede mumbled as the darkness of the seas overtook his shiny little rocks glow.

He found out that Its knowledge is compressed and stored in the form of mental energy of a purer variation. Its like seeing the bits and parts of a computer network data center but from the view of the data itself rather than from a humans point of view.

The only thing he disliked was that he was clueless as to how the data was formatted. After all, it wasn his civilization that created it nor his space jellydom.

Striking out the only two sources of information he had, he was left at a loss to what to do with it. Yet he knew it was a trove of something important. How else could it have been the sole thing to exist within that barren land.

”And literally nothing else could explain the ”sudden ” transport to a massive planet… unless I had the mightiest of luck in the entire universe which I doubt any being could have. Its the universe for gods sake, how powerfully lucky do you have to be to put an entire sector of the universe within your calculations? ” Daede mumbled to himself in shock at how exciting everything has been.

He couldn help but admire his skills at surviving the improbable and somehow ending up somewhere that made some sense to him.

It felt like he was truly reborn this time.

It was amazing how much effort it took him and who knows how much of his luck had been used on his way to this point.

Looking around he was on the seabed lying within some sand and dirt while some plants covered the bottom every now and then.

”Nothing out there… but I am sure that there are things I don want to mess with… for now at least, ” Daede mumbled as he suddenly felt very small and was humbled back to reality.

He was but a rock at the bottom of the sea on a foreign planet with from his obvious observations, quite a bit of ”life ” on it. Who could guess if one of those titans offspring was roaming such a massive planet.

The little glimpse while falling was quite the eye opener and Daede was quite excited at the thought of exploring it all.

However, he wasn deranged to the point of stupidity. He knew he knew jack squat and could do jack squat without some form of insurance against the life and the environment he had landed himself in.

Though he shook his conscious ball of energy and suddenly smirked or at least pretended he could smirk and did it again.

”Poke ”


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