Weird Secret Realm

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Going west from the western suburbs of Y City, [1] walking several kilometres, you can see a dense forest… Shen Qingjia recalled the useful information in her mind as much as possible, and at the same time spread out her spiritual power.

Generally speaking, an ability user can only have one kind of ability.
The ability will condense into a crystal nucleus inside the body, which becomes the energy source for generating and releasing the ability.
Although Shen Qingjia only has a fire crystal nucleus in her body, at the same time, her spiritual power becomes stronger thanks to advancement of fire ability.
Now she is able to alter her spiritual power into invisible spiritual filaments that extend out nearly a hundred metres.
To be able to do this without a spiritual crystal nucleus, Shen Qingjia didn’t know whether this was good or bad…

Some concern flashed in Shen Qingjia’s heart, then she frowned slightly and looked at the dense forest and the mountains in the distance.
Apart from some unforgettable memories, she can’t remember clearly the beginning of her previous lives.

Regarding the secret realm that was first explored in Y City, apart from the time, place, characters and the secret treasure that she could remember, the other things that she could remember is that the secret treasure is guarded by a fourth level mutant animal.
As for the strengths, weaknesses and characteristics of this guardian beast she can’t remember at all.

But even if they can’t win, it doesn’t matter.
As a last resort, they still have Heise as the last escape magic weapon!

Although thinking of running away before even fighting is a bit sad…

Quietly, the two slowed down and gradually fell behind the dozens of people.

It is said that they are Southwest Base’s cream of the crop.
More than 50 people are at least level 2 ability users and the captain is a level 3 peak ability user.
[2] Even if you look at the entire Y city, this can be regarded as a strong force.

“My mental power has detected a little abnormality, maybe there are no weak mutant zombies inside the secret realm.” Shen Qingjia whispered in Zhu Ai’s ear.

Zhu Ai nodded, she knew the detection ability of Shen Qingjia’s spiritual power.

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No one raised any concern about the two unusual behaviours.
Even the attentive 2nd deputy head Xu Kai just thought that the two did not want to have more contact with the team members.

When the end of the world is coming, everyone tacitly agrees with the rule that strength is the most important and the strong are respected.
It is inevitable that people will be arrogant when they suddenly acquire ability …… Previously, people in the southwest base heard that their deputy head Xu had invited two helpers.
They thought the two will be big, burly and macho.
[3] But when they look at them, two young and beautiful little girls, looking like a minor, how powerful can they be? At the moment, there is some confusion inside the heart, and the words become quite presumptuous.

Shen Qingjia made up her mind to leave after finishing this raid so she didn’t care about these guys.
Zhu Ai was still looking like an iceberg with an expressionless face.
Not only do they talk behind their backs, these guys also despised Shen Qingjia from beginning to end.
She isn’t calm right now.
No, “Xiao Xiao” [4] will teach these arrogant ability users a lesson.
To hell with getting along with everyone… Fuck it! [5]

In short, both sides dislike each other.

The deputy head of the regiment, Xu Kai, invited the two to join the Southwest Base quite enthusiastically, but Shen Qingjia vaguely rejected.
Now the cooperation between the two parties can’t be too stiff but they really don’t want to join the base.
One, their strength for now is enough to protect themselves and the other is that Zhu Ai hates humans.

Yes, she hates the majority of human beings.
Her survival experience so far has made her feel that compared to human beings, even the bloodthirsty zombies, are more appealing than them! Selfishness, self-interest, cruelty and ruthlessness are the dark sides of human nature that are magnified in the post-apocalyptic world.

But even in the cruel and bloody apocalypse, Zhu Ai didn’t want Shen Qingjia to see too many of these things.

The team entered the dense forest and the further they went, the stronger Shen Qingjia’s heart palpitations became.
This is a natural reaction of low-level animals toward the coercion released by a high-level animal.

She quietly wrote the word “four” in Zhu Ai’s palm, the two of them took a deep breath in unison and both knew that a fierce battle would follow.

The leaves on the top covering the sunlight and the rotten leaves are as deep as half a foot.
When you step on it with one foot, the entire sole of the foot sinks.
There is a rotting smell mixed with humid heat in the air.

Quiet! Too quiet! You can’t even hear the chirping of insects!

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After the end of the world, these suburban plants grew rapidly and densely, now it can no longer be called a dense forest, it is better to say it is a jungle.

But such a vast forest, it is too quiet, it seems too abnormal.

In order to prevent the enemy from sneaking a wide range of attacks and having a certain ability to counterattack and protect themselves, the base members form a group of two and spread out and they separate from others by a short distance.
All the base members consciously did not make any noise.
Within the range of human hearing, all they could hear is the rustling of the boots crushing the dead leaves.

Shen Qingjia subconsciously clenched Zhu Ai’s palm.

Since entering the forest, almost everyone has a bad feeling in their chests, their muscles are tense, their heartbeat is rapid and their vigilance has been raised to the highest level! It seems that somewhere out of sight, there is a beast peeking from behind that no one can see! It seems that in the next second, there will be shattered bones and blood here!

The hairs on Xu Kai’s body stood up in an instant! !

Squeak! Suddenly there is a little abnormal noise in a quiet environment!

Xu Kai’s eyes narrowed and he suddenly threw a dozen light green wind blades in one direction.
That wind blade is more than a foot long, sharp and violent.
It looks like the killing power is not just in the slicing, but in the explosion!

It must be a level 4 enemy, otherwise the 2nd leader will not use his powerful skill! [7] However, with the level 4 strength, their copper skin and iron bones that even powerful sniper bullets can’t penetrate, even if the 2nd leader uses his powerful skill, he may not be able to defeat the enemy.
Everyone becomes tense and they are preparing to attack the figure that will show up!


The powerful “level 4” enemy fell…

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Everyone, “…”

Director, the script is wrong! Where are the powerful level 4 enemies?! Where is the pattern of hard fight and then a few memories, before the righteous defeating the evil at the end?! What about reviving with full blood on the spot before the last drop of blood is drained and finally killing the big BOOS?! [8]

Seeing everyone staring at him, Xu Kai scratched his head a little embarrassedly, “That…that zombie is level 1…”

To deal with a level 1 zombie, using “Wind Blade” that can instantly kill level 3 zombies… You are teasing me, aren’t you! !

“Hehe, that, I am not careful, I sensed it wrong…”

That’s right, you are absolutely teasing me! ! !

After this brief interlude, everyone’s tense nerves relaxed somewhat, only Zhu Ai was still observing the surroundings, frowning slightly from time to time.

Shen Qingjia squeezed Zhu Ai’s palm, “Don’t worry, there is nothing dangerous within my mental range.”

Zhu Ai relaxed her brows, said, “Most ability users have their own sensing and detection methods.
Although they are not as wide-ranging as your spiritual power, they can still be called practical.
Like me, I use water molecules to sense the surroundings.
I think you can also spread out your fire ability thinly to explore.
That wind ability user Xu Kai, he should detect the enemy by sensing air fluctuations… Under normal circumstances, he shouldn’t be wrong.”

“You mean, the level 4 zombie purposely do that to weaken our vigilance and combat effectiveness.” Shen Qingjia’s eyes flashed, though it was a bit unbelievable.

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Logically speaking, mutant animals or zombies below level 6 do not have clear thinking intelligence.

Zhu Ai looked into the depths of the jungle, “If I’m not mistaken, we will have to deal with a lot of cannon fodders who come here to die.”

Translator’s notes :

[1] Y市西郊往西; It tooks me long time to translate this part…”OTL

[2] 还有一个三阶巅峰异能者的二头领作为队长; I guess peak means the leader almost break through to level 4?

[3] 本还以为有多牛皮哄哄五大三粗; I got a lot ‘big’ for this so I just settle with big, burly and macho.

[4] 小小的; So yeah, the teams gossiping and giving the two this nickname which means ‘little’ as in sarcasm?

[5] 于是诸邦称服海内咸平皆大欢喜可喜可贺……你妹!; Sorry for using cursing word but from what I Baidu I can tell this is not a good word so yeah, I took liberty in this part, again, please tell me if my translation is not accurate so I can improve…

[6] 甚至现在这里已经不能称之为密林,而是要用森林来形容了。So according to this link, jungle is harder to navigated so that is why I use jungle even though the raw said ‘forest’

[7] 压箱绝技都用上; I have no idea what this means so I just use powerful skill, comment are appreaciated!

[8] 导演剧本不对啊!说好的强大四阶敌人呢?!说好的一番苦战然后几番回忆杀最后正义战胜邪恶的模式呢?!说好的流尽最后一滴血之前原地满血复活最后反杀大BOOS呢?!So yeah, the BOOS is like that on raw, I am itching to change it into BOSS but oh well…

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