I Need a Recap

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Trust is knowing someone will give you a bullet when the end comes for you in the Zombie Apocalypse… #the_meng_level_is_rising

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Zhu Ai supported her chin as she watched the busy Shen Qingjia, “Do you want external or internal application?”

Ever since she met the mysterious girl in front of her eyes, the doubts in her heart were more than she had ever had in her life.

Shen Qingjia gave her a look and then laughed, “The effect of external application is almost negligible.
As for internal application — — I don’t want to die of an internal explosion!”

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Her expression was so vivid and bright.
She was countless times happier than when she was frowning all the time, thinking hard about how to get a power.

“Sure enough, Shen Qingjia is best suited for smiling…” Zhu Ai smiled a little at her.

Viscera* were one of the most fragile and fatal places for human beings.
The radiation in one of the meteorite crystals was too violent.
If it was swallowed directly into the stomach, Shen Qingjia would most likely experience visceral necrosis** and massive hemorrhaging.

*T/N: internal organs

**T/N: death of cells in an organ

Shen Qingjia did not want to die, let alone die so horribly! “

“I was going to take this meteorite crystal, immediately join a base, and try to get a water ability user’s help but I did not expect you, Zhu Ai, to be a water ability user.”

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This was the truth.
In the previous life, no one could knew what the real power of Zhu Ai was, because Her Majesty villain BOSS had many powers, such as metal, wood, thunder and wind….
countless! The emergence of Zhu Ai completely broke the rule that an ability user can only have one power!

“Meteorite crystals contain too much intense radiation and toxic substances to be swallowed directly.
They can only be used with water to help the circulatory system to disperse toxicity and absorb radiation.”

Zhu Ai stretched out her right hand, there she saw a slow burst of water from her palm, which swayed in mid-air not following the gravitational pull of the earth, as if wrapped in a transparent film. 

Shen Qingjia’s eyes lit up, “Your power has broken through to level 2?”

With a nod, Zhu Ai spoke, “I had a natural breakthrough when I touched that crystal.”

Meteorite crystals do not give ability users a direct boost in energy, it can only stimulate the human body.
The higher the probability to receive stimulation, the lower the probability to have an ability upgrade in level.
Shen Qingjia can only lament that the villain BOSS and Saviour are indeed the sons of fate*.
Her and the other poor ability users can’t keep up with the pack!

*T/N: favoured 

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First, take some water, drink it, mix the crystal powder with a certain proportion of water, and then take out a sanitized medical syringe from the backpack.

This time, it was Zhu Ai’s turn to doubt and say, “I am really beginning to doubt you aren’t one who also has storage space.”

Shen Qingjia had a small smile, “No way, this is the way the weak survive.”

Zhu Ai looked at her quietly without speaking.

She found in Shen Qingjia the same aura as hers, cold-blooded, ruthless, cruel, destructive, with some warmth which she longed for.*

*T/N: reminds me so much of Quick Transmigration: Fate Trading System when Empress first saw MC

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Zhu Ai desired to keep this kind of warmth confined to her side, not giving anyone else an opportunity.

The mixture of crystal powder and water was put into the syringe.
Shen Qingjia used a lighter to heat the syringe tube and sterilized it several times.

The silent Zhu Ai suddenly thought of something and asked, “By the way, is the success rate of this way of stimulating power 100%?”

“How is that possible?” Shen Qingjia smiled and the laughter was as crisp as some kind of jade pearl falling on a porcelain plate, “If I could get 50%, I would wake up laughing.”

Zhu Ai quickly walked over to Shen Qingjia.
“So what happens if you fail?

“Become a zombie……”

The beautiful face of Zhu Ai was frozen as if she had been dumped in a bucket of ice water but it was already too late.
She could only watch the girl push the syringe needle into her blood vessel.

The girl’s face was pale in the moonlight but she looked very beautiful and elegant, “Zhu Ai, if I become a zombie! Don’t hesitate to kill me at once!!”

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