There are not many NPCs in front of the free clinic booth, and the number has been maintained at 5.
After one person is cured, new NPCs will be lined up at the end.

Dugu Zhuo stood at the end of the team and became the sixth, but there was no NPC to stop him.

As if he hadn’t heard the words of the players, he waited intently for his turn.

Dugu Zhuo had a panoramic view of what happened in Tanye Temple, and the players’ actions made him discover a few rules.

First, it is difficult for the player to distinguish whether the other party is an NPC or player, but NPCs know;

Second, disrupting an NPC task, such as deliberately turning in the wrong item, will result in punishment (such as the black cat);

Third, the attack by the monk at Tanye Temple – he can avoid it.

The monk made two moves, and Dugu Zhuo could see clearly that the power of the monk’s moves was not fixed, and is adjusted according to a player’s level and the severity of the violation.

The player poking Lingzhi and the black cat are of different levels, and the monks have completely different reactions.

Dugu Zhuo secretly estimated that the monk’s attack power and speed should be more than 50% of the player’s maximum level.
With his sword skills and footwork, he is 70% certain he can avoid it.

For Dugu Zhuo, 70% is enough to take a risk.

The column of his identity is still “to be unlocked”.
Ye Zhou regards him as a player, and his identity has not been unlocked.
Qingyue and Aotian regard him as a boss, and his identity has not been unlocked.
the people around him regard him as an NPC, and his identity has not yet been unlocked.

Dugu Zhuo wants to know who he was.
Since it seems impossible to unlock from player’s guessing, it’s better to try with an NPC.

The old monk is in the role of an NPC free clinic.
Dugu Zhuo is seriously injured and meets the conditions of the free clinic booth.
If he is an NPC, he will be treated.

Dugu Zhuo observed the old monk’s movements, imagined several attack directions, and simulated escape routes in his mind.
He was slightly nervous in his heart, but appeared calm on the surface.

Players can be resurrected after death, he might not.

This attempt was very risky, but Dugu Zhuo didn’t want to back down.

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He felt that since he had set foot on the avenue of cultivation, he was competing with the heavens.

In the Qingtian Sword Sect, he has always been trained as the future Xuan Jian master.
Only Ye Zhou persuaded him to break away from his fate and never touch the Xuan Jian.

Ye Zhou saw the fate that Dugu Zhuo was about to bear, and kept pushing Dugu Zhuo away from the abyss of fate.
But he could knot stop Dugu Zhuo from taking the sword by killing his father in the end.

When his biological father Dugu Yue died in front of him, Dugu Zhuo realized that all of his life was arranged.
He was like a chess piece.
The love of his parents, friends, teachers and even Ye Zhou was all doomed from the moment he was born.

He is the master of Xuan Jian selected by Heaven.
He must bear all the sins in the world and cut off all feelings with his own hands before he can bear this sword.

But why? Why can the gods in the heavenly palace control his life so indifferently, just to make him a scabbard of a sword?

Dugu Zhuo never obeyed fate.
The same is true when he enters a whole new world.

It is true that he is very likely to be just an NPC designed in the game.
In the words of players, NPCs runs in accordance with the program in the server, exactly like him in Tianjian Sect.

He will not admit this fate.

He was finally reached the head of the line.
Dugu Zhuo sat in front of the free clinic booth, stretched out his wrist, and let the old monk signal his pulse.

Qingyuelove went to Dugu Zhuo’s side, and sent him whisper: “Come down.
If the old monk finds that you are joined in for fun, you will be killed off like those two who caused trouble!”

This is a private message.
Sound is secretly transmitted with true qi, and delivered to the ear of the other party without leakage.

Dugu Zhuo could do this trick tool, so he sent a private chat to Qingyuelove: “I’m hurt.
Just testing the rules of the game.”

“Wow, you are so smart!” Qingyuelove did not chat privately this time, but said publicly.
“First hurt yourself, and then queue up in front of the free clinic booth.
Maybe this can be a place for players to heal!”

“Is it?” The snow lotus on the stall was also a great tonic.
“Does this mean that our spirit race can be used as healing and assistance in the future, and can also revive teammates?”

“It is possible!” A group of players agreed.

Everyone focused on Dugu Zhuo.
Some believed he was a special NPC, and some believed he was a player.

The old monk slowly stretched out his hand and placed it on Dugu Zhuo’s pulse.

“Donor, you…” The old monk’s kind eyes sharpened instantly.
He grabbed Dugu Zhuo’s veins, tapped the table with the other hand, and the overwhelming true qi enveloped Dugu Zhuo.

This is…

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Dugu Zhuo perceives what the old monk is going to do based on the attributes of the true qi.
He obviously could get rid of the opponent and flee, but he just endured it, letting the old monk’s essence trap him inside.

The noisy surrounding sounds instantly calmed down, and the players were all stuck.
Only Dugu Zhuo and the old monk were able to move in the entire space.

Wuxiangjie, this is the highest and deepest realm of Buddha cultivation.
It can open up a small world of its own with true essence.
The small world is independent of the world, and the time and space outside will not pass away.

This is just a game, how could there be no time or space suddenly?

While Dugu Zhuo was in doubt, he heard the old monk say: “Mr.
Dugu, your wounds, this poor monk can’t cure.”

“What are you talking about?” Dugu Zhuo calmly said.
“Aren’t you an NPC?”

“What ‘NPC’?” The old monk folded his palms together.
“Poor monk is named Tan Ji.”

Master Tan Ji?

Dugu Zhuo remembered that Master Tan Ji was the most respected monk in the realm of cultivation.
He could have long since ascended, but he kept reincarnating, crossing worlds, and cultivating the merits in life.

How could such a master appear in this online game?

Dugu used himself as a guide, with the help of the Divine Sword of Creation, to destroy the foundation of the three heavens, and was injured only by the two Xuan, Su swords and the backlash of the realm.
The divine punishment on your body, this monk cannot crack.” Master Tan Ji said.
“But Mr.
Dugu gave countless creatures a glimmer of vitality for three days. Blessed merits are added to one’s body, your meridians are slowly being healed, and one day you will be healed.“

“How can I have merit?” Dugu Zhuo asked.

“What Mr.
Dugu has done, sin is in the skies, merit is in the ages.” The old monk said.

What else did Dugu Zhuo want to ask? At this time, the people around started moving.
Master Tanji, who had a clever eye, turned into a dull old monk.
He said to Dugu Zhuo: “This player, please don’t affect people’s treatment.
Players can go to the medicine hall in the next town for diagnosis and treatment.
Players below level 20 will not consume spirit stones.”

After Dugu Zhuo was asked to leave the free clinic booth by the old monk, Qingyuelove ran over and said: “You are still good, and will ask where to heal injuries.
You’re a pro player, right?”

He ignored Qingyuelove, instead using his spiritual sense to search for personal information in the jade slip, only to see that the identity column had been unlocked-


Game master, i.e., admins


Honestly, I had no idea how to translate this line… What he’s saying is like a spell, and Jingang is King Kong so I kept it part phonetic since was weird in English.


Re: this guy probably wanted to see his character/avatar naked.

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