“Where should we go?”

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“North, the northern part of the city was developed as an industrial area, sparsely populated with people in general as we are far away from the base and similarly, the zombies will be less.”

“How do you know for sure?”

Shen Qingjia did not speak.
Can she say that this is the escape route of her last life so it is a piece of cake to navigate?

Although the industrial area in the north was in the suburbs, there were not many forests so there are not only zombies, but also a small number of various animals and plants.
In fact, if the road to the north of Y City was not completely occupied by zombies, she would have hoped that the boss of the base wanted to establish a base in the northern suburbs.

More importantly, the reason why she insisted on targeting the northern suburbs was because there might be a possibility for Shen Qingjia to gain an ability!

Reborn after the Doomsday crisis, there was no storage space, no way to preserve food, and even no power.*..
But it doesn’t matter, nothing matters, after all, rebirth was already the greatest cheat.
Whether things were grabbed or up for grabs, these would all end up in Shen Qingjia's own hands.

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*T/N: I love how she keeps repeating this sentence.

Won't give it to me?  I will take it for myself!

In the damp sewers, there was a foul stench and it was so dark that fingers can't be seen.
Shen Qingjia put down her backpack, pulled the zipper and fumbled around inside for a long time before fishing out a fluorescent thing.

The cold girl was a little curious.
“Is this… a fluorescent night vision compass?”

Shen Qingjia sighed.
“During the Apocalypse, I will secretly collect these little things that others don’t want.
Maybe, they will save my life?”

“Is this the legendary apocalypse survival expert?” The girl smiled.*

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*T/N: Wow, this exact same sentence was said in #my_yaoi_bible

Shen Qingjia didn’t say anything and she couldn’t see the girl's expression in the darkness but she guessed that the girl must be looking at her in worship now so she couldn’t help but laugh.

Today, she had laughed more than she had laughed in more than a decade.

The two followed the path by fumbling along the sewer wall.
In the deep and shallow, the girl’s right leg was inconvenient.
Shen Qingjia walked over to help her move forward.
The girl whispered her thanks.

Both of them tacitly stopped talking and in the dark, they only heard the sound of two people stepping on the mud in the smelly water.
Shen Qingjia, after passing a few sewer manhole covers, would tap a few times on the manhole cover.
At the beginning, there will be a huge sound of zombies swarming to get in and then the sound of the zombies became less and less.
After three hours, they couldn't hear any sounds at all.

“At the beginning, when I knocked on the manhole cover, the zombies that I attracted were very loud.
At that time, we should still have been in the city… According to the quietness of the present, we should now be in the suburbs.
But there is not impossible to see a bunch of zombies when you open the manhole cover.”

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The reason why she knew this so accurately was due to her ability to use sound to locate.
Perhaps because of the rebirth, the spiritual power of the previous life had been greatly improved and it was possible to use the mental power to detect the environment three or four meters away but it was still too weak, perhaps it can't even compare with the most common spiritual abilities.

Shen Qingjia clenched her sharp deboning knife and prepared to push open the manhole cover but felt her clothes being pulled

“I am going to explore, I have done almost nothing on this journey.”

The girl took a deep breath and pushed the manhole cover out to look around.
Then, she climbed up quickly.
“No danger.”

The open industrial area in the distance had not been completed yet and there were almost no households.
Shen Qingjia guessed that there may be only a small number of zombies due to the construction workers.
The two people traced a large symbol on the ground and were greatly relieved.

At this moment, the two people felt that they were really dirty.
Fortunately, there was a large reservoir behind the industrial area, just waiting for them.

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“I didn’t expect that we could escape from so many zombies.” The girl turned her head.
“I am called Zhu Ai, how about you?”

“Shen Qingjia.”

At this time, Shen Qingjia revealed a slight smile.
Internally, she ridiculed the parents who would give their daughter this kind of calamitous name.
The smile on her face immediately became one of alarm.

“You are called… Zhu Ai…?”

Sorry God, I must have gone down the wrong path!

The ultimate villain BOSS during the Apocalypse, Zhu Ai? ! ! God, who are you kidding? ! ! !

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