Dugu Zhuo originally thought that the jade slip recorded in this piece of jade slip should be the “Ni Jian Jue”1 that had dropped before.
After his divine consciousness penetrated into it, he felt that something was wrong.
It was written with some unclear words and symbols-

Name: Dugu Zhuo

Race: Initial Human race, later transformed into alien

Stamina: ???

Spiritual qi: ???

Defense: ???

Attack: ???

HP: 100/???

Level: 3/???

Identity: To be unlocked.

Background: To be unlocked.

Main task: To be unlocked

Dugu Zhuo knew every word on the jade slip, but when combined together, nothing made sense.

As he was raising the jade slip and frowning, Ye Zhou had already cleared a wave of monsters, happily holding the sword and came to Dugu Zhuo and said: “The weapon you forged is so easy to use!”

This sword was originally just a newbie weapon bought by at the weapon shop.
Weapons made from broken copper and rotten iron have extremely poor durability.
A blade becomes jagged after a few cuts.
You need to carry a large number of sharpening stones, and sharpen the blade every so often to maintain durability.

After reforging, the iron sword made a qualitative leap.
In terms of power, it is at least a weapon for level 20-30, but can ignore the level difference and be used before level 10.
This is a peerless magic weapon.

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With Dugu Zhuo giving weapons so generously, Ye Zhou couldn’t help inquiring the other party’s identity in a questioning tone.
He simply stretched out his hand and said, “Let’s add as friends!”

Only players can add friends to each other.
Just add a friend to find out.
If you can add, they’re a player; if you don’t add, it’s an NPC.

Moreover, after becoming friends, Ye Zhou had the opportunity to unconditionally gift items and money to the other party.
Saying “thank you” isn’t enough after receiving such benefits from Dugu Zhuo.

Ye Zhou just waited for Dugu Zhuo to nod before sending a friend request.

How did Dugu Zhuo face Ye Zhou’s invitation? He actually bit his index finger and squeezed a drop of blood out of his fingertips.

“Blood alliance” – this is the way of worship that existed in the keyboard era of “Nine Heavens”.
The two sides take a drop of heart’s blood to fuse together, and the racial attributes will generate a covenant skill at will.

There are many benefits of forming such an alliance, but the cost of dissolving it is quite heavy.
After the dissolution, the level of both parties will drop by 10%, and an important piece of equipment will be randomly lost.

Ye Zhou just wanted to simply add a friend, and he didn’t even think about establishing such a close relationship before knowing him.

But he was the one who proposed to add friends, and he was the one who got the high-level weapon.
It seemed a bit impolite to rashly refuse.

This… Ye Zhou looked at Dugu Zhuo hesitantly, and saw Dugu Zhuo’s blood dripping into the grass.
Holographic games are no better than keyboard online games, and the sense of reality is too strong, unlike the relentless rejection across the screen.

In the end, Ye Zhou hesitantly bit his fingertips under Dugu Zhuo’s somewhat sad eyes, letting his blood merge with Dugu Zhuo.

[Ding, you are in an alliance with Dugu Zhuo, do you entrust the system to assign character relationships based on each other’s attributes? Yes/No]

Ye Zhoudao: “According to each other’s attributes? There was no such reminder before.
Did the game change after the upgrade?”

In the original version, the relationship between the players regardless of gender are like sworn brothers.
This time, with it being unknown, it feels like opening a black box, which is quite interesting.

“Choose ‘Yes’!” Ye Zhou said to Dugu Zhuo.
“Let’s see how the new alliance will be distributed.”

Dugu Zhuo also received a system prompt, and a dialogue option of “yes or no” popped up in front of him, and he calmly followed Ye Zhou’s instructions.
The two clicked “Yes” together.

Two rays of light, one black and one white, were released from the fused blood of the two people, spinning like a Tai Chi symbol, and finally turned into a piece of jade slip recording the relationship between the two.

According to the jade bamboo slips, their relationship determined by the system is a “mentor-apprentice relationship”.
Ye Zhou is the master and Dugu Zhuo is the apprentice.
The covenant skill is “Double Swords Combo”, which requires them to be level 80 or higher to use.

“Mentoring relationship? Why is it a mentoring relationship?” Ye Zhou shocked.
“Now the whole game is full of low-grade novice players, and there’s no coaching system activated yet.
I’m just level 9, how can I be someone else’s master?”

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Seeing the words “mentor and apprentice” on the jade slip, Dugu Zhuo felt that this was already the best result.

“Is it because my account is bound to the keyboard “Nine Heavens” account?” Ye Zhou guessed, “Have you bound a keyboard account? You can receive a lot of old players returning gift packages.”

“Zai xia…” Dugu Zhuo thought for a bit, copying Ye Zhou’s tone, “I don’t have an ‘account’, and I haven’t played ‘keyboard’.”2

“The assignment of the master and apprentice may be related to the keyboard online game account binding.” Ye Zhou analyzed seriously.

Dugu Zhuo read the soul message passed on when they were forming the alliance, and read the other party’s name: “Ye Zhou?”

Similar but different from the previous life.

“Ah? Can you see my real name when registering after a blood alliance? My ID is clearly ‘Yi Ye Bian Zhou’.
Can this the game company’s disclose the player’s privacy like this? But your name is still the ID of ‘Dugu Zhuo’?” Ye Zhou puzzledly asked.
Dugu Zhuo doesn’t look like an ordinary name in modern society.
It is most likely a screen name.

Hearing Ye Zhou mentioning “game” many times, Dugu Zhuo even felt things were not right, so he cautiously replied: “I missed two words.”

“So that’s the case, but I accidentally revealed my real name.” Ye Zhou patted his head, a bit embarrassed.

After friending, you can check some of each other’s attributes.
Ye Zhou can see Dugu Zhuo’s level, race and other information, but he can’t see the hidden attributes that are all question marks.

He curiously said: “You are really a player.
But you’re only level 3 and haven’t selected a profession.
How did you forge my sword so powerfully?”

Dugu Zhuo felt that this world had many similarities to the world of cultivation he knew well.
At this point, there is a slight difference, so he considered and said: “Humans are indeed able to refine alchemy or refining weapons after the foundation period, but aliens are different.”

“Oh, aliens are indeed a new race after the revision.” Ye Zhou said, “You may not know if you haven’t played the keyboard version.
In the original game, alien is a race that only NPCs and bosses can have.
After the revision, alien has been added.
However, there is no way to choose alien directly when creating the account.
The game company explained that it is in the game.
Players who meet such a chance will have the opportunity to transform into a foreign race.
Did you have any adventures to change your race?”

“I got a sword and no longer belonged to the human race.” Dugu Zhuo said.

“The broken sword in your package? You’re lucky.
After you become an alien race, are there any changes? Does blood strengthening weapons also have something to do with this blade.”

Ye Zhou weighed the iron sword and couldn’t help sighing.
“No, it’s not good luck at all.
If other players know the effect of your blood, won’t they chase you to get blood to strengthen weapons? Is the game company so pitted? It’s already difficult to transform into a special race, and the result is more miserable than the demon or spirit race?


Using the phonetic to denote Dugu Zhuo’s mind of what this thing is.


Here he uses 在下 (Zai xia) before the ellipses and 我 (modern day ‘I’) afterwards.
Similarly, account and keyboard are in quotes because he doesn’t fully get those terms and is just parroting the sounds

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