Escape from crisis (Part 2)

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Zhu Ai used the third level ability to melt the zombies in a neat order.
She glanced at Shen Qingjia from time to time.
When she saw the scene[1], her face immediately turned cold.
She threw a water ball and hit the head of a zombie that had just jumped to the top of the building.
She jumped close to the mound of corpses, at the same time, she took out the sharp knife from her waist and slashed a zombie’s neck.
She took a step forward and cut off the arm of the other zombie.
She kicked it down the roof with one foot and then pulled Shen Qingjia from the mound of corpses.

Zhu Ai waved her knife and with a whistle, the tip of the knife stabbed swiftly towards the top of the zombie’s head.
With a “Pu” sound, the tip of the knife sunk a few inches deep into the bone.
When she pulled the knife, the zombie fell to the roof.

Zhu Ai’s swordsmanship moves are fierce and deadly, no, this is no longer swordsmanship.
Every move is a kind of killing method that has been refined thousands of times!

Barely able to get an open space, Zhu Ai took a step back and went to Shen Qingjia’s side, her tone is harsh, “Fighting the zombies without looking around you![2] Are you crazy or am I blind!!”

Shen Qingjia was a little embarrassed, “Because I am by your side, I don’t think there is any danger whether it is climbing a mountain of swords or plunging into a sea of flames[3].
I lost my vigilance for a while.”

With the Greatest Villain by her side, no one will feel that they are in danger!

Zhu Ai was breathless when she heard it, looked at Shen Qingjia with deep eyes, “Qingjia, in your heart… what exactly do you think I am?”

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There was a row of question marks on Shen Qingjia’s forehead, she remembered what Zhu Ai looked like more than a month ago when she only wore a shirt and showed a pair of slender and pure white legs.
She felt a little guilty, “Of course you are my best friend.”

“Friend?” Zhu Ai frowned.

Shen Qingjia nodded, his eyes drifting to one side, “Except for my deceased parents, you are the closest person to me[4], Zhu Ai, you are like an older sister to me.”

Older sister?! Zhu Ai’s temples are throbbing.

For some reason, neither of these two answers seemed to satisfy her.
Her heart was empty and dark.
For the first time in her life, she didn’t know what she wanted…

As soon as she raised his eyes, she saw dozens of zombies rushing towards her, pulling Shen Qingjia behind her.
Zhu Ai sighed, “Forget it.
Let’s kill the zombies first…”

“Explosion.” She heard Shen Qingjia say behind her, “Since it can be compressed and stretched, can’t the still water become lethal after the explosion?”

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Shen Qingjia suddenly thought of the thunderstorm technique that she had seen in the past life.
The principles were similar, so she guessed that the water ability user should also be able to use it.

Explosion? The word resounded in Zhu Ai’s mind! She reached ultimate attainment [5], fortune came and her mind became alert.
[6] Hundreds of accurate calculations were made in her brain in a moment.
She raised her right hand and concentrated all her mind control.
A basketball-sized water ball emerging and spinning rapidly.
It is spinning so fast it is no longer visible to the naked eyes.
It looks dazzling and beautiful under the sun.


The water ball exploded, but instead of falling to the ground, it turned into countless water arrows and shot in all directions.
The huge force and purification power melted the zombies at the moment they hit the water arrow and the roof that was full of dozens of zombies was now empty.

“How awesome!” The people in the first ability user team that watched using the sniper scopes from the distance were full of admiration but soon they found that the female water ability user was swaying and the girl with fire ability next to her hugged her.
That move must consume a great deal of energy.

“These two lass [7] are really extraordinary! Especially the water ability user, this move requires unbelievably high physical strength, skills and control.” The captain of the first team was impressed then he sighs.” But it’s a pity…”

The flesh and blood of ability users is very attractive to zombies.
The pile of zombies climbed to the roof again in a few seconds, the female water ability user obviously couldn’t use that large scale attack for a second time in a short time.

Everyone’s faces were pale.
Obviously, they couldn’t bear to see the bloody scene of two young girls being eaten by zombies.

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Song Shuxian was hidden in the shadows, something seemed to come to her mind, her expression was painful and no one could see the ice lady [8] clenching her fists at this moment.
The next second, an event took all the members of the first ability user team by surprise and Song Shuxian heard her teammates exclaim in low voices.

“How could it be? What a foul!”

“Coach, I also want to open a plug-in [9]!!”

“This an escape method? It’s very practical.
It should be reported to the base.” Said the captain.

Translator notes :

[1] Refer to the last paragraph of chapter 9.1 where Shen Qingjia is attacked by zombies.

[2] 和丧尸真刀真枪硬拼 ; fighting with gloves off, fighting zombie recklessly

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[3] 上刀山下火海; undergo the most severe trials

[4] 最好的人; dictionary gives me best but I think closest sounds better in English.

[5] 极致; extreme or highest or ultimate attainment

[6] 福至心灵; when blessing comes the mind is opened

[7] 小姑娘 ; can be little girls but I think using lass will give Captain more personality

[8] 冰女; it is really ice lady so, her ability is ice?

[9] 开外挂; cheat

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