Did they perish together? [1]


After the end of the world, the animal’s fear for the strong is awakened from their soul, even if the body wants to move forward, their instinct aware of the danger ahead, every cell is growling in fear to stop moving forward!

This is not the pressure she can barely feel when Zhu Ai is with her.
This is a pressure filled with killing intent that is full of mania and undisguised killing intent!

Animal’s most primitive instinct is to seek advantage and avoid harm, it is engraved in the DNA.
Humans however have long forgotten that they are also animals who cannot avoid this instinct.

Biting the tip of his tongue forcefully, the few powers left in her body began to operate, helping Shen Qingjia to resist this oppressive pressure that was as deep as a sea and as heavy as a mountain.
Shen Qingjia took a hard step forward with a knife in her hands.

Perhaps irritated that the weak “food” in front of it didn’t fall to the ground immediately, the giant worm leader hissing impatiently and the mouthparts with countless moving teeth suddenly spewed out thunderbolts at Shen Qingjia.

The thunderbolt as big as basketball whizzed over with a terrifying aura, Shen Qingjia narrowly avoided it and stabbed the giant worm leader in the neck using the knife.

Although the giant worm leader’s body is twice as large as that of an ordinary human-devouring Gu worm, its speed is not hindered by the bloated body.
It quickly shrinks its neck and protects the fragile mucous membranes under a solid carapace.
Such smooth and rapid movements only make people wonder how many times it has done this before.

“As expected, the bigger the official is, the more afraid of death! Should I say that this is indeed the universal truth?” [2]

Seeing the giant worm leader rushing in front of her waving its sharp claws, Shen Qingjia couldn’t help but stand still and used the knife to block the claws.

The tremendous force slammed into Shen Qingjia’s body, causing her to take two steps back, a sweet taste in her throat, showing that her internal organs were almost crushed.
After having minor injury, Shen Qingjia’s eyes became sharper.
As soon as her feet touched the ground, she dashed towards the giant worm leader with her strength and stabbed directly at the giant insect’s eyes without any fancy moves.

Facing Shen Qingjia’s fierce blade, the giant worm leader didn’t make any extra moves, it just closed the eyelids.


Just by closing the eyes, the translucent carapace eyelids completely blocking Shen Qingjia’s knife.

After the crisp sound of metal clashing, Shen Qingjia was shocked to find that the giant worm leader was unscathed, there is only a shallow white mark on the carapace.
On the other hand, her knife that can easily chop the level 1 and level 2 human devouring Gu worm easily is now chipped.


Shen Qingjia was silent, and then almost went crazy, “Are you kidding?! Your defence can’t be that high, right?!!!” [3]

Frowning, Shen Qingjia flicked the blade and saw a soft red light emitting from the blade.
Although this light was weak, it gave off a feeling of sharpness.

Inserting [4] the ability to the weapon can give the weapon a certain characteristic.
For example, inserting light ability to the weapon can increase the lethality against dark attributes.
Inserting metal ability will make the weapon harder and indestructible.
If the fire ability is inserted, it can make the weapon sharper and more destructive.
This method is very similar to the legendary enchantment.
In her past life, almost all ability users have used this method since it was discovered by accident.
But now, after Shen Qingjia and Zhu Ai have explored, analysed and completed the method together, this is the first time that she has shown it in public. 

The giant worm leader’s level is higher than Shen Qingjia and just its defence alone can crush Shen Qingjia to death! But that doesn’t mean she had no hope of winning.
First of all, as a bug that has not yet evolved its wisdom, it’s single minded in the way of thinking, attacking and defending.
Secondly, as a worm king [5] who reproduces offspring of the human-devouring Gu worm, it is not good at fighting.
Finally, although its shell is unbelievably sturdy, it has its shortcomings.
Compared with the sturdy shell, its spiritual power is a little weak.

Spiritual power attacks should work!

With her eyes fixed, Shen Qingjia lowered her back to build up her strength, and with her right hand, she grip her knife tightly and slashed at the hard back shell of the giant worm leader.

Even if the eyelids can’t be pierced, what can be accomplished by cutting the hard back of the giant worm leader? Is Shen Qingjia confused? Xu Kai frowned slightly and looked at the girl beside him and saw that she was still walking leisurely as if she was in the courtyard.
With just waving her palm, countless creatures were annihilated into ashes.

“Shen Qingjia’s attacking and fighting style, why does it look familiar to me?” Xu Kai suddenly said with some doubts.

Zhu Ai’s eyes flashed imperceptibly, indifferently said: “Aren’t all the killing techniques all the same?”

“I met a person by chance before and the killing technique he used was indeed somewhat similar to that of Shen Qingjia.
What’s that person’s name…” Xu Kai frowned and thought hard, “Zhu Ming or Zhu Min… Luo Sihai mentioned it to me a few times, but I have forgotten all about it.”

“Is that so?” Zhu Ai’s face was as calm as a jade but she clenched the scabbard of the long sword in her hand that to this point she had never drawn out.

“That’s quite a coincidence…”

Squeak—-! ! !

To Xu Kai’s surprise, the giant worm leader who had lightly dismissed everyone’s attacks and defended with his eyelids just now, suffered a painful slash on his back from Shen Qingjia and opened his mouth to scream in agony.

“I don’t believe that your mouth is also sturdy!”

Seeing that the giant worm leader opened the soft mouth that used for feeding, Shen Qingjia’s eyes become sharp, her shoulders sank slightly, she retracted the knife and quickly pulled back, after a ‘Zizi’ sound, half of the giant worm leader’s mouth was cut off by Shen Qingjia and the green blood splattered all around.

“As expected, the mouth is soft.” Shen Qingjia’s lips evoked an inexplicable smile.

The spiritual power attack was invisible.
Others only saw Shen Qingjia slashing the back of the giant worm leader with a knife but they didn’t know that at that moment Shen Qingjia released a spiritual power attack toward the giant worm leader’s head.

The Worm King has a dignity that cannot be blasphemed, although it is almost impossible to tame, but Shen Qingjia’s one blow can make can cause a sharp pain equal to being prick by a needle.

In the battlefield, the giant worm leader with the injured mouth made a shrill scream, its huge body kept shaking.
Suddenly, Shen Qingjia noticed that a cruel and ferocious killing intent had locked on her and in a flash, the giant worm leader already waving his claws in front of him.
It opened its bloody mouth, which covered with blood, to bite Shen Qingjia’s cheek!

At the moment when the giant worm leader rushed over, Shen Qingjia stretched out the sword horizontally, swayed her two sharp claws with the back of the sword and at the same time launched another spiritual power attack.

This time, the furious giant worm leader did not dare to open its mouth no matter how painful it was.
The two sharp claws swept up and swung up, determined to slash the damn food in front of it using its claws!

The clanging sound kept ringing.
Facing the mad worm, Shen Qingjia suddenly fell into a disadvantage.
The light on the knife in his hand was getting dimmer and there were more and more chips on the knife.
It looked like she couldn’t hold much longer.

Xu Kai used the wind blade to kill the human-devouring Gu worm while looking at Shen Qingjia.
He was not too disappointed when he found that she was helpless.
Originally, he only expected Shen Qingjia to wear out some of the stamina and abilities of the giant worm leader.
The current situation is a result that he expected.

However, the fact that Shen Qingjia was able to fight against the level 3 peak with the strength of level 2 peak should be enough to make her proud, even if it was only for a short period of time, knowing that an ordinary level 2 peak might not be able to last even one round against such a strong opponent.


With an abrupt, piercing sound, Shen Qingjia looked at the knife in her hand that was completely used and broken into two pieces.
Her face was dark and she was speechless.
The only weapon that can hurt the enemy has been destroyed, no matter who encounters this situation, I am afraid that they can’t help but curse out loud!

Throwing off the broken knife, Shen Qingjia jumped hard and landed on the back of a level 2 giant worm guard.
At this speed, she could leave the battlefield in just a few seconds.

The giant worm leader now regards Shen Qingjia as a mortal enemy, so how could it let her go easily.
Seeing that this “food” lost the weapon that could hurt it and couldn’t do anything else at the moment, the broken mouthpart spit out a dozen lightning bolts that enveloped Shen Qingjia.
It was a powerful attack from the giant worm leader.
Like the thunder that descended from the sky in anger, slamming into Shen Qingjia with the momentum of shattering the sky.

Now is the time!

Shen Qingjia took out a few things from her pocket, Xu Kai was close and saw that they were two explosives.
Shen Qingjia bit the lead and threw the two explosives into the giant worm leader’s mouth.

Boom! ! ! !

A violent explosion sounded and although the giant worm leader with the defence skills looked intact on the outside, in fact, its stomach had long since turned into powder! The giant worm leader lay motionless on the spot, already losing his life!

At the same time, the dozen or so gigantic thunderbolts enveloped Shen Qingjia’s body and exploded!

Boom! ! ! ! ! ! ! [9]

Translator’s notes :

[1] The raw have ? so that is why I add ‘did they’ even though the raw only have ‘perish together’.
Don’t worry, Qingjia survived, I read the next chapter just to make sure.

[2] “果然官做的越大的家伙越怕死!我该说这不愧是宇宙通用的真理吗?”; so well, this is truly big not higher or something like that, I means I want to translate it as ‘the higher someone’s position the more they fear of death’ but when I re-read it, this seems like out of place? I means they are in the battle and this is talking about the worm leader’s size so…big it is.

[3] 你这个家伙不会是把乌龟壳技能学到满级了吧?!!! ; apparently this translate to turtle shell skills which means defence skill so yeah, I just use defence.

[4] 把异能附在武器上; so the word means ‘attaching’ and honestly I want to use ‘enchanting’ because you know, it sounds cooler but then the paragraph said ‘very similar to the legendary enchantment’ and I was like, well, can’t use that words.
So I decided to use ‘inserting’ since I imagine the ability is ‘inserted into the weapon’ when I read this paragraph.

[5] 其次作为噬人蛊虫繁殖后代的虫王; yeah it is really king not queen.
Anyway in the animal kingdom there are male that give birth such as seahorses so well I won’t change what the author wrote.

[6] Remember Heise? That got tamed in chapter 5? So yeah, SQ uses the same spiritual power used to tame Heise on the Worm King.

[7] So yeah, the author really uses sharp claws.
So no SQ did not transforming here lol

[8] 掌心雷; so there is 2 translation for this, one is [Palm Thunder, Taoist magic, refers to the thunder attack from the palm.] or [small handgun] however the next sentence is ‘SQ bite the lead open’ so…this is grenade??? Anyway that is what the author wrote so I am just adjusting it, I mean in chapter 15 the author used anti-tank grenades.

[9] Alright I just realised that some website took my translation and did not credit me…I means, please read this at https  :   //allnameistaken.
  com/ [yeah, got to be smart and gives some space so the link won’t get removed but you know the drill] because I don’t get paid to do this, I purely translate this novel because I like it and I want more people to read it so please visit my lonely site, please.
Even just one click gives me more boost.
Also, like and comments fuelling me to keep translating.
No need to subscribe lol.

But honestly, it hurt my feelings knowing that despite the fact that I work hard to translate this and gain no monetary benefit, someone else just went and stole it and even removed my translation note.
I mean, if you keep doing that, I will be forced to use Google Doc or something like that or even more extreme ways such as using images so yeah, please don’t steal my translation.

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