Chapter 9 Escape from Dangerous Situations

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“What's wrong?” Shen Qingjia looked at Zhu Ai.

Zhu Ai refocused her attention on the zombies below, “Nothing to worry about.”

Shen Qingjia tried her best to calm down as she compressed the flame and turned her head slightly.
“You have absorbed so many nuclei; have you been showing any signs of breakthrough recently?”

“At this point, I am unable to absorb more lower level nuclei.” Zhu Ai’s eyebrows slightly furrowed.
“Maybe I need a level 4 nucleus.”

Zhu Ai stretched out her hands to manipulate the water curtain hanging in mid-air, stretching it to its limit from 23 meters to 34 meters*.
Then, the water curtain shook violently before crashing down upon the zombies.

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*T/N: In the previous chapter it said 45 meters but I’m assuming that’s the length it looked like from the peepers' perspective.

What breakthrough, could this be said to be the limit of level 3 ability users? No, no, not even mentioning the ability users, it was far from reaching the limit of the ability itself.
If this problem was solved, maybe they would have more advantages in the face of strong ability users with the same ability in the future!

What was the best way, besides stretching and compressing, to achieve maximum lethality with decreased ability usage?

“Damn it, these zombies are going to climb up.”

Level 1 zombies were much more physically capable than ordinary zombies.
Their bodies began to stop decaying, their strength was greater, their fighting skills were stronger, and they were beginning to exert a weak pressure on ordinary corpses.
Similarly, their demand for food was higher than that of ordinary corpses.

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Although the ability users have immunity to the zombie virus, their flesh and blood had great attraction to the zombies.
Now in the eyes of the zombies below, Shen Qingjia and Zhu Ai were a sumptuous banquet to sate the hunger of three days and three nights.

All the zombies became crazed!!! Their roars rocked the earth!

Ordinary zombies did not have the ability to climb but higher-level zombies were different.
They were more dexterous than monkeys.
Hundreds of higher-level zombies covered the buildings as they climbed and if they were really allowed to reach the roof, it might not take more than a few seconds to swallow up two people!

“Unexpectedly, the higher-level corpses are so flexible… Even if the two ability users are Level 2 powers and Level 3, they can’t kill hundreds of thousands of first-order corpses and hundreds of thousands of ordinary corpses.
What on earth were they thinking…?

The captain’s eyes were somewhat bright.
“Their fighting prowess is excellent and one of them is a Level 3 power… So, do you want to save them?”

Song Shuxian sneered.
‘Captain, do you think we can save them from nearly a million corpses? I’ve seen so many arrogant people who think they are invincible once they have powers.
Don’t forget what our task is this time!”

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Her eyes were focused on the dangerous situation on the distant buildings.
Her eyes were full of pity.
“A fool always pays for his foolishness… A mindless ability user is more detrimental than a cruel and inhumane one! Death is a pity!”

All the people in the team could only sigh.
They were so talented in battle that they just thought about things without thinking about them… What a pity!

The Level 1 corpses roared up the five-story tall building in a mass denser than when the ants came out of a cave.
It was a horrible scene that Shen Qingjia had never experienced in her previous or present life.

As if the two armies were at war, only two soldiers on one side were fully counted.
It’s just… it’s like fighting hundreds of thousands of hungry wolves with flesh and blood or fighting hundreds of thousands of people with sharp snow-white knives.
Ordinary people would already be ready to faint when they was this scene.
Even Shen Qingjia was ready, her palms were constantly sweating.

As a weak person in her previous life, all she could think about was life.
It’s strange to see this kind of scene and not fleeing at first.
But Shen Qingjia knew very well in her heart that an ability user who had not been tempered in battle would never be strong!

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Finally, a zombie climbed to the top of the building.
Shen Qingjia’s brain buzzed and she threw a fireball at its forehead.
However, almost the next second that the zombie turned into ash, a dozen more Level 1 zombies climbed onto the roof of the building.

Every Level 1 corpse had the strength of a tiger.
Shen Qingjia was just a sheep in front of them.

One zombie died.
Countless zombies climbed to the top of the building.
Fire and water abilities alone could not guarantee the safety of the people on the roof.

Shen Qingjia gritted her teeth, lifted the deboning knife and rushed to the edge of the roof.
She cut towards several zombies with her knife.

Being so close to the mound of corpses, one could clearly see every part of their flesh and blood.
Resisting the urge to retch, Shen Qingjia cut off the head of a corpse.
The next second, the zombies rushed towards her with a roar, so close to her, she could not respond to anything but watched the zombie tear itself apart!

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