Curiosity Will Kill

Thief and Prey


Michelle watched the woman breakdown before sighing and heading off towards the fridge. ”Don be so dramatic. Go shower, then come eat. ” She began as she picked over the contents. The statement caused Penelope to freeze. As she spoke, she wiped tears from her face. ”Eat? Shower? ” the woman added completely thrown off. The person placed a handful of vegetables on the counter before looking into some cabinets. ”Yes. Youll need your strength. You can steal for me malnourished. ” Michelle commented as she began to rinse the produce under some water. The woman was still too afraid to move until the person grabbed the knife, and slightly turned their head. ”Now. Please. ” She stated with a cold grin on their face. Penelope launched herself to her feet before hurrying off towards the stairs. ”Please wear the necklace to dinner, and while you eat Ill go handle the body. ” Michelle stated not moving from the sink. Penelope looked at them before a meek response exited her mouth. Michelle didn respond, so she took that as a sign to go upstairs.

As the woman walked up the stairs, the reality of her situation caught up to her. She had only made it to the top of the stairs before she started to vomit. After about a minute, Penelope groaned as she stepped over her mess, and headed off for the bathroom. The woman flicked on the light and shut the door behind her, she didn lock it, not that it mattered at this point. ​As she undressed she couldn help but catch her reflection in the mirror. Penelopes eyes were puffy and red, and while life returned to her skin she could see that it was slightly green from her upset stomach. Her body protested once more, and the woman was forced to vomit into the toilet for another couple of seconds. She groaned as she sat on the bathroom floor, the woman then combed back her dark hair before looking to the tub. Penelope took a deep inhale before standing up, and finished undressing. The woman then turned the water on, and climbed into the tub. Penelope let the water soak her whole body before she reached for the shampoo, the necklace clanging quietly against itself causing the woman to stop, she placed one hand on the object and gingerly played with the black diamonds. Part of her wanted to rip the necklace off, but the other part of her felt that was a death sentence. She cautiously took it off her neck, and then continued her shower. Her mind raced with all kinds of scenarios that could have lead her away from this terrible fate, but Michelles words echoed in her mind. The person seemed hell bent on kidnapping them for their skills, so it seemed that no matter what she did this was always an outcome. The woman shook such a thought from her mind and she finished cleaning up. She knew Michelle would be waiting.

After a few more minutes she turned the water off, and exited the tub. A clean towel, and dress had been hung up along with a note. ”You
e going to look lovely in the necklace, and this dress. I hand picked it for you during my trip to Italy. ” Penelope read in a deadpan voice. She angrily crumpled the note, and stepped on it as she reached for the towel. In a few minutes she put on the dress, and necklace. The woman couldn help but be impressed by the choice in cut, and color. She enjoyed the wide, plunging neckline and the straps framed the necklace in a way to make it the focus. The dresss dark tones complimented her well, and the fabric hugged her figure in the right places. The fabric used was also incredibly pleasant to touch. Penelopes enjoyment waned when she realized who this was from, and what was happening to her. The woman sucked her teeth before making her way downstairs. About half way down the stairs she was hit with the scent of a freshly cooked meal. Her eyebrows furrowed as she was forced to stop. ”Is this person for real? ” Penelope asked out loud in a soft tone. The woman stood as still as a statue as she was once again trusted into her thoughts. She stood there for a few minutes until a door behind her opened. The woman was startled by Michelle coming out of the room in a pair of boots, and a pair of overalls. Her hair was tied back and medical gloves went up to her elbows. ”I knew that dress would look stunning on you, sweetheart. Just enjoy dinner, and Ill be right back. ” She stated smiling. Penelope looked at the bedroom and saw that the person was pulling a black bag. It didn seem like she was struggling either. Her gaze went back to Michelle whos face faltered. ”Now. Sweetheart. ” she stated with her teeth slightly clenched. The woman blinked a couple of times before she started walking again.

The woman soon arrived in the dining room, and she was then met with a bowl on top of a plate with a small spoon next to it. In front of the plate was a large pot, and when she lifted the lid the woman was greeted with homemade soup. The womans face fell as she looked back at the entrance. Penelope could hear the backdoor open, as well as a couple of thuds before the door was heard closing. The woman exhaled as she turned her attention back to the soup in front of her. It seemed to smell half way decent, and after a couple of stirs she took notice of the chucks of beef, they looked to be cooked to perfection. This compelled her to take the ladle, and pour some into her bowl. The woman then sat down, and looked into the dish. She knew this food was most likely safe to eat, and from how it smelled, it should be the best soup shes ever eaten. Part of her couldn get over this was the same person whom killed a man only a couple of hours prior, and was currently holding her hostage. The idea of Michelle being able to take her very life, compelled her to eat. She dipped her spoon into the golden brown liquid, after a couple more seconds of hesitation she plunged the utensil into her mouth. ”Good soup. ” She muttered before quickly taking another spoonful of it.

By the time Michelle joined Penelope at the table, the person took notice that she was still eating. ”How many bowls, sweetheart? ” She asked coming from behind Penelope. The woman almost choked on her current spoonful. Michelle merely blinked before giving the woman an expressionless smile. ”My third. Its pretty amazing, and you cooked it so fast. ” the person took out a box of cigarettes and put one in her mouth, she then handed them off to Penelope who was compelled to take one. After she lit their cigarette she handed the lighter to the woman, speaking as she did so. ”My grandfather was a **ing prick, but that cunt could cook a good soup. ” They replied almost chuckling. Penelope took notice of how she still wore the overalls, but elected to wear nothing underneath. It was just the square of denim fabric keeping them decent. ”How did you find out who I was? ” the woman then asked as she took a long drag of her cigarette. The question made Michelles face falter a bit, their eyes went distant as she spoke. ”You had never come into the store, but I managed to watch your coming and going during store hours. Eventually a friend of yours came in, and asked about the piece in the window. It wasn long before I had were you worked, and your name. ” She said before taking another drag. Penelopes body went rigid as her gaze went upwards. Michelle looked down at the woman before leaning forward, smoke exiting her nose as she did so. ”Now finding those mugshots was a bit of a task, but connections make it easy for this kind of thing to happen. Same with your accounts. I had to pull harder strings, but it was worth it in the end. ” She whispered. Penelopes face faltered a little, but it quickly developed into a sneer. ”Worth it? You
e worth shit. ” The woman hissed. Michelle quickly shifted their body backwards, and let out a blood curling laugh. It was a manic laugh devoid of joy. She then looked at Penelope, and in one swift motion she held the womans spoon right under her eye. ”Im worth shit? Have you looked in the mirror lately? ” Michelle seethed. ”Cause let me tell you right now, sweetheart, stealing from people is worth less than shit. How many mugshots do I have? Hm? Well let me tell you, its way less than you. ” The person ended their tirade with a couple of huffs before pulling away completely. Penelopes eyes began to water again as she started to shake lightly. ”Penelope, sorry for my temper. It was inherited from my father, and like most bad things, it needs to be put on a leash. ” Michelle commented as she twisted the spoon in their hand as if it were a knife.

The woman slowly sat up, and looked back at her plate. She then smoothed out her dress before standing. ”Go head upstairs, the room is all set up for you. ” Michelle said placing the spoon down. The person then placed their hand on their head, and seemed to be chasing away demons. Penelope couldn help but frown. ”We
e staying here? ” she asked confused. The person looked up at her and put on their fake grin. ”Why yes. I own this house now. That man you saw me with, I was his ”Mistress ”. ” She stated with a glint in her eye. ”He fell in love with me, and wanted to give me everything. The wife should be home in a week, but don worry your pretty little head sweetheart, youll be in the city with your friends. ” Penelope liked that response even less. Before she had time to ask, the person spoke. ”Not your city, and not your friends, but they are people who work for me. You still need to be watched. ” They explained as they undid their ponytail. She ruffled their hair, and let out a small chuckle as she watched the light in the womans eyes die a little. ”Oh, sweetheart, don be so dramatic. Life with me isn going to be so bad. ” They stated as they leaned over the table. She took the lid off of the soup, and took a giant inhale. ”As long as you do as I say, when I say, no matter what. Illness, and injury aside. Ill take good care of you. ” They then commented smirking. Penelope feared for her safety in that moment, but dared no make a sound. ”So, my sweet Penelope, would you go upstairs and ready for bed? I will clean up here. ” Michelle stated giving the woman a complex expression. Penelope nodded her head, and turned to walk down the hallway. ”Okay. ” She replied as she began walking. ”Ill come say good night. ” the person called as she took the pot into both of her hands.

Penelope wasn told what room she would be staying in specifically, however after a couple of minutes of searching she finally found the room. It was one of the guest bedrooms, and her stuff had indeed been moved inside. A chill shot itself down her spine as she flicked on the light, most of her things were there. They were all neatly placed inside of the room, and nothing seemed to even be stolen. Penelope sat on the bed, and her sniffles soon devolved into an entire crying fit. The woman curled in on herself, and sobbed hysterically. Eventually though, exhaustion took over and she fell into an uncomfortable sleep.

Penelope was woken up about half an hour later by some knocking and the door opening. She stirred lightly, almost forgetting where she was. When she saw Michelle standing in the entrance way, in a set of mint green and lilac pajamas her body shot up. ”No, sweetheart, this isn a dream. ” Michelle stated walking inside. Fear coated the womans body as she scooted back, the person didn acknowledge this and instead sat on the edge of the bed. ”With all the cleaning and cooking Im sorry I forgot to leave out something for you to sleep in. Im sure you can find something in one of the suitcases though. ” she stated with the end of their sentence punctuated with a yawn. Penelope was too afraid to speak for a few seconds, but because she knew how Michelle got when she wasn responded to, the woman found her voice and managed a one word sentence. ”Why? ” The question gave the person a good laugh as she thought over Penelopes response. ”Because you
e beautiful. I require all beautiful things in my life. You also know the value of beauty, and crave the same beauty I do. So the best thing to make us both happy is that you steal beautiful things, and the most beautiful thing belongs to me. ” Michelle commented.

Their face softened as she spoke, it was unnatural expression, as if their face had never learned to rest this way. This caused Penelopes stomach to churn lightly, but she was able to keep her meal down. ”My mother always told me beauty was hard. So I dedicated my life to effortless beauty. I even ran my own jewelry store to give others the chance to share in such effortlessness, though I quickly discovered how rancid people can be. ” The person then added as they turned their attention to the window behind them. ”Sweetheart. Youve asked so many questions, its only fair that I get to ask one. ” The person started as they shifted their eyes to Penelopes form. The woman held her breath, as she nodded her head in response. ”Why do you steal? From what I learned you grew up in a wealthy enough home, not rich, but better off than your friends. ” The person ended the sentence with a head tilt as if she was innocently waiting for an answer. Penelope looked them up and down before looking at her own hands. The woman scoffed before laughing, Michelle seemed to perk up at the sound. ”Sneaking…hiding…stealing? Its fun for me. The money was never an issue, half the stuff I stole I could sell. ” She then stated before looking back at Michelle. ”Though what makes it the best is when weeks later in a newspaper I find that my new ring, or dress turned out to be an heirloom. Those pieces are the ones I love the most. ” The womans face lit up as she thought back to all of the items she stole. Michelle smiled. ”Theres my sweetheart. ” She stated as she placed a hand on the womans face, before patting it lightly.

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