The Global Union Conference lasted all the way until late afternoon.
After discussing the details, the leaders of the various nations left Country Xia quickly to make arrangements in their countries.

The next day, all the leaders held press conferences one after another to explain the policies and details discussed during the Global Union Conference.

For instance, Wang Teng became the leader of Earth and Operation Wandering Earth.

Everyone on Earth soon knew about the brutal survival laws in the universe and that all hopes were on Wang Teng.
They also learned that Wang Teng was going to make public the planetary-stage scriptures for the five basic elements to benefit mankind.

The entire world was in an uproar.

Everyone was grateful for Wang Teng’s contribution.
If one walked along the streets, he would be able to hear people singing praises of him.
He had become an international idol and hero!

The entire world considered him the sole savior of Earth!

No one could talk bad about him.
If not, the person would be condemned and looked down upon by everyone.
It was hard to imagine that there would be such hero worshipping in modern society.

But this was the reality!

Wang Teng’s reputation reached an unprecedented height.

The guy in question didn’t participate in this process.
He left them to the different heads of states.

The policies proceeded in full swing.

As for Wang Teng, he started to create the Space Shift Array.
He gathered all the runemasters on earth for this purpose.
A large amount of manpower and resources were needed to create an array that covered the entire planet.

This Space Shift Array also required a precious material.

Space stones were the main material for forging space rings and other space items.
They were also essential in creating space arrays.

Wang Teng didn’t have a better solution, so he asked the martial warriors from around the world to collect space items and remove the space stone stones from them.

Above the earth’s equator, Wang Teng floated in mid-air and spoke to the bunch of runemasters, “Are you guys clear about the task I assigned to you?”

“Don’t worry, Master Wang!”

“Yes, we won’t disappoint you!”

The runemasters were all 40 years old and above, but they were fighting to perform well in front of Wang Teng.
All of them replied to him loudly.

“Very good.
Time is tight.
Let’s start immediately,” Wang Teng said sternly.

The group of runemasters immediately left in their battlecraft and headed to the area they were in charge of.
Very soon, Wang Teng was the only one left behind.
Round Ball’s voice appeared in his mind.
“Getting space stone stones out from space items is a good idea.
How did you come up with it?”

“This is the best method I can think of.” Wang Teng paused for a moment before saying, “Round Ball, thank you.”

Round Ball was the one who came up with the idea of registering Earth and Operation Wandering Earth.
It also provided coordinates of the foreign space and the Space Shift Array.
Wang Teng had never left his home planet, so he didn’t know anything.

“Now you know my power.” Round Ball chuckled delightedly.

“Alright, you’re amazing!” Wang Teng was caught between laughter and tears.

Round Ball was overjoyed.
However, it changed its tone and said sternly, “But you should settle your issues on Earth quickly and leave this planet.
The Saint Star Pagoda will discover the strange happenings here very soon and send someone to investigate.”

“The Saint Star Pagoda is approximately 850 thousand light years away from here.
They will need around two months to reach Earth even if they use a cosmos-level spacecraft to travel through the universe.”

“Two months?” Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered.
“I remember you telling me that we only need 36 days to reach the Great Qian Empire.”

“That’s right.
Master Nangong came here once, so we have the shortest route recorded in our logs.
We’ll be able to save time if we cross through a few wormholes.
The E63 spacecraft has better features than normal cosmos-level spacecraft too.
If not, we won’t be able to reach the Great Qian Planet so quickly.
It’s far away after all,” Round Ball explained.

“That’s good.
I’ll complete the array as soon as I can.” Wang Teng nodded.

“As long as you have a plan, everything will be fine.” Round Ball stopped speaking.
The repair of the QY-E63 spacecraft had almost come to an end.

Five days later, the Space Shift Array was completed.

In the middle of the night, a dazzling layer of light covered the entire planet as if it was protected by a mysterious shield.
However, only a few people saw this magnificent scene.

The next day, in Donghai, the leaders from around the world gathered again.
There was a huge spacecraft floating above the skyscraper.
Below the building, Wang Teng was bidding farewell to his family.

“Son, do you have to leave?” Li Xiumei held Wang Teng’s hand.
She didn’t want to let go.

He wasn’t going to another part of the country or overseas this time.
He wasn’t going to the Xingwu Continent either.
He was heading into the vast universe.

As his mother, Li Xiumei didn’t feel at ease letting him leave.

“Mom!” Wang Teng called her softly.
He couldn’t bear to see her like this.

“Alright, let him go.
Our son is the hero of mankind.
He’s leaving for the sake of the entire human race.
We should be proud of him.” Wang Shengguo pulled Li Xiumei into his arms and consoled her gently.

“I don’t care if he’s a hero.
He’s just my son,” Li Xiumei replied with tears in her eyes.

“Mom, don’t worry.
Your son will never do things he isn’t confident in.
These difficulties won’t stop me.
It’s just a universe.
I’ll take a little tour and come back safely in three months,” Wang Teng replied lightheartedly.

Biluo rolled her eyes when she heard his words.

He sounded extremely arrogant!

The universe was vast and mysterious.
Even cosmos-stage martial warriors didn’t dare to face the universe with a casual attitude.
Yet this guy said that it was “just a universe.” He who knows not fears not.

Of course, she knew that he wanted to comfort his mother.
But when she looked at his expression, she felt that he meant what he said.
He wasn’t worried about the dangers in the universe at all.

Wang Teng bade farewell to the rest of the leaders.

“We’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Mister Wang Teng, have a safe trip.”

“Mister Wang Teng, we’ll wait for you to return with good news!”

The heads of states came forward and shook Wang Teng’s hand.
Their handshakes were firm and their gazes were resolute as they looked at him.
They seemed to be carving this extremely young hero deep into their minds.

No one cared about their race at this moment.
All of them only had one identity in their minds.
They were an Earthling!

The Earth was a united planet!

Wang Teng glanced around him.
He paused for a few seconds when he saw his family and then shifted his gaze to Lin Chuhan.
He looked at her intently with guilt in his eyes.

“I’ll wait for you to come back,” Lin Chuhan moved her lips and whispered.

Wang Teng nodded.
He moved his feet and rose into the air slowly.
Then, he turned and stepped into the spacecraft.

“Everyone, I’m leaving.” His voice echoed in the air with a hint of light-heartedness.

The cabin door closed, and the spacecraft rose into the air swiftly.
It turned into a beam of light, vanishing in front of everyone.
It left with the hope of the whole Earth.

The leaders and the people close to Wang Teng raised their heads and prayed for him silently.

Ye Jixin stood on the roof of the Jixin Martial House in Donghai and stared at the ray of light with complex feelings.
In the end, all his emotions compressed into two words, Take care!”

In another villa in Donghai No.
1 High School, Xu Jie, Yu Hao, and Bai Wei sat in the courtyard with a table full of wine.
They were laughing and crying as they lifted their cups and offered a toast to the sky.

“Our best friend is leaving.
He’s leaving with everyone’s hope.”

“Oh my god, we’re so useless.
We can’t offer any help.”

“Brother Teng, take care.”

Dan Taixuan stood on the roof of a tall building in the Huanghai Military Academy with a bottle of wine in her hand.
She took a large gulp.
She didn’t send Wang Teng off, but she was also staring at the spacecraft that had flown away at the speed of light.

“Little brat, come back alive!” A soft voice floated in the air.
Dan Taixuan had already disappeared.

On the field in Huanghai Military Academy, Peng Yuanshan and Tong Hu led a bunch of students and saluted the spacecraft.

“Everyone, send your senior off!” Peng Yuanshan said with red eyes.

The group of military students shouted in unison with admiration in their eyes.
Their voices soared through the clouds.

“Senior, we pray for your victory!”

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