Considering the Possibility of Falling in Love With the Villain Chapter 14

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The Swarming Insects Tide [1]

“Defensive ability users hold guard at the front, offensive ability users stay at the back to reinforce firepower! Try to reduce casualties!”

“Yes Sir!” [2]

“Have the team’s perimeter spread out as much as possible, this 3rd level mutant’s attack pattern is a wide range attack!”

“Yes Sir!”

 “Someone is injured again! Where did the water ability user go! Damn… This mutant animal is probably at the peak of the 3rd level!”

 “…” No one responded.

Xu Kai scolded with an irritated face and when he turned back, he saw Zhu Ai’s face that was so cold that it seemed to drop an ice debris, his whole body trembling, “…Please forgive me! I was wrong just now, level 3 water ability user please feel free to move freely!”

Zhu Ai didn’t pay any attention to him, and walked over to a female member from the Hope Base [3] that had a broken leg.

The mutant animal they encountered today is the wind ability mutant animal.
As soon as it opens its mouth it throws out a wide range wind blade.
Although there are wood, earth and metal ability users in front, many of the offensive ability users behind are still getting hurt by the sharp wind blade.
As of now three people have died and seven people were slightly injured.

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The battle was still going on.
Xu Kai’s methodical command voice was mixed with the mutant animal shrill cry.
Everyone’s fighting spirit had not cooled down and the casualties were kept within an acceptable range.
Looking at this rhythm, the battle should end soon.

Zhu Ai glanced at the young female patient in front of her and instructed her to pull her trousers off her calf so that she could treat her wounds.
In the post-apocalyptic battlefield, where there were always casualties, the water ability users were like priests that can weaken the enemy and boost their friends.

This young woman is in her early twenties, wearing a pair of glasses and seems to have a calm and competent temperament.

She glanced at Zhu Ai, blushed for some reason, smiled, “That… I can do it myself, there are other wounded people who are more seriously injured…”

Several injured men not far away felt a chill behind their backs and quickly waved their hands: “It’s not serious, it’s not serious, I am okay, totally fine!”

Young woman, “…………”

“If you want to die from blood loss then be my guest.”

Zhu Ai didn’t have patience to listen to her, so she took out a dagger and cut her trousers off at the knee at her right calf.
After removing the extra obstacles, she saw that the girl had a hideous wound that ran from the knee to the ankle.
The flesh curling around and a large chunk of flesh being cut away, the wound was bone deep.
The wound was not fatal, but it was painful to see.

Zhu Ai didn’t say much, she controlled the flow of water in her hands to gently rinse the wound.
“Girl should call out when she is in pain, why are you shouldering everything on your own…”

The girl was gritting her teeth to hold on, after hearing this, she was stunned for a moment, before turning her head, “Now is not the time when people will comfort and protect a girl as soon as she acts coquettish and cute.
Nearly four months have passed since the end of the world, even a girl, if she is not strong, will not be able to live well.”

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She smiled and said to Zhu Ai: “Your companion, you are so meticulous to her in this harsh apocalypse and not even let her go through a little bit of suffering… You will harm her by acting like that.”

The fight at the battlefield is getting fierce with thunderbolts, fireballs and wind blades flying all over.
The girl named Shen Qingjia was excited, like a bombardier, she was constantly firing fireballs in her hands.
Unlike other people, she almost had no fear.
She is really enjoying the battle…because she acts like that, even if Zhu Ai is currently staying behind to deal with the wounded, she still focused all her attention to her, so that in the event of danger she will be the first to rush to the rescue.

Zhu Ai’s action of tying the gauze bandage paused, then she calmly said: “Even so…”

“I just want to pamper and protect her.
I will shield her from danger and when trouble comes, I will solve it.
I want to let her know that she can be safe and happy in the goddamn apocalypse.
I want her to know that there is also a clear sky in the apocalypse… She doesn’t need to know about the bloody darkness of the apocalypse and she doesn’t need to grow up and become sharp.”

The girl was at a loss for words, “But, you can’t always be by her side to protect her.”

“Well, that is my problem, let me worry about it.”

Zhu Ai’s tone is natural, her face is calm and unwavering, like the high sky in the late autumn… It is a kind of beauty that will suffocate people when you stay too close.

She tied the gauze bandage on the girl’s leg into a beautiful knot, “Qingjia, she just needs to stay like this forever.”


The mutant animal was killed by everyone, and its huge and heavy body fell to the ground.

She turned around and left, a moment later, a girl’s voice came from behind, “Perhaps you don’t know, but this is the second time we’ve met! Also, my name is Song Shuxian!!”

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Zhu Ai stood on the periphery of the battlefield, watching Shen Qingjia, who had made a lot of efforts when killing the mutant animals just now, rush back to her.

“Zhu Ai, Zhu Ai! I feel that my strength has improved a little bit! The recovery speed of the ability has also accelerated a lot! As expected, actual combat is the best training method!”

She laughed so happily and carefree, rejoicing and worrying over every little thing, and like any other ordinary little girl of her age, even her sorrows were fleeting.
The unknown gloom and worry that always flowed from time to time a few months ago was now almost invisible.

Zhu Ai looked at her gently, “That’s good.”

Shen Qingjia was a little confused, “What?”

However, Zhu Ai did not answer her question.
Her eyes passed through the branches of the dense trees, through the lush green and yellow leaves and reached the unknown void space.
She exhaled softly and took Shen Qingjia’s hand.

“Let’s go.”

It’s good that you can smile like this without burden.
It’s really great.

The team continued to move forward.
Shen Qingjia found that Zhu Ai became more and more alert after the level 3 peak mutant animal was killed.
She still could not see the slightest fluctuation on her expressionless face but she subconsciously protected Shen Qingjia while walking behind her and her eyes kept looking around.
Others may not sense it but she knows that Zhu Ai only acts like this when she is extremely vigilant.

“What do you think of the current situation, where the level 3 peak mutant animals were killed and yet, we haven’t reached the centre of the forest?” Zhu Ai whispered in Shen Qingjia’s ear.

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The warm breath touched Shen Qingjia’s earlobe, itchy, making her a little shy, she glared at Zhu Ai, “Get to the point!”

“What a little fool!” Zhu Shou smiled and then her expression became serious, “This means that we will encounter a more powerful enemy next, either stronger or more difficult for us.”

She shoved a few things into Shen Qingjia’s hands, “If you are entangled by some monsters and can’t beat it, use this thing to blow it up, at least it will give some time for me to save you.”

Shen Qingjia looked down and saw that it was a few grenades she had collected before, pouted at Zhu Ai, “I’m not that useless!”

As soon as she finished talking, there was a rustling sound coming not far away.
Everyone was startled, looked up and saw that on the ground in the distance, a black “wave” flowed towards their side at a very fast speed.
When it got closer, they realised that it was not a black wave at all! Densely packed creatures as far as eyes can see, this weird scene alone is enough to make many team members with Trypophobia [4] go pale!

“OMG…these monsters…are they all insects?!”

Translator’s notes :

[1] This is a spoiler…for next chapter lol

[2] 是; the raw only said yes but I figured it sounds better using ‘Yes Sir’.
Leave a comment whether you agree or disagree

[3] 希望基; so author used Hope Base now? Well, shorter than Southwest Base so Picasso, I like it.

[4] 密集恐惧症; I give link for more info however I highly suggest to not click the link nor search for the keyword since even I want to smack the screen when I saw the picture since it makes me tingling in not sexy way…lol

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