Chapter 723 A Small Breakthrough… And Punishment! (2)

Yet, Wang Teng called it a small breakthrough! To hell with a small breakthrough!

Zhou Xuanwu complained in his heart.
He left Wang Teng alone and went to settle other things.
He didn’t want to speak to this fellow anymore.

What an actor!

“Breakthrough!” Xiao Nanfeng was shocked too.
He stared at Wang Teng in astonishment.

He could do it in this situation?

He found it unbelievable.
It was like achieving a breakthrough when you were eating or drinking.
It felt so easy.

That was right.
To Xiao Nanfeng, Wang Teng’s breakthrough came too easily!

He rose in rank without experiencing any obstacles.
No wonder this fellow’s power rose so quickly!

Was this the advancement speed of all geniuses?

Xiao Nanfeng felt bitter and helpless.
This was a huge blow for him even though he had made a name for himself for many years.
He felt that the younger generation was really surpassing them…

He walked away, keeping his distance from Wang Teng and from anything that could stimulate him.

Wang Teng glanced at them and shook his head.

He said that to take care of the dignity of normal people like them.
Yet, they didn’t accept it.
How insensible.

He continued looking at his attributes panel.

The basic five elements rose tremendously, but there was no change in his mutated Forces.

There were no lightning Force, poison Force, ice Force, or wind Force attributes.
The Zhenli Clan had numerous martial warriors, but none of them possessed these four special Forces.

We could tell that the foundation of the martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan was actually quite weak.
Most of their talents were ordinary too.
Wang Teng didn’t pick up any ultimate stage talents from them.

As for spirit and enlightenment, the highest was the Spiritual Realm.
It wasn’t of much help to Wang Teng since his was at the Imperial Realm.
Fortunately, they won in numbers, so his spirit and enlightenment did increase a little from the accumulation.

Besides that, he also picked up some scriptures and battle techniques.
However, they were all average.
Wang Teng only wanted the sky-rank ones now.

A person’s field of vision would keep expanding.
Wang Teng had ample sky-rank battle techniques and scriptures, so he wouldn’t bother with anything below that.

Of course, looking at it from another point of view, battle techniques and scriptures below sky-rank were useless to him.
Thus, there was no need to learn them.

Hence, these scriptures and battle techniques became part of his knowledge.
He had many battle techniques and scriptures stored in his mind.

Wang Teng shook his head and smiled.
He stopped looking at the attributes panel.

It looked like the greatest gain this time was the rise in his basic five Forces and the Tremor Talent he received from the pope.
The others weren’t satisfactory.

However, Wang Teng was content.
Well, his five basic Forces had reached the 12-star general stage.
Why shouldn’t he be happy? Wang Teng didn’t think that he would be able to advance at once.
This result was already a surprise for him.

He finally kept his thoughts and remembered someone-Zuotian Liehua!

He glanced around him but couldn’t find her.
Hence, he used the Origin Of Soul to sense her location.
The next instant, his expression turned strange.
Zuotian Liehua was a little far from his current position!

That meant that this lady… ran away?!

It was obvious that Zuotian Liehua sneaked off when they were fighting with the Zhenli Clan.

Wang Teng wasn’t angry.
He was the one who forced her to pass him her Origin Of Soul.
Honestly, he was the bad person.

Also, Zuotian Liehua didn’t do anything to him.
She was only disgusted by him when he took over Yao Ji’s appearance.
They had no grudges.

Hence, Wang Teng wasn’t angry when she ran away.
However, he found it strange.
Why was she certain that he wouldn’t kill her?

Mind you, when she passed him her Origin Of Soul, it meant that he had control of her life.

If Wang Teng got angry, he could destroy Zuotian Liehua’s Origin Of Soul with a single thought, and she would die instantly.

Wang Teng pondered.
He felt that he should do something.
He wouldn’t kill Zuotian Liehua, but he would give her a small punishment.
After all, she left secretly without his consent.

A disobedient slave should be punished, right?

Wang Teng separated a small flame from the Emerald Glazed Flame and moved it below Zuotian Liehua’s Origin Of Soul.

The distance between them was just right.
It wouldn’t hurt her Origin Of Soul, but it could let her experience the pain and agony of the scorching heat.

About ten kilometers from the base of the Zhenli Clan, near the edge of the mountain range.

Happiness flashed in Zuotian Liehua’s eyes when she noticed that she had almost escaped.
She turned and saw no one chasing her.
She felt relieved.

However, at this moment, she suddenly shuddered and felt a scorching heat coming from the death of her soul.
She opened her mouth and let out a scream of pain.

She couldn’t control the Force in her body and dropped to the ground, rolling around.

The scorching pain wasn’t felt on her body.
She felt it in her soul.
That was why it was so agonizing

Zuotian Liehua curled up and hissed in pain.

The torment lasted for ten minutes before it died down slowly.
However, she continued to lie on the ground, her body twitching occasionally.
“Wang Teng!” A hoarse voice squeezed out from her throat.

She knew where this pain came from.
She gave her Origin Of Soul to someone, so she couldn’t decide her own death.
Zuotian Liehua felt helpless and bitter, yet she couldn’t do anything.

After finding out Wang Teng’s identity, she didn’t know if he would let her go.
She took the risk and escaped.
It looked like the other party didn’t plan to let her go so easily.
Was the pain a warning or a punishment? Or was it both?

Zuotian Liehua thought to herself silently.
After some time, she got up slowly and looked in the direction of the Zhenli Clan.
A moment of hesitation later, she gritted her teeth and went the opposite way.

She must bring this piece of news back to Country Neon no matter what it took.
If Wang Teng wanted to kill her, she would accept it.

Zuotian Liehua was making a bet.
She knew that there were no grudges between them, so Wang Teng wouldn’t kill her so easily.

She flew for half an hour before the scorching pain disappeared.
She didn’t die.

As expected! Zuotian Liehua thought to herself.
She felt a little relieved and started flying even faster.

Wang Teng didn’t know what Zuotian Liehua was thinking.
After giving her a small punishment, he let her go.

At this moment, he was walking into the base of the Zhenli Clan with Zhou Xuanwu and some others.

It was time to count their gains.

The extermination of the Zhenli Clan went smoothly.
All the higher authorities of the Zhenli Clan were either dead or injured.
None of them had escaped.
Hence, they didn’t have the chance to move their resources or treasures.
All their valuable items were still in the base.

Wang Teng walked beside Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng quietly.
There was a strange glow in his eyes.

Actually, his clones had already taken the most valuable items from the base.
When they were fighting with the Zhenli Clan, the base was in a mess.
No one guarded the treasures in the headquarters, so this gave Wang Teng the chance to steal them.

Before leaving the base with Zuotian Liehua, he secretly hid a clone inside.
While fighting outside, his clone became a porter, moving the treasures out of the base secretly.
No one would think that he was the one who did it.

Of course, he did leave some stuff behind for Zhou Xuanwu and the others.

They had worked hard in his battle, so Wang Teng felt bad if he took everything…

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