Chapter 717 So, You Can Die! (2)

“This isn’t the scariest part because you haven’t died yet.

“The muscles on your body will start corroding inch by inch, starting from the neck.
Your vocal cords will be destroyed, and you won’t be able to make any sounds.
After that, your organs will rot.
You can stop thinking about eating.
After all, whatever you eat will leak out from your stomach…

“Oh right, your reproductive organs will drop from your body too…”

Zhou Xuanwu frowned.
It was starting to sound a little strange.
Wang Teng’s tongue was honestly sharp.
It was like a knife cutting through your flesh.
The description could scare the pope, but what was with that last sentence?

What did he mean by the reproductive organs would drop!

What kind of evil and outrageous words were these?

Zhou Xuanwu suddenly realized that being Wang Teng’s enemy was torture.
He admitted that he was afraid.
If he was poisoned, he wouldn’t dare to take the risk.

He wondered what the pope would do.

Patches of green and black had appeared on the pope’s face.
This was caused by the poison.
After hearing Wang Teng’s words, he felt even worse.

What kind of poison was this?

Why was it so scary?

Was that evil young man saying the truth?

He shuddered at the thought of it, his hair standing up on ends.
Even if there was just a slight chance of it happening, he didn’t dare to take the risk.
If Wang Teng was right, how would he survive?

An angry person could do anything!

The pope’s eyes became bloodshot.
Despite having a strong mindset, at this stage, he was like a cornered lion.
He knew his current situation clearly.
If the poison in his body continued to take effect, he would be crippled even if he managed to escape.

The problem was, he didn’t know if he could run away either.
Hence, he decided to take the risk.
Formidable martial warriors were decisive and ruthless.

But he still hesitated for a split second after he made his decision.

“This is a good chance!” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He executed his space talent and appeared behind the pope while he was hesitating.
He slashed his sword down.

The pope didn’t think that Wang Teng had this skill.
He was caught off guard and tried to evade the attack.

But it was too late…


The blade chopped off his left arm, splattering fresh blood in the air.

An arm was sent flying.
“Ah!” the pope screamed in pain.

“Wang Teng, this is outrageous.
Even if I die, I’ll drag you down with me.” The pope bellowed in anger.
His expression was distorted, and his gaze turned crazy.

He wanted to give it his all one last time, but Wang Teng shattered his hope by chopping his arm.
His battle power had decreased greatly.
He felt that he had no chance of survival anymore.
A glaring glow erupted from his body.
Frightening energy waves swarmed out.

“Run! He’s going to self-destruct!” Wang Teng saw the restless Forces churning in his body through his Spiritual Sight.
Thus, he knew what the pope wanted to do.

Zhou Xuanwu’s expression changed.
He retreated without thinking.
Wang Teng was swift too.
He executed his space talent and disappeared on the spot.

The light around the pope was getting thicker.
The next second, an ear-piercing explosion occurred.


A mushroom cloud appeared in the sky.
The ground shook, and the peak trembled like an earthquake.
Large patches of snow that had been there for who knew how long started falling.
The vibration was getting violent with each passing second.


Finally, a terrifying avalanche was created.
Snow poured down the mountain.

The star beasts in the mountains were alarmed.
They crawled out of their hiding spots to take a look, but no beast dared to move too close.

The energy waves were too powerful.
Even lord-level star beasts were afraid.

The martial warriors at the base of the Zhenli Clan heard this tremendous explosion too.
They were appalled.

They didn’t know what had happened and were worried and anxious.

Zhou Xuanwu didn’t manage to get too far, so he was caught in the impact and suffered some injuries.
Fortunately, they weren’t fatal and he didn’t hurt his core.

He was already extremely lucky!

The pope was at the peak of the 13-star general stage.
Moreover, he had converted 1% of his Force into constellation Force.
Thus, his self-destruction was very powerful.

Zhou Xuanwu’s face was white as he looked at the center of the explosion worriedly.
Wang Teng was too close to the pope.
He wondered if he had managed to leave in time.

The residual impact of the self-destruction remained in the air for a long time.
Snow continued to fall down.
This patch of the mountain became a scary and dangerous place.
Zhou Xuanwu had to fly higher and scan the ground below to search for Wang Teng.
At this moment, somewhere beside him, the space started to distort.
Zhou Xuanwu turned around abruptly and saw Wang Teng stepping out unscathed.

“Why are you in such a miserable state?” Wang Teng was stunned when he saw Zhou Xuanwu.


Zhou Xuanwu didn’t know what to say.

He got injured even though he was further away.
Wang Teng was right with the pope, yet he was safe.

Why was he so weak?!

“Cough, it’s alright.
Don’t be disheartened.
Other people might suffer worse injuries than you,” Wang Teng realized that he might have stimulated Zhou Xuanwu unknowingly, so he coughed awkwardly and consoled him.

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