Daede The Eternal

The Unbelievable


Electrical surges of energy started blasting from his internal composition.

Daede too focused on his thoughts, ignored or rather was unconscious to the fact his energetic space jelly body was blowing up with electrical charges at the level of a Tesla coil.

The man himself wasn aware but he was generating a fearsome presence. However, that would only apply if compared to a human being but fortunately, due to the poor yet ingenious Slime body transmutation Daede pulled off, we couldn really measure his newly transcended jelly body.

He may have retained his memories but his actions had led to a vastly different outcome. Space Jelly.

Yet in his weakest moment of fear and doubt at his impending doom, he had surcharged his jelly body with countless bolts of energetic mental electricity something within the lines of a consciousness power of sorts.


Daede screamed.

He screamed inaudibly and inconsequentially in the void of space within his domain of Jelly.

The change was unexpected and odd. He was releasing far more than what his exhaustion earlier had led him to believe but he was still unaware.

His Soul and consciousness were growing smaller and smaller.

This tiny fragment was all that was left after the devastating trip into the Jelly Kingdom and the consequent movement into jelly kingdom jelly depression.

”NO! I can let it end here for me! ” Daede decided a different approach even though he was somehow self-collapsing from his latest outburst. Craziness in space. True nightmare for ones mind.

His instincts went from releasing all his energy to wanting to have more and not collapse. His consciousness being the literal only thing he had beside his space jelly kingdom goo shifted gears.

His new chain of thoughts created a strange reaction from his space goo.

The space goo that was just like normal jelly hosting his consciousness suddenly started surging towards him as though they found a release to their perpetually space goo static state. The SGSS rammed right into Daedes tiny bead of consciousness a fraction of its earlier size.

However, the earlier release had simply exhausted his energy to a fraction of its earlier size yet for some reason the core of his existence was indomitably strong even with such a huge loss. Daede during this short interval of time had relinquished all matters and only focused on one thing.

His will alone was unheard of to be able to achieve such feats and with it he had been focused on the only thing that mattered. Absorption of energy instead of expulsion.

He was still smart enough to understand the issue at hand under the threat of snuffed out like a candle.

While Daede was suddenly eating his kingdom, the space nearby shook.

Daede who was too focused on his sole driving thought, the area further away from the edges of the space jelly shook violently.

It was minor reverberations but as the time passed, the tremors in space were abnormal.

Space in itself shouldn be causing such strange phenomena as a vacuum doesn allow sound nor tremors. Yet as our space jelly ex human was restoring his energy, the violence of nature was thrown down into the vacuum of space as though all the rules were thrown away.

Daede himself was just realizing what was happening as it took some time to digest the craziness of what he had accomplished.

”To think, I could still make achievements as a sentient space jelly… ” Daede joked as he recalled the earlier sensation vividly.

The simple change of thought from him had astounding effects on the space goo around him. His ”body ” or whatever it really is at this state was absorbing the goo around as though water was given to a thirsty man.

It was extremely refreshing and it was crazy how he had never considered this. Something was still bothering him though.

He found himself understanding that this goo may have been the sole reason his consciousness somehow survived the journey while his human body most likely bared the brunt of the trip with decimation… no disintegration… ouch.

Refocusing his thoughts, he didn know why but he felt that sleeping would somehow cause him to become assimilated instead of the other way around which led him to believe that was the only explanation for his instincts always kicking in or he had become a shark who has to stay in perpetual motion to breath or swim or whatever sharks did to not die.

While thinking along those lines, Daede was solely focused on the how much better and more conscious he felt.

The odds of something this miraculous happening to him was already a blessing. Him somehow ending up in space was risky, losing the body was risky as well, well the wormhole thing was especially risky and hopefully Earth is alright… but at least he was reborn into this space jelly one way or another.

”The best part is still landing in a literal sea of good space jelly to keep my ball of consciousness alive! Damn I must of used up all my luck on this one though. ” Daede chit chatted within himself to himself as he returned to absorbing the sweet space goo, it was seriously addictive to him who was in a state of despair for a while.

While within those short few moments of self inspection, the nearby space fields were… making small tiny explosions as though the universe was shivering.

As Daede meditated while greedily absorbing the space goo. The space around his little kingdom was facing a reckoning.

Like this time passed, without any actual method of repair, Daede hadn known how long he was out there but it felt like a few days.

As he was sincerely mediation something odd came about.

”Glub glub ”

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