Daede The Eternal

The calm before the storm

Time seems inconsequential in this space.

Daede thought as he was finally given the ability to process ideas with his recovering consciousness.

He had deduced a few things from the adventure he had so meticulously created for himself.

One, he definitely killed himself in the process of that explosion or at least his body.

Two, he definitely got some sort of working parts since a potential planet ending wormhole totally sucked his ass in which he discovered from the last of his memories from the event and the turbulent ride he felt at the very end.

Three, it seemed he was in the vast and grand presence of nothing. The world around him was none that he had ever seen or conceived. It just felt like the nothingness of space.

Four, he really did lose that body of his in the explosion or the transport. He came to the conclusion that he was nothing but an astral body somehow being kept together in this grey green glue like place.

The world around him felt almost like he was in a giant slime also floating in the middle of the universe. It was hard to describe but he did spot some distant lights that resembled distant nebulae.

Two days of hysteria, three days of relinquishing in his success and four days of depression as he may have ”ascended ” but he had totally shit the bed on the fact that he was literally nothing but a conscious spectre floating in the goo of space.

He felt no different from a stain on the pavement.

Daede had thought of many things including the doubt of whether it was all worth it or not but he did transcend humanitys limits by succeeding even though it may have been due to a freak accident or a really shitty space gate power source dealer.

He had finally come to acceptance within a relatively short time and started trying to figure out his situation.

After all, he was potentially the first human to be successfully transformed into a sentient piece of space slime jelly from Earth. (Daede specified as a precaution. Just in case, some other weird planets have people who have done it)

As he drifted among space in his new 5-star resort space slime house.

He started thinking about whether he had gained anything instead of simply losing a body and his home planet.

He felt no limbs so he was definitely some sort of space jelly as of now. He had the vision and, somehow, could sustain himself in the space jelly mothership as a space jelly piece of goo.

He had felt that he was surrounded by the same substance that seemed to be containing his soul or so he assumed since no organs were visible apart from some light within his space jelly as space jelly is transparent and weird.

”Space Jelly Chronicles…PFffffftt. Hahaha. ” Daede laughed at his pathetic attempt at humoring his dire and dreadful situation.

One would think that from all the grandiose monologuing he would have learnt his lesson and simply trained himself but instead he opted for the ”scientific approach ” as none but him would say and in return had totally ascended as squishy slime.

However, Earth did not have spiritual qi, Mana or any all encompassing energy that could be harnessed towards individual growth. It wasn at such a stage and creating chaos on Earth was all that would of done.

Daede was still somewhat happy that he had accomplished something, since many of his past delusional peers were mainly locked up, on drugs or dead. Lot of option #3 users in the world sadly.

With his improved mind state and a renewed vigor. He immediately put his godly will to action.

He was trying everything and anything a knowledgeable geek of the fantastical would try. After going through the Otaku/NEET/Nerd/Gamer bible of 1001 ways to activate your powers after reincarnating, transmigrating, transferring or transmuting oneself in this case, he gave up and tried moving around.

Alas! He could move!

”How in the capital H. Hell am I moving at a snails pace? ” Daede complained when he noticed the excruciatingly slow speed he was moving at. To top it off, it consumed a hell of alot of energy from his space jelly form.

”The poor bastard ” Daede thought to himself about himself.

Loneliness is a very real thing in the world and as the sole sentient space jelly floating on the continent of space-jelly-dom in actual space, he was quite lonely.

”Though shall not defeat MEEEE!!!!! ” Daede screamed after a few days of moving around in his space jelly kingdom. It was another bout of crazy from being alone, in space and without a space suit.

Finally after having wasted most if not all of his existential energy as Daede had dubbed his very existence, he decided to nap but the nagging feeling of fear encroached upon him again.

He didn understand it at first and from all the changes ,he had instinctively ignored it but now it resurfaced and the thought spurred a curiosity from him.

”What the hell is that? ” Daede mumbled as the little bit of fear his instincts had injected in him had started receding.

The feeling was scary in a, all engulfing sense. He didn know how he knew it but he felt that he may just never wake up if he falls asleep yet his soul and his energy had grown weary from overuse recently.

The dread that was encroaching him wasn something he was willing to face.

”Shit! What do I do now…? Come on Daede! Think! God damn it all! THINK! ” Daede yelled at himself mentally as a new feeling of impending doom was planted from his thoughts.

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