In this task of searching for food, Shen Qingjia, an ordinary person with no ability, was thrown into the zombie horde by the squad leader to attract the attention of the zombies so that they could escape.
In the end, although she was lucky enough to escape the zombie horde, she also broke her hand and became disabled!

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And the little team leader… Shen Qingjia glanced at the forty-year old big man with the handgun, and soon closed her eyes, afraid that she could not suppress the killing intent!

“There are too many zombies.” Shen Qingjia heard the man say.
“What can we use besides firepower to attract the zombies?”

There was no sound in the room at all that even a pin dropping could be audible.

The girl next to her was observing the surroundings but she heard the short, skinny man next to the big man as he pointed at her.
“I think this girl is very suitable.”

Stiffening, the girl widened her eyes slightly, filled with resentment.
“You…what did you say…”

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The short, skinny man snorted.
“Is it wrong? There is only one person who is injured and has lost the ability to fight.
Where are you going to go? You see your broken leg? Soon, it will become a disability.
It is better to contribute a little to our base before it gets to that point.
The base has helped you for a month, now it's time for you to repay!”

The short, skinny man spoke very skillfully.
He pointed out that the girl was injured and lost her ability to fight.
This factor immediately quieted everyone down.
There were no friends, just other human lives and if necessary to save their own lives, the so-called sense of justice and morality are just a joke!

The girl calmed down and tried to argue.
“You can’t do this… This violates the Base’s rules! The Head will severely punish you!”

In the Apocalypse, most of the people called the base leader Head.
No one knew who started it but soon everyone called that way.

The short man’s sneered and everyone avoided looking at it.
“We don’t speak, who knows?”

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The girl's hopes fell.

Yes, everyone was an accomplice so no one would say it.
In the Apocalypse, people's lives were as worth as much as paper and they could make up any excuse for this matter.

Base’s rules? Ha, how ridiculous, only the weak need rules! Still don’t understand? ! Still intending to cover up the inner evil with a calm face? ! Still preparing to deceive oneself that now was still a legal society? ! You must know that no matter how the world changes, one thing will never change.
That is, the weak will abide by the rules and the strong will make rules!

The big man also opened his mouth.
“Ah Gui is right.
You should contribute to our base for once.
The base will remember your contribution.
Maybe there will be no danger… When we return to the base, we will inform the rescue team and have them come to save you.”

The big man’s tone was mild but the gun in his hand was aimed at the girl.

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Obviously, there were only two choices in front of her, die now or die at the hands of the ten.

The girl clenched her fists and lowered her head.
The long bangs covered her expressions.

Her eyes flashed through her memories – her mother’s early death, her father’s disregard, the abuse of the so-called “family”, the hostility of her peers… The world was too cruel to her, she could only rely on herself to survive.

But now, this damned world also wanted to deprive her of her life? !

Was it a sin to be weak?

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At the time when the girl's heart was in chaos, she suddenly heard a gentle voice.
She swore that she would never forget the voice for a lifetime.
“I will go with her.”

The one who took care of her for a day, accepted her little chocolate as a thank you, and gently walked in front of her was a weak teenage girl.

“Two people can attract more zombies’ attention so that you all can be safer and two people working together means that the chances of survival are greater.”

The girl’s voice was mild, the beautiful face gentle, and although the sun coming in through the window was bleak, the way she stood in front of her made it seem like the world wanted to embrace her in a halo.

“So, let me go with her.”

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