Chapter 598: Boss, Please Let Me Go!


Wang Teng swallowed his saliva with difficulty.
He raised his head and looked at this ‘beauty’ from Country Boar.

Even though he was taller than 1.8 meters, he needed to raise his head to look at the lady’s face.
If not, all he could see was her large chest.

This lady looked astonishing at first glance!

When he took a second look, he felt that she was a ghost!

She was beautiful but unbelievably muscular.

When he heard her words, Wang Teng finally knew where his bad feeling came from earlier.
This King Kong barbie in front of him was his greatest misfortune!

Not only was Wang Teng shocked, but his companions also had their mouths wide open.
A few moments later, they started trying their best to suppress their laughter.

Zhu Yushao, Qu Fei, and the others even turned red in the face.
They couldn’t control themselves.

#¥@…&* Wang Teng felt like cursing when he saw their expressions.
His expression kept changing.

“Is this question difficult to answer?” Valeria stared at Wang Teng and asked seriously.

Wang Teng coughed awkwardly.


It wasn’t just difficult!

It was the most difficult question of the century!

“It’s not difficult to answer.” Wang Teng refused to show any signs of weakness.

But when he saw the pure gaze of the young lady, he didn’t know what to do.
This King Kong barbie seemed like a naive girl.
He swallowed the words at the tip of his tongue and sighed in his heart.
In the end, he changed his speech and asked, “Are the people in your country all this straightforward?”

“I like to be direct,” Valeria replied.

“How about this? Before I answer your question, let me ask you one first.” Wang Teng pretended to ponder before he spoke.

“Alright, go ahead.” Valeria nodded.

The others looked over with interest when they heard their conversation.

Dan Taixuan glanced at Wang Teng ambiguously.
She seemed happy at his plight. Well, you wanted to show off.
This is what you deserve!

“Do you prefer sweet beancurd or salty beancurd?” A glint appeared in Wang Teng’s eyes.

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Everyone collapsed in shock.
They finally understood what he wanted to do.

This fellow was despicable.
He was using this method to avoid her.

“What?” Valeria was stunned.
She didn’t know what beancurd was.
She had never heard of it.

Wang Teng finally realized how stupid he was.
However, he didn’t know any food from Country Boar, so he asked again, “What do you like to eat in your country?”

“Thin pancakes,” Valeria replied without any hesitation.

She even swallowed her saliva as she recalled the delicious taste of the food.

Wang Teng: …

This lady was a foodie!

Suddenly, Wang Teng had another bad premonition.

However, he had already asked his question, so he had to follow through.
He continued, “Do you like sweet pancakes or salty pancakes?”

Everyone looked at him in contempt.
How could he ask this shameless question? He was just making use of her naiveness!

Wang Teng ignored them and stared intently at Valeria. This is a piece of cake.
Once you make your decision, our fate will end.

Valeria looked at him curiously.
She didn’t know why he asked this question, but she still replied to him, “Both!”

“… You like both?” Wang Teng was stunned.

“Yes, I like both,” Valeria nodded and said.

“How can you like both?” Wang Teng had a breakdown.

The script wasn’t right!

This was a choice question.
Why was she choosing both?

Didn’t she know that this was ridiculous?

“Hahaha…” Everyone burst out laughing when they saw Wang Teng’s frustrated expression.

“Have a good chat with Miss Valeria.
We can improve the relationship between our countries.
Isn’t this what you like to do?” Dan Taixuan patted Wang Teng’s shoulder and laughed.

Wang Teng got depressed. What’s wrong with these people? Can we still be friends? Y’all are pushing me into the fire!

Is this how we improve the relationship between our countries?

Don’t say anything.
Our friendship ends here!

Wang Teng glared at Dan Taixuan before he turned and said to Valeria seriously, “We have no fate if you like to eat thin pancakes.”

“Why?” Valeria asked.

“I don’t like pancakes.
There’s no future for two people with different tastes,” Wang Teng replied.

“You misunderstood me.” Valeria laughed uncontrollably.
“I like to eat everything, so we won’t have the problem of having different tastes for food.”

Wang Teng squinted.

Damn it, he had met his opponent!

This naive-looking King Kong barbie was so hard to handle.
This was out of his expectations.

“Let’s not talk about food.
Let’s talk about different things.
If two people want to get together, they must understand each other.” Wang Teng winked at Dan Taixuan furiously as he walked down the mountain.
“Let’s walk and talk.”

Dan Taixuan pretended she didn’t see anything.
However, she still walked down the mountain.
It was indeed embarrassing to talk about this in the middle of the mountain path.

“What do you want to understand about me?” Valeria caught up with Wang Teng and asked.

“For instance, your interest and hobbies,” Wang Teng said.

“I like to hit people,” Valeria replied.

Wang Teng was speechless. Is that a hobby?

This King Kong barbie’s hobby was quite special.

But for some reason, he felt as if he had met his soulmate… pfft, to hell with the soulmate.
This wasn’t the result he wanted.

“Cough, hitting people is not good.
I don’t like to hit them.
Look, our interests are different.
We have no future,” Wang Teng said insincerely.

The moment he finished speaking, everyone stared at him with a strange expression.

“Do you believe yourself when you say that you don’t like to hit people?” Dan Taixuan wasn’t afraid of creating a scene, exposing Wang Teng instantly.

“Our Valeria decided to look for you after seeing your performance during the match.” Darwan, who had been keeping quiet, finally opened his mouth.

Wang Teng finally knew where the problem was.

F**k, this King Kong barbie fell for him when he was hitting someone.
How could he change?

Was this fatal attraction?

No! No! No!

Frightening images started appearing in his mind.
He shuddered, and his head turned numb.
He shook his head frantically.

“I think that you misunderstood me.
I don’t like to hit people, honestly.
I’m a kind person deep down.
I was forced to hit him during the match.
Normally, I won’t hit anyone if I don’t have to,” Wang Teng said seriously.

“What a coincidence.
I’m a kind person too,” Valeria replied shyly.

“That’s right, our Valeria will feel guilty even if she killed an ant.
She’s a kind and good lady.” Darwan nodded and spoke up for Valeria.

Wang Teng felt stuffy in his chest, his eyes filled with disbelief.

How could these people be so shameless?

Wang Teng didn’t know what to do anymore.

Boss, please let me go!

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