Zhou from acting.

“I want to see where their mission goal is,” Dugu Zhuo said to Ye Zhou in a private message.

Ye Zhou accepted his explanation, and the three followed the veiled team as they wandered through Zhulong Town.
After a while, they heard a system notification.
“You’ve agreed to roast the perfect beggar’s chicken for the fortune teller.
The beggar boss at the outskirts of town makes the most authentic beggar’s chicken.”

It seemed like Aotian and Black Cat had already found the fortune teller and received the next task.

Each link of the quest chain led to another, making it quite a hassle.
In order to obtain one thing, they had to complete tasks for several people.

However, for each completed task, the players received a bit of experience, and the main questline’s quest rewards were good compared to fighting monsters or completing instances.

Meanwhile, the veiled team had asked half the town’s NPCs before finally arriving at a temple in the north side of town.

“It’s Cheng Huang Temple,” Ye Zhou said.
“Yesterday, I spoke to every NPC in town that had dialogue, but there weren’t any tasks relating to this temple.
There also aren’t many people in the area, so I guess human players can’t get tasks relating to Cheng Huang Temple.”

Since the other team had come here, the possibility they were demons or ghosts was now even higher.

“If they’re also doing the main questline, how come it’s completely different from ours?” Qingyue asked.

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Ye Zhou thought for a bit.
“Assuming that that ghost I met was a player, we were completing the same mission under different roles.
Maybe the main questline they’re trying to complete is completely different from ours?”

“What do you mean?” said Qingyue.

“The task we received from the Tanye Temple was to help the Qingtian Sect take in the Xuan Sword’s wielder.
Maybe their task is to have some other sect take the kid away, or kill him?”

“But in that case, the main storyline would have two outcomes, so how would the game’s plot continue?” Qingyue said doubtfully.

They both looked at Dugu Zhuo.
Over these two days, Dugu Zhuo had displayed impressive insight and been spot-on in all his conjectures, so perhaps he would have some ideas about this too.

Dugu Zhuo didn’t answer, just looking like he was deep in thought and knew something else about the main storyline.

“It’s hard to say now,” Dugu Zhuo said.
“I’m going to find out more information.”

“How?” Qingyue asked.

Dugu Zhuo rearranged his clothes, making himself look even more distinguished.
He smiled at Ye Zhou.
“Don’t I look very much like an NPC?”

A light breeze stirred Dugu Zhuo’s long hair.
Ye Zhou, his heart thumping wildly, was unable to answer in time.
Instead, Qingyue answered, “You look uncannily so!”

“Then let me give my NPC act a shot,” Dugu Zhuo said.

Before the veiled team entered Cheng Huang Temple, Dugu Zhuo hopped over the wall into the courtyard.

A temple usually had a main and side entrance, so Dugu Zhuo was familiar with the way Cheng Huang Temple was constructed.
He found the back door to the main hall and slipped inside.

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Cheng Huang Temple wasn’t as lively as Tanye Temple, with only one person sweeping the main hall.
It was a bit like Tanye Temple at nighttime.

There was a huge sealed gate in the back courtyard, making Dugu Zhuo think of how Aotian and Qingyue had said their friend was stuck behind a large gate during the day.

Seeing the other team was now hesitating outside the temple hall, Dugu Zhuo thrust out a palm and slammed the main doors shut.

The attendant who was sweeping the floor was startled and looked toward Dugu Zhuo.
“Young hero, outsiders may not enter the main hall.”

The NPCs in the game all referred to human players as “young hero”.
“I am not a young hero,” Dugu Zhuo said.

The attendant froze for a moment.
Staring at Dugu Zhuo, he seemed to be confused about his own perception.
After a long while, he finally said, “Lord Cheng Huang presides over this place.
Outsiders may not enter.”

Thinking back to how closely this storyline resembled his own life, Dugu Zhuo released some of his sword aura and said, “This one is Dugu Zhuo, the Xuan Sword’s wielder.”

“The Xuan Sword’s wielder? This…” The NPC was completely incoherent, apparently not knowing how he should identify this man before him.
He threw down his broom, holding his head and seeming to be in pain.

Dugu Zhuo had found out while interacting with the old monk that his presence seemed to be able to call over people from his own world and influence the NPCs of this world.

He assumed that this attendant was important in the demons and ghosts completing the main questline, so he was curious what would come of him revealing his identity before this NPC.

“No, it can’t be Dugu Zhuo, Xiao Bao is only ten, Dugu Zhuo shouldn’t be…” the NPC babbled.

“This town is divided between night and day due to the torch dragon’s curse.
The Tanye Temple wishes for the Qingtian Sect to take away the future Xuan Sword wielder.
What do you people want?” Dugu Zhuo asked.

As if he had heard some kind of keyword, the attendant’s behavior improved slightly.
He stared blankly at Dugu Zhuo.
“The Xuan Sword’s wielder is meant to be taken by the Qingtian Sect.
We only wanted the future Xuan Sword wielder to be more suited to the wicked qi of the Nine Desires Abyss.”

“How?” Dugu Zhuo said, gripping the attendant’s shoulder.

“I’m not sure.” The attendant shook his head.
“In any case, right now we must make the Xuan Sword wielder’s mother die an unkind death in hatred and resentment.”

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