It’s less than of his blood contract.
Only Dugu Zhuo’s name, level, and sect are visible.
Race and character status are hidden.

Dugu Zhuo saw the opposite player was named Qingyuelove, level 11, no sect.
She is one level higher than Ye Zhou.

Seeing that his teammate added Dugu Zhuo as a friend, the male player was not to be outdone and sent a friend request.

Dugu Zhuo accepted it as well.
The male player is named [email protected], level 11, no sect.

The names of these two people seem to be a joke.
The incomprehensible characters “love” and “@” are piled up with ridiculous words.
Obviously they are not real names, and just pronouns in the game.

“Wow, your name without symbols isn’t shared with someone else?” [email protected] said.
“I needed to change several symbols in Long Aotian before registering successfully.”

“Isn’t it because of the high rate of your name?” Qingyuelove said, “It’s too dirty!”

“Isn’t yours dirty? It’s 02023, and you still add English to your name.” [email protected] was not to be outdone.

While listening to the two quarreling, Dugu Zhuo used the experience gained from killing monsters to raise his level to level 9.

After he used the “Five Elements Sword Art”, his body was drained.
He should meditate cross-legged several weeks to recover.
But after the upgrade, his true qi was immediately replenished, and the bun that was scattered by the bamboo leaves returned to normal.

It seems that leveling up can restore one’s state, which is a bit similar to the way a cultivator breaks through the realm.

Dugu Zhuo used his known knowledge to understand the new world little by little.

[email protected] couldn’t win Qingyuelove in an argument, so he stopped talking back.
Instead, he changed the topic to Dugu Zhuo.
“Can add as friends; you’re indeed not a boss.
But brother, did you really not spend any money to buy a skin?”

Dugu Zhuo heard “skin” and thought it was something a like disguise technique, beauty technique, or human skin mask.
He shook his head and replied: “The game does not yet have a currency exchange.”

This is what Ye Zhou told him before.

“Oh, yeah.” [email protected] sniffed.
“What’s the use of being handsome, it’s only level 9.”

“My disposable items are already used, and the monsters here don’t give enough experience.
I was planning to go out to do a task.
What about you two?” Dugu Zhuo said in the same tone4 as the two of them.

Ye Zhou was only level 10, and Dugu Zhuo didn’t plan on leveling up more.
Instead of staying in the karma forest, he might as well go to the outside world to find out more.

This game world is inextricably connected with his original world.
Dugu Zhuo wants to adapt to the new world, learn more about the relationship between the two worlds, and wants to know how he and Ye Zhou came here.

Qingyuelove: “I’ll do a task with you.”

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[email protected]: “We plan to explore the new map.”

The two said exactly the opposite things.
Having a disagreement, they began quarreling again.

Dugu Zhuo only regarded them as tools for obtaining information.
He did not intend to wait for a result of their quarrel, and said politely: “You take your time to discuss.”

After that, he went to the teleportation formation and was sent to Tanye Temple.

There is a feeling of time and space changing during the transmission.
The sight in his eyes underwent a huge change, from a green bamboo forest to a temple full of incense.

The temple was originally a clean place, but now it was like a vegetable market.
There were a lot of people…

“Hey, hey! Can’t you see so many people lining up for incense? Go to the back of the line.
Don’t you have any manners?”

“Aren’t gaming helmets expensive? Why are there so many people in the public beta?”

“It used to be crowded when playing online games, but now it’s really crowded.
Why did I set the feeling parameter so high? Whoever stepped on my toe – it hurts!”

These are all people queuing for the incense task.

“Master, I am here to hand in and receive a new mission.”

“Amitabha, the donor, this cat does not meet the requirements.”

“Why not? The dead flower5 next door can receive it, why can’t I?”

“Don’t deceive this monk with your demon clan ways.
Gan! Arhat’s golden body6, evildoer appear”

A golden light flashed, and the black cat in the player’s arms suddenly fell to the ground.
The monk releasing the mission was still kind.

The black cat stiffened, lay down for a while, then resurrected on the spot.
He stretched out his paw and scratched the released player, and vomited: “Let me test this out, I don’t believe it won’t work!”

“Didn’t you try?” The player fled with his head in his arms.
“How could I know that this old man looks thin and thin, but is so ruthless.
At least level 40 or above.
And you’re only level 1, so if you die and lose a level, it won’t hurt!”

“Let you try, let you try! I will cancel my number when I go offline and re-register as a human.” The black cat licked his paw and said.

“Don’t, the black cat is so cute.
It’s a species that was finally found randomly.
Look at the mushroom next door, they have it much harder!” The player pointed to the free clinic booth in front of the Tanye Temple.

Black Cat: “Are you blind, that’s a lingzhi7!”

A kind-minded old monk was sitting in front of the free clinic booth, giving free treatment to the poor.

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There is a lingzhi on the table where the old monk is diagnosing people’s pulses.Every time the old monk diagnoses a disease, he clasps his hands to the lingzhi.
“Saving a life is better than building a seventh-level floating buddha.
This benefactor will be blessed if he sacrifices his life to save others.”

He took a ray of spiritual energy from lingzhi and injected it into the eyebrows of the sick, and they healed immediately.

The lingzhi rocked its body, feebly saying: “No thanks are needed.
Just trouble you to give me experience, so I can reach level 20 and become a human.
Oooh, the life of a spirit race is so bitter.”

A player next to the lingzhi pointed.
“They’re first in the player ranking list.
Spirit races level up so fast! Only needs to help heal people for EXP.”

“Wow, he can level up by saving people? Soon, they’ll be level 20!”

“It’s impossible for him to continue to doing rescue missions.
There must be a limit on the number of times.”

Sure enough, as the player spoke, then the lingzhi reached level 16, the old monk held it up.
“Donor, your mission today has reached its limit.
If you continue treating, your life will be endangered.
Please come back tomorrow.”

The old monk put the llingzhi on the ground, took out a snow lotus from the bamboo basket at his feet, and said to the snow lotus kindly: “Saving a life is better than building a seventh-level floating buddha.
This benefactor will be blessed if he sacrifices his life to save others.”

Snow lotus waved the leaf: “Troubled you.
Hurry up.”

Dugu Zhuo: “…”

It is a lively and harmonious world.




Broken, as in weak or bad quality


the ‘love’ is spelled out in English.


Here, the author should be referring to 2020.
They make it backwards for censorship or other plagarism reasons I’d suspect.


re: modern.
Not that secondary disease or ancient way he spoke in before


another player whose type is a flower


a spell/skill


Translates to Ganoderma lucidum.
Re: Some medicinal ‘shroom, that in this novel, doubles as a species for spirit race players.

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