Chapter 5: Don’t worry anymore

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In some anti-Japanese war movies, the protagonist was shot in the body at close range.
With a little bloodshed and after a certain memory of justice, the protagonist would revive in full vigor.
They could not only bomb airplanes with hand grenades but also tear apart devils* with their bare hands.

*T/N: devils = wartime insult for Japanese

Reality tells us that it’s not a war movie but a fantasy film…

In fact, within a short distance of less than 100 meters, the normal human arm with non-mutated genes would absolutely be torn to pieces if it was shot with an ordinary bullet, organs too.

Not to mention the Desert Eagle known as the “King of Guns”.

Shen Qingjia had seen a popular science show about the power of weapons before, which let her know that even the most advanced body armor today can not defend against rifle bullets at 200 meters or so.
At close range, they can’t even defend against pistol bullets.

If a bullet from a Desert Eagle entered the body, it will first leave a small hole less than 1 cm in diameter on the skin of the frontal entry point.
The huge force formed by the bullet when passing through the body will injure the organs.
The diameter of the bullet wound formed by the shock wave may reach more than 12 cm.
If aimed towards the head, the wound would definitely be more terrible as it would explode the whole skull!

Shen Qingjia couldn’t believe that she would die in such a horrible way.
When she closed her eyes, she even felt that she was too ridiculous in both her previous life and present life.
Such a precious chance at rebirth was used by herself to experience such a way of dying.
All her efforts and all her calculating schemes seemed so lackluster in the face of death.*

*T/N: Girl, she would have shot you before you had time to get through all this thinking if she actually wanted to shoot



The gunshot sounded and from behind her came a shrill screech.
She opened her eyes slightly, only to find that the killing intent just now was directed to something behind her and at the same time she quickly shot towards the sky!

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Shen Qingjia felt the earth shake beneath her feet as the sound of huge heavy objects landing on the ground came from behind.

Turning around, Shen Qingjia’s pupils contracted instantly.

It was a very ugly bird with plumage upon its head, very similar to a vulture, with dark and solid feathers from head to foot, a curved beak, and sharp claws.
But the shape was larger than any bird known to Shen Qingjia.
It was more than two meters tall and its wings unfolded were about five or six meters long.
The ash grey eyes were brimming with killing intent.
To put it simply, the mutant bird looked like a mythical creature, huge and frightening.

Zhu Ai’s first shot hit its right wing and the other shot hit its right claw.
The strange bird was twitching and struggling on the ground, making piercing screams but could not stand up.
The wind stirred by the constant beating of its left wing was enough to make Shen Qingjia’s face tingle so she knew how powerful it was!

It seemed to have been a falcon well-loved by some wealthy people but after constant mutation, it had grown several times bigger!

“Level 2 mutants?”

Zhu Ai murmured to herself.
The Desert Eagle in her hand, Shen Qingjia has no idea where Zhu Ai got it from.*

*T/N: lol maybe she got the storage space you were feeling salty about not having in your rebirth

Shen Qingjia was somewhat fortunate that modern small guns could kill most of the Level 2 and lower mutant animals and plants.
The Level 3 mutant animals and plants not only had a strong self-healing ability but also ordinary bullets could not even break the surface of their skin.*

*T/N: are you trying to raise the flag for a Level 3 to show up?

Birds were always on the move, like thunder, and had always been called air killers.
It was no wonder that they became mutant animals since they hid so well

Zhu Ai turned to Shen Qingjia but saw her staring back at her.
Her hair was soft, fluffy, and light colored, her elegant face was palm-sized with clear and limpid eyes that were now staring at Zhu Ai like a scared kitten.

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“Shen…… Qingjia?”

Shen Qingjia had already hugged her before she could respond to the staring.


Shen Qingjia hugged her arm tightly and was amazingly strong.* “I just thought you were going to kill me… I thought… I was dead… I thought…”

*T/N: side hug

The girl’s voice was almost crying.

Only then did Zhu Ai realize that Shen Qingjia thought she was going to die when Zhu Ai pointed her pistol at her.
At this time, Shen Qingjia realized that even if she was reborn, she was still an ordinary person.
She was still an ordinary person, even though she behaved more cruelly, selfishly and indifferently than ordinary people.

Because she was an ordinary person, there was no natural aura of ability on her body so she had no merits to boast about except rebirth.

After hesitating for a moment, Zhu Ai reached out and held the girl who seemed to be crying.
She had never encountered such a situation and no one had ever been so close to her, so close to her skin, close enough to feel each other’s breath…

“I don’t understand why you’ve been worried that I’ll kill you.” Zhu Ai said with a calm face.

She sighed softly, “But you won’t have to worry about it anymore.”

In the background, the sound of the strange bird gradually subsided.
Shen Qingjia was embarrassed to come out of the bosom of Zhu Ai.
At such an age, crying until one’s nose was running, it was simply… To divert the embarrassment, she used her spiritual power to find out what the mutant bird was like but when her ability touched its head, she had a strange look.

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“Maybe that’s the way…” What did Shen Qingjia think of? Immediately she was excited to do an experiment.

Feeling the strange spiritual fluctuation in the air, Zhu Ai furrowed her eyebrows and was silent.

At this moment, Shen Qingjia’s weird behavior was because she remembered a special miracle in her past life, the Imperial Beast Master.

Imperial Beast Master, as its name implied, was the ability to manipulate mutant animals in the past life.
This kind of ability’s spiritual power changed and could resonate with the animal’s spiritual power so as to achieve the effect of manipulating mutant animals to fight.
Of course, there were limits to this ability.
Unless the mutant animal controlled by the Imperial Beast Master dies, it was impossible to control another mutant animal and it was impossible to control too many mutant animals whose mental power exceeds one’s own.

Spiritual power, to some extent, could also be said to be brain waves with fluctuating frequencies.
The greatest feature of the Imperial Beast Master was that they could adjust the frequency of their mental fluctuation after their mental power had changed.

Although the Imperial Beast Masters themselves were not worth mentioning, the mutant animals they controlled were often very powerful and would be a fairly good portion of the fighting force in the future.

Shen Qingjia thought, although I’m not a psychic powerhouse, my spiritual power has indeed changed.
Perhaps I could become an Imperial Beast Master.
In case she could not gain any powers later, she would still be able to defend herself.

Shen Qingjia extended her spiritual power into the nucleus in the head of the mutant bird.
The mutant bird sensed the invasion of a strange spiritual power and immediately became enraged.
Although Shen Qingjia’s spiritual power was not weak and the Level 2 mutant bird was injured, it was still chaotic enough for Shen Qingjia to eat a pot*.

*T/N: I feel like this is another pun – meaning to feel stifled as part of Shen Qingjia’s name means liquid and the pot can hold liquid in.

Head congestion and sharp pain at her temples exploded in the next second.
Shen Qingjia tried to endure, oppressing the spirit of the bird until it calmed down, then adjusting her spiritual power to the frequency of the bird, and at last began to try to leave her own spiritual imprint on the crystal nucleus within the bird’s head.

After a long time, the mutant bird gradually calmed down and Shen Qingjia’s pale face showed a slight smile.


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The mutant bird’s wings suddenly moved.
Zhu Ai’s eyes were vigilant but she saw Shen Qingjia walk over to the mutant bird on her own.

“This mutant bird is under my control now.”

Shen Qingjia stepped forward and looked at the injuries of the mutant bird.
Then she sighed.
The mutant bird was seriously injured.
Even if the Level 2 mutant animal began to have self-healing ability, it would take a long time to recover, during which there was enough time for other mutant animals to have killed it dozens of times over.
It’s such a huge size that Shen Qingjia can’t take care of it even if she wants to take it with her.*

*T/N: why don’t you feed it the nucleus you got?

For the first time in her life, she managed to control a mutant animal.
Although she succeeded, the mutant animal was half dead.
She finally knew why the Beast Masters would follow teams anytime and anywhere in the future.

It was difficult to control a mutant animal without killing it half-dead and it was hard to save it when it was seriously injured by accident.
The Imperial Beast Master role was indeed troublesome.

“Come on, it’s just an experiment anyway.
There’s still a chance in the future.
Besides, I’m glad to be able to get this ability!” After reluctantly consoling herself, she released the mutant bird and they continued on the way to their target.

Remembering just now that Zhu Ai had saved her life when she suspected that Zhu Ai wanted to kill her… I don’t want to think about it.
What qualifications do I have for the future villain BOSS to personally kill me? Looking at the glacial beauty from the corner of her eyes, Shen Qingjia’s face was still indifferent despite feeling a little guilty.

She didn’t know why but now Shen Qingjia seemed to care more and more about how Zhu Ai viewed her.
Could it be attributed to the charismatic personality of the future villain BOSS? With the shameless nature of my past life, I hardly ever care about anyone or anything other than myself in order to survive.

Before her death, Shen Qingjia always thought that in the end, only those who cared about themselves could live longest and she could only give blessings to those who cared about them.

“Zombies are very sensitive to sound.
If we don’t want to be surrounded by zombies, we have to move quickly!”

Zhu Ai’s right hand was still in her jacket pocket as she took the lead in moving forward.

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