Chapter 658: Devil Lord Chi Yan

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“Hahaha…” After a few moments of silence, the assimilated Kipling started laughing again.

“Stop laughing.
It’s disgusting,” Wang Teng said.

The assimilated Kipling choked once again.
His laughter stopped abruptly.

“Young man, do you want to die?” His voice sounded a little irritated.

“I don’t!” Wang Teng replied.

“No wonder this old fellow wanted to kill you.
I want to kill you too,” the assimilated Kipling took a deep breath before speaking.


A terrifying dark Force erupted from his body like a volcano.
It was thicker and stronger than what the original Kipling possessed.

His body started changing too.
It swelled up, tearing his long gown.
Moreover, a pair of sharp horns penetrated the skin on his head and grew out.

There were two balls of black flames burning on the horns.

Awave of scorching heat swept over.

‘Wang Teng was stunned.
He felt the Emerald Glazed Flame in his body getting restless.

Huh? He gasped softly.

While Kipling was undergoing mutation, a few attribute bubbles had dropped.

Dark Flame*10

Dark Flame*8

Dark Flame*6

Dark Flame! Wang Teng was startled.
He immediately felt a small ball of black fire burning in his body.

The small flame was only the size of his fingernail.
It shrunk beside the Emerald Glazed Flame like a chick standing beside the hen, weak and helpless.

‘Wang Teng’s expression turned strange.

This extraordinary flame he just received was so small.
He didn’t know if he should feel happy.

In this short span of time, Kipling had changed entirely.
He didn’t look like a human anymore.
Instead, he looked like a dark apparition with sheep horns.

‘Wang Teng stared at him weirdly.
Was this person addicted to shapeshifting?

He had mutated once before, and now, he was doing it again.
The last time, he became younger, but he turned into a monster this time.

“Hahaha…” He laughed like a maniac, delighted and excited.
His laughter grew louder and echoed in the sky.
“I’m finally free!”

“Isn’t it a bit too early to be happy? You’re surrounded.
How can you run away?” Wang Teng asked.

“Surrounded?” The assimilated Kipling sniggered.
“By you all?”

“No, just me.”

The assimilated Kipling was stunned for a moment before he reacted.

One person surrounding him?

F**k, he was teasing him!

The assimilated Kipling raged.
Dark Force churned inside him.

Alais came over and stared gloomily at the assimilated Kipling.
She said in a low voice, “This is the devil soul sealed inside the weapon.
A powerful high-level dark apparition was sealed inside Mo Bing after he was killed by the martial warriors on Mount Saint.
Kipling has released him.”

“High-level dark apparition? How powerful was he?” Wang Teng asked.

“Based on our records, this should be a devil lord.
His soul is too powerful, so my ancestors couldn’t kill it.
They could only use light Force to slowly consume its vitality over many years,” Alais explained.

“A devil lord!” Wang Teng’s expression didn’t change, but deep inside, he felt staggered.

He could still remember what happened during the Star Maple City battle when the Black Incubus Devil Lord came to the Xingwu Continent.
Even though many formidable martial warriors had joined hands, they still couldn’t defeat the Black Incubus Devil Lord.
They had spent a Herculean effort to make

her retreat, but they still couldn’t kill her.

In the end, she escaped back to the Darkland and even brought Wang Teng with her.
If he wasn’t skillful and powerful enough, he would have died in the Darkland and never come back.

He wasn’t being arrogant, but any other person in his situation would have died.

Yet, the formidable warriors on Mount Saint could suppress a devil lord?


This wasn’t the time to delve deeply into this matter.
Wang Teng turned serious and asked, “He doesn’t have much power left, right?”

“After all these years, the light Force has consumed most of his power.
He’s only left with one-tenth of it.
But, he’s still more powerful than a 13-star top-tier general-stage martial warrior,” Alais said sternly.

“This little girl is right.
Although I’m only left with a fraction of my power, it’s still enough to kill you all.” The assimilated Kipling gradually rose into the sky and looked at Wang Teng and Alais mockingly.
“Oh right, remember my name.
I’m Devil Lord Chi Yan.”

“Actually, we’re not really interested in your name,” Wang Teng reminded him as he turned around and glanced at him.

He realized that this fellow was a little narcissistic.

Devil Lord Chi Yan:

‘There were a few seconds of silence.
Then, he continued indignantly, “Young brat, you’re really tired of living.
I hope that you can keep your sharp tongue when I break your neck later.”

‘Wang Teng gasped and took a step back.
Patting his chest, he exclaimed, “I’m so afraid.”

Veins popped out of Devil Lord Chi Yan’s forehead.
The black flames on his horns bounced a few times involuntarily.

Alais was speechless too.

She didn’t know that Wang Teng was such a weirdo!

Even she felt fearful when facing a devil lord, yet Wang Teng could tease and mock him as he pleased.

She honestly wondered what was inside this young man’s head.

Devil Lord Chi Yan ignored Wang Teng.
He soared into the sky and released a terrifying aura out of his body.
It hung low over Mount Saint like ominous dark clouds.

“To celebrate my release, everyone present… must die!”

The evil voice resounded across the mountain.

Everyone was scared when they heard the voice and felt the frightening aura.

“What is happening? How did Great Sage Kipling become so terrifying?”

Many people didn’t understand what had happened.
They only saw Devil Lord Chi Yan getting released after Kipling’s mutation.
However, they didn’t know who Devil Lord Chi Yan was.

“Devil lord!

“He called himself devil lord!

“He isn’t Great Sage Kipling anymore.
He’s possessed by the devil lord!”

Someone noticed the change and exclaimed in shock.

Dan Taixuan and Darwan were dumbstruck.
They looked at the Devil Lord Chi Yan in the sky fearfully.

After exchanging glances with one another, they dashed towards Wang Teng and Alais.

“What happened?” they asked anxiously.

“There was a devil lord sealed in the weapon.
Kipling released him and got a taste of his own medicine.
He’s possessed,” Wang Teng shrugged and explained briefly.

“Devil lord! It’s a real devil lord!” Dan Taixuan’s expression turned grim.

Besides a devil lord, no one can have such a powerful aura.
Even a 13-star general-stage martial warrior lacks the ability.” Darwan agreed.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of.
He has been locked up for many years, so he’s probably a paper tiger now.
Don’t be afraid; just fight with him,” Wang Teng said.

Everyone was speechless.
They wished they could beat him up properly.

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