Daede The Eternal

Shattered Secrets

As the fractures in space kept shattering its very fabric.

The universes pets were playing as though they were just let our of their cage for some fresh air.

”Should I swim away? ” Daede asked himself as the universal heavy weight championship was ongoing had flattened his consciousness nerve endings.

”Shit! RUN! ” Daede mentally screamed as his fear somehow pushed him to absorb even more of his space jellydom. The scream, however, was due to something far worse. A portion of space that was a little too close for comfort cracked.

Daede knew he was in for it. This wasn the type of thing he expected at all but reality was a bitch sometimes when it came to ”expectations ”.

As the point in space fractured from the pressure of the Space Godzillas, Daede looked up and knew he was in for it. The fracture split as though a broken mirror, the shards making way for the fearsome void behind its veil.

For a brief moment, Daede had seen how large his space jelly kingdom was. It was majestically immense as the fractured shards of space had, momentarily, reflected the image of his kingdom alongside the distant creatures. They were tiny compared to the vastness that was his space jelly kingdom.

And in that moment, Daede for a tiny fraction of a nanosecond, felt smug then it went dark.

The section he was a part of had simply vanished as though someone had taken the sharpest scissor and cut him right off from his home.


On an unknown planet floating in a gloomy atmosphere. A shattered sector of space filled with distortions and broken chunks of rock surrounded its sky.

The planet itself hosted violent storms and fractured sections of space.

One look and anyone could tell this planet and even its surroundings had been destroyed. Annihilation was describing the situation of this rock lightly.

Yet from within a turbulent stream in the void a consciousness fluctuated.

Without rhyme or reason. Daede was spat out of a small hole in space. Daede was awake the moment he was spat out.

The reason was he was barely hanging onto consciousness within the stream of the void and he could not attribute it to anything else but his majestic goo.

As his consciousness was getting strung he saw how the goo remained intact and was slowly burning of layers of its exterior in order to fight off the corruption the void could do.

It was a discovery that he was extremely grateful for. He didn know what would of happened to him the second time around considering he had no physical body anymore. He was hosted within the jelly and if it weren for the miraculous properties of the jelly.

He would be ripped apart within the void. Or at least he thought so.

The strain had disappeared and compared to the first time, Daede was impressed at what had happened.

He had been sucked into the void after those evil doers were brawling, and somehow he luckily got slipped into a tunnel that ended up leading him here. This wasn intentional on his part but somehow he had survived that apocalypse.

”Sigh. Well, here we go again then. ” Daede muttered to himself as he couldn believe his life so far.

From Earth to space jelly to broken earth. What a story.

” I guess I float. ” Daede noticed as after he was spat out he was still hovering at where he steadied himself from the confusing ride. About ten meters from the surface.

”Now where the hell are we? Planet it seems and a completely wrecked one too. ” Daede noticed as he scanned his surroundings. Noticing the things around him, he could definitely be sure he was on land.


Another spatial disturbance had happened a couple dozen feet away from Daede and it shocked him into running away.

Fuck doing that again! He thought in panic as he scrambled to move.

It was instinctually the same type of movement he did within his space jellydom, yet somehow his space jelly suit was keeping him afloat. He didn understand any of the mechanics involved and simply attributed it to the same power ghosts have.

”The ethereal can float. Confirmed I guess? ” He muttered to himself as he somehow floated along the surface and upon using his highly improved mind vision he noticed a section of rocks that were interestingly placed.

”Comparing the difference, It really does feel surreal. ” Daede mumbled to himself as he decided to explore the rocky point of interest.

His vision had improved to a ridiculous degree. He saw close to ten times better than when he was human.

His speed of thought was at a rate that one would only consider cheating due to his size compared to before.

Yes, his biggest difference was that he felt like he was the size of a outdoor pool while when he had originally landed and he had still felt the weakness of being almost obliterated, he at most, felt like a tennis ball.

Not only was his thinking much faster, his comprehension and physical speed itself were quite high.

He was zooming past the broken surface of the earth which was just brown and rocky at the speed of a small aircraft.

It was undeniably fast.

His whole thought process to him reaching a couple thousand feet away was within seconds.

As he sped along towards his new destination, he was still reeling in his shock from everything he had to witness to experience.

His memory was 100 times more vivid on the details of everything that those giants had done to him getting sucked into the void. It was replaying itself over and over as he sped along towards his destination.

It was mind blowing as well as enlightening.

Daede was always a geek and seeing something so straight out of a fantasy story of epic proportions, he couldn help but geek out. He pretended to be one of those giants and terrorizing the universe and it left him with shivers.

However, he wasn forgetting his near death experience for the second time since his so called ”ascension ”. The odds of him surviving not once but twice, was enough he thought.

The void and him should part ways for a while.

Sorting his thoughts and emotions, Daede quickly approached the rocky hill he had seen.

As he neared, he started noticing something that once again blew his mind. This time for another reason.

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