The truth

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Most of the human-devouring Gu worm follows the leader’s orders and they have not evolved the ability to think independently.
As long as the human-devouring Gu worm leader is killed, these worms will surely disperse.

This level 3 peak giant worm leader may be as strong as the level 3 peak mutant animal that they killed before.
The most troublesome thing is that it has too many die-hard followers.

“This damn giant bug leader’s command ability is definitely s++!” [1]

Shen Qingjia didn’t care about the one who complained about the leader’s cheating skill.
Dozens of fireballs spinning at high speed smashed into the surrounding area.
After a loud explosion, a large open space was cleared.
Feeling that most powers in her body had been consumed, Shen Qingjia, who had no protection at all, glanced at the dense human-devouring Gu worms around her, took a deep breath and jumped high into the boundless sea of ​​worms.

Zhu Ai frowned in midair but in the end she did not make a move.

Of course, Shen Qingjia wasn’t tired of living and wanted to give this group of worms her head.
She happened to land on the solid back of a human-devouring Gu worm like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water and the knife slammed into the giant worm’s fragile neck.
The giant worm died and fell to the ground.
Just as she was about to lose her balance and fell with the human-devouring Gu worm, she jumped again, putting force in her toes, as graceful and swift as a leopard, her body looking unbelievably soft, she kept twisting her body to maintain her balance.
She landed on the back of another man-devouring Gu worm and stabbed forward with a knife in hands!

She, Shen Qingjia, is definitely not like those ordinary ability users who only rely on ability! In the past three months, Zhu Ai’s hands-on teaching and training have already improved her fighting ability to a new level.
She is ready, now only actual combat is needed!

Jump! Chop! Landing! Assassination! Jump again! Chop again! Land again! Assassination again!

The others watched Shen Qingjia’s battle and were almost fascinated by it.

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As if she is dancing on the stage, every movement is so pleasing to the eye, full of power and beauty! She was like a supercomputer.
Every jump and landing was calculated to the nearest decimal point.
The angle of the force used for each thrust and slash was just right, leaving only green blood and the worm remains as she passed by.
The black hair was fluttering and dancing without the wind.
Her face that looked delicate and weak in the past was now chilling.
The little worm blood stained on her made her more charming at the moment.
Her beauty is beyond logic and above reason.

The unexpected change of style and charm is simply breath-taking.
Even if there is an iceberg demon around, this moment is so peaceful and calm and the heart can’t help beating a few times faster.

When everyone finally reacted, Shen Qingjia had already chopped a human-devouring Gu worm in front of the giant worm leader at the centre of the sea of ​​worms.

Shen Qingjia went through thick and thin to finally get to the giant worm leader, looked back and was almost furious, “You think you are watching a play??! Come and help me hold back the guards around the giant worm leader!! !”

The human-devouring Gu worms around the giant worm leader are equivalent to guards that aren’t easy to deal with.
They all are at least level 2, if she wants to fight them all, Shen Qingjia will definitely be consumed by them.
What’s more, her goal this time is not these giant worm guards, her sharp knife has been aimed at the giant worm leader!

Xu Kai responded and he sent a dozen or so powerful ability users to aid Shen Qingjia and hold back the more than twenty giant worm guards.

The giant worm leader had already noticed Shen Qingjia’s approaching some time ago, but it didn’t care.
It was just a small level 2 peak.
It was estimated that it had eaten a lot level 2 than Shen Qingjia had ever seen.

There is a wide gap in strength between levels of ability.
It is not a simple 1 + 1 but an analysis of power and an understanding of the realm.
For example Zhu Ai, a level 3 peak water ability user with the lowest lethality to people.
If she really fights with her, it is estimated that even ten Shen Qingjia combined would be useless!

The level 2 ability user is an important fighting force in the Hope base.
Although the treasures in the secret realm are important, they are not as important as the life of the ability user.
If the loss is too serious, the Hope base will collapse.
Xu Kai, level 3 peak wind ability user, wanted to protect the team and couldn’t step away.
At this moment, only Shen Qingjia had to bite the bullet.

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The worm leader glanced at Shen Qingjia with its small eyes.
Without any unnecessary action, it released all the pressure of level 3 peak in an instant, trying to use the imposing pressure to make Shen Qingjia collapse and lose her combat effectiveness.

It was as if a mountain was pressing down on Shen Qingjia.
For a while, her legs almost sank into the ground.
At this moment, her limbs couldn’t move! Now she finally knew how Sun Wukong feels like when he is pinned under Mountain Wuzhi.

Xu Kai turned his head slightly and saw Zhu Ai.
He did not know when she had entered the battlefield.
Even when she is surrounded by countless ugly and ferocious monsters, she still looks as if she is walking in her own garden.
As she waves her palm casually, the human-devouring Gu worm in front of her melts like ice under the warm sun.

In this densely packed worm sea, the three metres radius around her is clean.
It’s not that there are no worms that dare not approach but that the worms have been dissolved into nothing as soon as it approaches.

With such power, she can probably leave the battlefield at any time and get rid of this group of human-devouring Gu worms…

“Is this her real strength?” Xu Kai showed a little panic on his face.

“I probably know what you want or what Hope base wants to do.” Zhu Ai glanced at Xu Kai before suddenly saying.

Xu Kai slashed a giant worm and said with a smile, “I don’t know what you mean?”

Zhu Ai’s face was cold, she said lightly: “As a level 3 peak ability user, even if you are distracted by protecting your subordinate, it is absolutely impossible for you to be so weak.
I have been wondering since joining the team but only now I understand a little bit.
You try so hard to protect the dozen people around you but you turn a blind eye to the other thirty or so ability users who are also from Hope base.
I think… there is probably no other reason than internal strife…”

The more Xu Kai listened, the paler his complexion became and the palm of his right hand that was on his back was faintly emitting a light green light.

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Zhu Ai seemed to be unaware and continued: “Let me guess… Well, Hope base leader is at odds with the deputy head.
The leader sends you out of the base under the guise of treasure hunting in the secret realm, meanwhile he is using the time to gain power.
Those 30 people are probably used to monitoring you.
You have no scruples about using those 30 people as cannon fodder.
Probably, you have prepared to join others or establish your own base.”

“You guess correctly!” Xu Kai applauded, “If I hadn’t known that Luo Sihai would never tell others about this kind of thing easily, I would think you witnessed it with your own eyes.”

Luo Sihai is Hope’s base leader and Xu Kai’s opponent.

Zhu Ai glanced at him, “Why, don’t you plan to let your subordinates besiege me, use your wind power to delay time, then attract the giant worm leader to fight me and finally annihilate me and the giant worm leader together?”

She guessed it right again!!

There was a drop of cold sweat on Xu Kai’s forehead, he smiled dryly, “Xiao Ai…”


A water arrow rubbed Xu Kai’s cheek, the young girl’s expression was light and her lips were slightly pursed but she still did not speak.

“…Girl.” Xu Kai swallowed and almost cried, “I admit that I really wanted to attack you just now but the disparity in strength is too great… Besides, you have no grudges with me, so how about helping me fight Luo Sihai?” There was a hint of temptation in his words.

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After a moment of silence, Zhu Ai waved her hand to kill more than a dozen human-devouring Gu worms, with a sombre tone, “What does it have to do with me whether Hope base is dead or alive?”

Looking at Xu Kai’s pale face, a smile appeared on her face that was too beautiful to describe.
Although they said that, when beauty smiled the world seemed pale in comparison, Xu Kai only felt his body go cold at this moment.

“But if you want to do something bad, then…” She smiled and paused, “I didn’t know what I would do at that time.”

“Power struggle, jealousy, selfishness, greed, killing…”

Zhu Ai looked at Shen Qingjia who was fighting with the giant worm leader and sighed softly, “As expected, Qingjia, all humans in this world are filthy.”

Actually, the dirtiest person in the world is me, Qingjia…

Translator’s notes :

[1] The s+++ is written in English in raw

[2] Sun Wukong is Monkey King, read more on wiki, link below

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