Counting My Stars

Chapter Nine - Aurora Borealis

The next morning, everyone was up and ready by nine oclock and having breakfast in the dining. The girls looking unexpectedly close and chummy that the boys were wondering if Nicole did some weird brain experiment on Samantha.

”Looks like you girl are having fun huh? ” Said Jeffery walking with a plate full of bacon, eyes, chicken liver, eggs and toast. He joined the girls table and began to munch down the food. His Caucasian chubby body didn discourage him from managing his gluttony. However, he always managed to be top 3 runners on the track. Mr. Morty was dining reading the paper on a table opposite the girls and Jeffery.

”I guess we join the party Klaus. ” Said Paul grabbing Klaus round the neck with a plate of food in his other arm.

The group ate and planned out their day. Nicole suggested that they should visit the water park where as Klaus suggested visiting the historic monuments. They all looked at him dissatisfied with his suggestion.

”Well I grew up in a historic house and I wanted to see what you guys have over here. ” Klaus defended himself.

”Bloody Brit. ” Samantha muttered.

”Cry me a river Ice Queen. ” Klaus teased.

The chemistry between Klaus and Samantha seemed to grow deeper each time the gazed at each other with red cheeks. Everyone except Samantha knew that Klaus had developed feelings for Samantha but now it was clear that she too reciprocated those feelings. Noticing this, Nicole leaned forward to Paul and Jeffrey while the love birds continued talking.

”Sisters of Fate unite. ” Nicole whispered with her mouth covering her mouth.

”Not if you are comparing us to those old Greek hags that never really did much to change fate. ” Paul replied faintly.

”Come on Paul. ”

”No Nicole. Change it to like the Big 3. ”

”What Big 3? Like solid, liquid and gas? ” Nicole said sarcastically.

”You know we can hear you, Sisters of Fate? ” Klaus interrupted.

”You see? He gets it. ” Nicole replied gleefully.

”Anyway you guys get ready while I talk to Morty about where well spend the day. ” Klaus said.

As they all got up to get ready to depart for the water park, Klaus called Samanthas name as he walked towards Mr. Morty.

”Remember what I told you the other week. Make sure you look cute for me Champ? ” Klaus said winking at her.

Samantha blushed. ”Only if the gods of the Fates allow me. ” Said Samantha as she walked to her room. She thought of what he just said and was convinced that he knew about her swimming history.


The Waldameer Park and Water Park was relatively crowded with ques on most of the rides, kids running up and down with their parents chasing after them and some teens vomiting from from the roller coaster ride. The sight disgusted Samantha and Paul, however, the sight amused the rest especially Klaus. He had never experienced the American amusement park and he couldn contain his excite.

”Mommy! Mommy! Look its Captain Dinghy! ” A little red headed boy shouted while pointing at Klaus.

”Excuse me but I am not Captain…Dinghy. ” Klaus replied.

Then the boy pointed to there left and there was a cart board cut out of a blonde blued man dressed like Jack Sparrow with a sword standing in a dinghy. The man had a braided blonde beard with beads on it and an eagle on his shoulder.

The boy started to jump frantically. ”You see its you! Mommy I want a photo with him! ”

The boys mother just smiled and pulled out a polaroid camera from her bag.

”Could you please take a photo with him? ” The boys mother asked. Her tone was so gentle and sweet that Klaus could resist the offer. The boy and Klaus posed by the cart board.

”Say Dinghy! ” Shouted Nicole.

”Dinghy! ” They replied.

The boys mother took two shots, one for her son and the other for Klaus.

”For your trouble. ” The boys mother said.

She gave him one of the photos and 10 dollars.

”Thank you. ” Klaus said.

The boy and his mother were off and the everyone now pounced on Klaus with dinghy jokes that knew no end.

The first ride they got on was, ironically, the Captain Dinghy roller coaster and then they moved on to the X-Volt which was a 100 metre drop tower. The X-Volt was too much for Jeffery who had too much to eat for breakfast and so Paul took him to the bathroom. Nicole decided to go on the ferris wheel while Kalus and Samantha waited for Jeffery and Paul to return to the cotton candy stand.

e looking really adorable today. ” Klaus said.

Samantha blushed. She wore the swim suit and flip flops her mother bought for her with a white sun hat and large cream shirt to help her cover until they swam.

”Thanks and you looking very dashing on the wall over there. ” She replied.

”Oh come now. You
e saying Im not looking dashing as I am? ” Klaus said striking a pose.

He wore a white t-shirt, black shorts and black flip-flops. The shirt was tighter than usual and it showed his good physique that made Samantha being even more attracted to him.

”You try. ” She said.

Klaus sighed. ”Okay Diaz. If you say so then Ill play along. You hear me? Arrrrrh. ” Klaus imitation of a pirate made Samantha burst into laughter.

”Its official my lady! I am Dinghy, Captain of Blonde Pearl, Pirate of Erie and Lord of the Seven Dweebs! ” Klaus shouted posing exactly like cart board Captain Dinghy and drawing attention to themselves. Samantha continued laughing hysterically while Klaus started taking his new role seriously.

”What is this guy doing? ” Paul asked as he and Jeffery returned puzzled.

”Ah first mate and second mate Jones! Let down the sails and port to starboard! We have take the beautiful maiden here back to her dear beloved mother (Nicole) over at Roller Coaster Island! ” Klaus shouted confidently.

”Um okay? ” Jeffrey said.

”Talihoooo! ” Klaus began to walked briskly towards the roller coaster. Samanthas eyes teared up from laughing and the two boys realized Klaus was trying to make her laugh and they began to play along.

From the roller coaster to the water slides, the boys kept their character and what made it worse is Nicole declared herself a pirate as well and not her mother. They all pretended to be the pirate protectors of Samantha, returning her to her lost long family across the Dweebs of the amusement park up until they went back to their lodging. Samantha never grew tired of the act. In fact, its the most fun shes had in years. It was a day shell never forget.

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