ility cannot heal wounds so quickly without leaving any traces.
Probably… it’s really an illusion… Shen Qingjia thought so.

Of course, the matter of the disappearing wound that she couldn’t find an explanation was quickly put aside by Shen Qingjia.
She just thought she was imagining things from confusion when in a life and death situation.

“Anyway, why are Xu Kai and the others in such a hurry? It’s obviously not suitable to travel at night.”

“Let me ask you a question: Is the mutant animal that can drive away a mutant animal that can command level 2 peaks a strong one?”


“Next question: Hope base loses more than half of their manpower.
Both physical strength and abilities are severely depleted.
Why didn’t the strong mutant animal take the opportunity to wipe us out?”

“Because it has more important things to do than killing us!”

“Last one: Our purpose is to kill it, what could be more important than its life?”

“There are only two possibilities.
One is that its strength is so strong that it can completely ignore us.
The second is that it’s in a state where it can’t wipe us out… The second possibility is the greatest, so Xu Kai was in a hurry to find out if the mutant animal was really injured?”

“Children can be taught.” Zhu Ai touched Shen Qingjia’s head.

“You, don’t treat me like a child!” Shen Qingjia said angrily.

Suddenly remembering something, Shen Qingjia took out the crystal core of the giant worm leader from the bag and handed it to Zhu Ai, “The explosion was too powerful, I almost thought I couldn’t get it.”

Zhu Ai glanced at the light purple crystal core in Shen Qingjia’s palm, “For me?”

Shen Qingjia nodded, “Maybe it can make you reach level 4.”

Zhu Ai was silent for a while, before she took the crystal core, “I know my situation, the crystal core below level 4 can’t let me break through, let’s just use this on you.”

“Is that so…” Shen Qingjia lowered her head in disappointment.

She refined the energy in the crystal core into a ball of light and handed it to Shen Qingjia.
After she completely absorbed the light ball, Zhu Ai found her body became hot, and her aura became sharper.
It became more intense and boundless, until finally… [4]

Shen Qingjia straightened her back and smiled softly, her hair fluttering in the strong wind, “Zhu Ai, I’ll show you a fireworks show.”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

“I’m not Zhu Ai the genius, of course I am happy with this!” Shen Qingjia smiled, suddenly feeling a little disappointed, “Even though my strength is increasing, I still feel unsure about the future… Zhu Ai, tell me… Do you think the two of us can be together forever?” [6]

Forever, this is a word that is too distant and illusory, and Shen Qingjia, who has changed her future a lot, is not entirely sure where the future is going now.

Zhu Ai took Shen Qingjia’s hand and intertwined her fingers, “Of course.”

Those contradictions about whether to let Shen Qingjia live happily under her protection or to accept the trials and tribulations of growth, those worries about enemies hidden in the shadows, those guesses about the intentions of Xu Kai and others and ways to deal with them …… Zhu Ai is holding Shen Qingjia’s hand at the moment and doesn’t want to worry about anything anymore.

Translator’s note :

[1] This is the same Palm Thunder from chapter 18

[2] Yes it really said claw.
The thing with Chinese novels is that sometimes there will be euphemisms so sometimes the author will use ‘paw’, ‘claw’ or something like that.
I think it is cute so I did not change it.

[3] 祝哀都要变成管家婆了; this is saying housekeeper but when I check this is like ‘someone who become domestic after marriage’ so… wife?

[4] 等她完全吸收完光团后,祝哀敏锐的发现她的身体变得炙热起来,气势一瞬间炙烈锋利,这股气势越来越浓烈磅礴,终于……;  honestly I found this confusing.
I means, the ‘Zhu Ai found her body became hot’ here should be SQ but Zhu Ai currently hugging SQ so think about it, it does make sense.
But yeah, just a note in case you are also found this hard to read at first like me.

[5] 仕女; probably looks like this

[6] Yes, 300% yes!

So well, my translation is still stolen but hey, they did not remove my notes this time…which still makes me unhappy.
Anyway, I now use images combined with text.
Don’t blame me, I have to do this.
Anyway please comment if the font isn’t big enough or if the colour is uncomfortable to read.
I just want to make those thieving sites suffer, not fellow readers like me.

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