Chapter 6: Shen Qingjia is suited for smiling

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Evolution, maybe it was better to call it degradation, as zombies and mutant animals and plants seemed to be moving in the most primitive direction with deadly fighting skills and a carnivorous nature that was both cruel and lacked emotions.
Similarly, zombies awakened territorial consciousness from awakening their animal instincts.

High-ranking zombies and mutant animals left their own scent marks in the places they occupied and lived, which meant that other similar creatures were strictly prohibited from approaching.
Perhaps it was because the mutant bird did something similar that neither Shen Qingjia nor Zhu Ai met any other zombies or higher mutant animals and plants along the way to their destination.

They stopped in front of a big pit and Zhu Ai looked ahead.
“That’s what you’re looking for?”

It was a large circular crater about ten meters in diameter thanks to the meteorite which brought the last disaster to mankind more than a month ago.
There seemed to be something in the center of the crater.
The blue light glistened slightly in the sunshine.

Shen Qingjia did not answer.
She went to the center of the pit, squatted down and looked at the things in front of her.
For a moment, all sorts of feelings welled up in her heart making a thousand thoughts run through her mind.
It was a football-sized dark blue crystal with a smooth surface like a translucent sapphire.

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Meteorites fell to Earth at the speed of sound and had severe friction with the Earth’s atmosphere.
The high temperature caused by friction made the meteorites become fine powder.
Of course, a few meteorites did not completely burn and evaporate.
Their essence became this kind of beautiful gemstone.

In the future, scientists would find that extraterrestrial meteorites contained a kind of radiation substance that could mutate genes.
Scientists named it “G matter”, which meant that this radiation substance could break through the restrictions of life and reach god’s forbidden area.

“The proud God does not allow life to stand side by side with him! The potential for evolution of all living things was shackled; now, the key to making a lower lifeform a God is put in our hands by the devil!!!” Previous enthusiastic scientists said this.

Not all living things can withstand the radiation of G matter so some become zombies, some become ability users, some become mutant animals and plants that only know how to kill, and some animals and plants evolved with wisdom.
Of course, there are unlucky people like Shen Qingjia who haven’t changed much.

There were two explanations for people like Shen Qingjia.
One was that the potential within the genes in the body was too low.
Radiation may have evolved such people but the effect of evolution was too weak to be seen at all.
Secondly, the potential within the genes in the body was too high and in turn more restricted, so a little radiation could not unlock the genetic constraints of such people.

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While Shen Qingjia did not expect her potential to be high, she only hoped that she would not be as disappointed as in her previous life.

Those strong men lying in wait for opportunities! That gaze that hardly covered up their evil intentions! Those days of fruitless humiliation! The days when she personally destroyed her appearance… She doesn’t want to repeat those days anymore!!

In the past and present life, facing this opportunity to acquire power, Shen Qingjia’s mood was extremely complex.
For a time, she did not know whether she should be happy or sad, whether she should smile or cry…

Holding the deboning knife, Shen Qingjia carefully cut a thumb size from the blue crystal.

“Only this much is needed?” Zhu Ai asked.

Shen Qingjia nodded, “This is the greatest degree that my body can bear and it contains a lot of radiation, which can’t be carried around with me.”

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After thinking for a moment, Zhu Ai squatted down and stretched out her slender, white right hand.
Then her finger touched the surface of the blue crystal.
In the next second, the football-sized crystal completely disappeared.

Shen Qingjia opened her eyes wide.
“T… This is a space power?!!!

Zhu Ai shook her head in denial, “It’s just a ring with storage space, can’t hold any living objects.”

Shen Qingjia's expression suddenly became serious as she said, “Never use the storage space in front of others until you have an unbeatable strength.
Some crazy guys hunt for storage spaces, killing people and seizing treasures!”

Of course, Shen Qingjia’s heart was also thumping with admiration.
Sure enough, the so-called villains are all those who enjoy better treatment than the protagonists before meeting the protagonists.*

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*TN: So it’s true that the definition of villain includes the protagonist’s aura (QTVW Chapter 2)

“I haven’t been so foolish yet.” Zhu Ai looked at Shen Qinjia coldly but internally, her heart suddenly quickened its beating for a few thumps.

Shen Qingjia, you are such a fool…!

Shen Qingjia, you are such a fool…!

The boundless night once again enveloped the world and the sliver of light illuminated the demons and monsters.
*T/N: 魑魅魍魉 literally translates to demons and monsters but it refers to the , monsters around mountains and rivers that resemble humans.

On the way back to the reservoir, Shen Qingjia could not wait to return and grind the dark blue crystal into powder bit by bit.

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