Chapter 749 Greed

The smirk on the blue-haired young man’s face froze.
Why did he sound so fake and exaggerated?

He didn’t seem like someone who was about to die!

Did he have a trump card?

The blue-haired young man was puzzled.
At the same time, he was infuriated.
He pulled out his long sword with a swoosh.
Blood splattered out like a crimson flower.

“Ah!” The clone screamed in pain.
He clutched his chest and shouted, “Pain, pain…”

Veins popped out on the blue-haired young man’s forehead.
He was in a bad mood.

Even the other martial warriors were speechless.
The grim atmosphere was destroyed instantly.
Everyone felt that something was strange.

They stared at Wang Teng curiously.
Did he have a way of saving his own life?

“So noisy!” The blue-haired young man snorted.
He wanted to kill Wang Teng once and for all with a slash of his sword.

“There’s no need to trouble you.
I’ll do it myself!” the clone suddenly shouted, giving the blue-haired young man an evil smile.

The instant he finished speaking, a loud explosion came from within his body.

“Damn it!” The blue-haired young man was furious.
He tapped his feet on the ground and flew back.


The Force inside the clone’s body exploded and swept out.
He chose to self-destruct.

The impact of the self-destruction of a 13-star general-stage martial warrior was terrifying.
The residual forces gushed out, destroying everything in their way.

After some time, the control room finally resumed calmness.
The items in the center resting area were mostly in ruins.
The sofa, the delicious wine, and the expensive pieces of furniture were all burning.

However, the devices weren’t affected.
Circular shields had appeared around them, blocking the impact of the explosion just now.

The explosion didn’t hurt the shield at all.

The martial warriors in the cage weren’t injured that seriously, but they looked miserable.
Although they didn’t bear the brunt of the explosion, this was still the self-destruction of a 13-star general-stage martial warrior.
Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Fortunately, the cage had a certain level of defense.
If it didn’t, some of the 12-star martial warriors might have been injured.

The blue-haired young man was furious.
He wasn’t angry because of the loss, but he felt that he got fooled.
That Earthling made him unhappy even at his moment of death.
This was a provocation.
As someone who lived comfortably and enjoyed praises and flattery all the time, he couldn’t accept it.

However, he had already noticed something amiss.
That Earthling wasn’t the true form.
It was something like a clone.

It meant that the person behind this clone possessed this battle technique!

Earthlings might not recognize it, but he did at one glance.

The blue-haired young man’s eyes shimmered, burning with greed.
He turned to look at the Leader of martial arts and asked, “Do you guys know who that man is?”

Everyone remained quiet.
No one replied to him.

“Do you think I don’t dare to kill you? If no one replies, you’re not of any use to me anymore,” the blue-haired young man said coldly.
His icy words made people’s hearts jump.
No one doubted him.
The martial warrior who died a few moments ago was the best proof.

Some people started to waver.
They couldn’t beat this blue-haired young man.
Worth it worth resisting for nothing? “We don’t know him.” The Leader of martial arts suddenly opened his mouth.
“You’ll get the same reply if you ask them.
We have never seen this person before.”

“Oh? No one knows him?” The blue-haired young man stared at the Leader of martial arts and sneered.
“Do you think I’m an idiot?”

“We have never seen him before.”

“Yes, that’s right!” Since the Leader of martial arts had spoken, the others agreed readily.

They didn’t know who the clone was, so they sounded extremely confident and certain when they spoke.
They seemed to be telling the truth.

The blue-haired young man was confused.
Were they really speaking the truth?

“This is a lie detector.
Repeat your answers.
If anyone is lying to me, you know the consequences,” the blue-haired young man took out a device from his space ring and said.

The Leader of martial arts and the three great commanders felt their hearts skipping a beat.

They knew that it wasn’t the same lie detector as the one they had on Earth.
The alien civilization was much more advanced.
It wouldn’t be easy to fool this machine.

However, their expressions remained calm.
There was no need to be anxious.
They would just wait and see what would happen.

‘You first.” The blue-haired young man pointed at the Leader of martial arts.

“I have never seen that person,” the Leader of martial arts said without any hesitation.
His expression didn’t change and he was extremely composed.

Not recognizing him was different from never seeing this person’s face.
The Leader of martial arts had indeed never seen this clone’s face before.

The lie detector gave its verdict.
He wasn’t lying!

The Leader of martial arts heaved a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, Wang Teng didn’t use his real appearance.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to play around with words and escape the test.

The blue-haired young man frowned.
He pointed at the three great commanders and ordered them to take the test.
The result was the same.

The three great commanders had never seen Wang Teng’s clone before either.

As the other martial warriors took the test one after the other, the blue-haired young man furrowed his brows.
He was exasperated.

He wasn’t stupid.
He had guessed the crux of the issue.

The person who possessed this skill hid well.
He didn’t show his true face, so these people didn’t know his identity.

It wasn’t hard to guess the reason.
He knew many people in the universe who possessed this cloning skill.
All of them acted the same way.
This wasn’t a unique case.

Clones could become an important trump card.
They mustn’t expose themselves easily.

The blue-haired young man waved his hand and asked his men to bring these martial warriors down and lock them up.
He was preparing to take control of the entire Country Xia.

In the Posiriah Plains.

Wang Teng opened his eyes and went through all the information he had received from his clone.
After some time, he muttered to himself, “Capital Xia has fallen.
The Leader of martial arts and the other martial warriors are captured.
These aliens have a big plan.

“The blue-haired young man called Earth the Land of Wakening.
Does this mean Force will undergo some changes when it comes to Earth? The opportunities here have attracted even them.

“If I’m right, those meteors formed when they were landing.
That means that Country Boar has probably fallen too.

“What about the other countries?”

Wang Teng was worried.
These aliens were too powerful.
One person was enough to make a country lose all resistance.

Fortunately, he had used his clone to hide his identity.
Based on their technology and ability, he wouldn’t be able to escape if he was discovered.

Even so, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to find him.
His reputation in Country Xia was huge.
They would be able to locate him after some investigation.
Even if it was just a slight suspicion, the blue-haired young man wouldn’t let go of this suspect.

Before that happened, he needed to raise his ability quickly to welcome the upcoming dangers.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp.
He closed his eyes and looked at his attributes panel.
His clone had picked up some attributes from the blue-haired young man…

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