An alien candidate lost so quickly!

The other candidates turned grim and started to treat the dark apparitions with more importance.

“Wow, good job!” Wu Gu chuckled.

“Hmph!” The giant devil lord glanced at Wu Gu from the corner of his eyes and snorted.
Then, he disappeared again.

“Be careful!” some martial warriors shouted hurriedly.
Their expressions changed slightly.

The alien candidate was appalled.
He retreated immediately without much thought.
But it was already too late.

The giant devil lord appeared in front of him almost immediately.
The shadow of the enormous rod-shaped weapon bore down on the alien candidate.

The candidate’s pupils narrowed.
He gave an angry roar involuntarily and released all the Force in his body.

The giant devil lord was using his full power.
On the other hand, the alien candidate had put up a hasty defense, which shattered almost instantly.
He couldn’t even last a second.

Then, the rod-shaped weapon landed on the candidate’s head.

His head was smashed like a watermelon.
Red blood and white matter splattered everywhere, leaving a headless body plummeting to the ground.

There was an eerie silence.

The battle started a few moments ago, but a planetary-stage formidable warrior had already been killed!

Many people stared at the devil lord in bewilderment.
Fear and dread appeared in their eyes uncontrollably.

This scene was shown to the martial warriors from the different countries through the monitors.
Everyone was at a loss for words.

The powerful aliens couldn’t beat the dark apparitions either?

Their expressions were ugly, and they were in extremely low spirits.

“Human talents are disappointing!” The giant devil lord glanced around him indifferently while holding his weapon that was still dripping blood.

Many alien candidates were infuriated.
They glared at the giant devil lord.

The five great stars of the universe turned serious.
Fierce killing intent burned in their eyes.

Dark apparitions must be killed!

“Everyone, let’s attack together.” Argus didn’t waste any time.
He looked around him as he opened his mouth.

As soon as he finished his sentence, he vanished, charging toward the giant devil lord.
He left a trail of dazzling golden light behind him as he shot out like a sharp arrow.

The giant devil lord squinted.
His eyes glowed with the wildness of bloodlust, and the corners of his lips curled into a sinister smile.

The next second, they collided.

Impact waves swept through the air.

Argus stood in front of the giant devil lord.
His golden hair danced in the air, and his body was bathed in a golden aura.
He looked like an immortal.

He didn’t use any weapon, only relying on his fist.
He punched the giant devil lord.

The giant devil lord was forced to move back while fresh blood trickled down the edge of his lips.
Fist marks appeared on his tough body one by one.
It was horrifying.

He released an angry bellow.
His eyes turned bloodshot, and he stopped moving back.
Instead, he raised the huge rod-shaped weapon and swung it at Argus!

All of this happened in the blink of an eye.
By the time everyone regained their senses, Argus and the giant devil lord were locked in a fierce fight.

“Hahaha, kill!” Kathu laughed when he saw Argus acting first.
His voice was rough and loud.

A dense pillar of red light shot into the air, forming the shape of a ferocious crimson star beast.

The crimson star beast roared into the sky.
Then, it dashed into Kathu’s muscular body.

In that instant, Kathu seemed to have turned into the crimson beast.
He bolted towards the devil lords with gusto.

It suited his style, fearless and invincible!

“Come, have a great time with your grandfather!” Kathu shouted.
He raised his large ax and released a terrifying crimson ax glow into the air.
He didn’t care who he hit.
When he saw a devil lord, he would attack.
He was like a beast that went berserk.

“How dare you!” The sheep-head devil lord screamed in anger.
Malicious killing intent shot out of his eyes as he charged toward Kathu.

He was holding a weapon that was shaped like a sickle.
When he swung it, it created a black ray of light.

The crimson ax glow crashed into the black blade glow.
The deadlock lasted for three seconds before breaking apart simultaneously.

Kathu and the sheep-head devil lord zoomed out from the residual impact and started battling with each other.

The other alien candidates didn’t hesitate either and acted at almost the same time.
They chose a devil lord and started fighting.

In an instant, the sky was filled with raging battles!

Explosions sounded continuously, shaking heaven and earth.
Frightening Force glows erupted in all directions, and powerful attacks destroyed the mountains and the trees around them.

Some distance away, Loggins was battling with a devil lord.
They smashed into a mountain, which cracked into pieces.
Only half of it was left.

Pulin floated on the right.
A green glow full of vitality was exuding out of his body as he fought with the devil lord called Phantasma.

With a wave of his hand, the green Force glow gathered into multiple vines.
They shot toward Phantasma and attempted to bind him.
However, Phantasma was extremely mysterious.
He was shrouded in a mist, so no one could see his body.
The vines went through his body, catching nothing.

On the other side, Biluo met Black Incubus.

Biluo’s long green hair flowed down her shoulders and her beautiful face.
Black Incubus Devil Lord looked great too.
She had purple curly hair, and her figure was amazing.
They were both perfect.

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