Chapter 1: Return to the Beginning of the End

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A stab of pain, exhaustion…

After regaining consciousness, Shen Qingjia immediately scanned the body with weakened mental strength and confirmed that only the elbows were slightly injured before gently opening her eyes.

After enduring more than ten years of life, even if the body has no power, strength cannot be improved, and the body was close to being ordinary, the awareness level was unmatched.

Looking around, this was a fairly spacious room but the walls were broken and smeared with bloodstains like the scene of a murder.

There were more than forty people standing in the room.
Almost all of them were armed with some sort of weapon, baseball bats or steel pipes.
The leader of this more than forty people was a big man who, at that moment, was burdened by several men whispering something.
Frequently looking at the injured person sitting beside Shen Qingjia, the gaze was very strange.

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How was this scenario so familiar? ! !

Shen Qingjia frowned.
She remembered that she had survived for more than a decade of the Apocalypse.
The villain BOSS blew herself up to perish in mutual destruction with the Savior, the whole world fell apart, and humanity became extinct.

Her last memory before losing consciousness was the brightness of the sky when the villain detonated.

How could she have survived until now? Is it possible that another Saviour would arise?

“You are awake…” The somewhat young voice of a girl sounded as if she were thousands of miles way, distinctly cold yet as sweet as the sound of an instrument.

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The girl sitting opposite on the floor had a strange posture and the wound on her leg appeared frightening despite being bound.
This girl was probably about the same age as Shen Qingjia, no more than 17 years old but her face was so smothered under dirt and grime that Shen Qingjia can't see the original appearance.
Her eyes, however, were filled with a beautiful brilliance that resembled either some kind of gem or the stars.
Even if the face was unclear and the leg was seriously injured, this girl maintained her cold temperament.

Shen Qingjia had lived in the apocalyptic world for many years.
Suddenly hearing such a sweet voice, it took her a moment to respond, “En…”

The girl looked around before secretly stuffing something into Shen Qingjia's hand.
“Thank you for taking care of me today.”

Shen Qi

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