Chapter 597: Are You Interested To Be My Boyfriend?

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Shocking news! Why is a martial warrior from Country Snow weeping and tearing up during a competition? Is this the distortion of human nature or is it the decline of morality?

To find out what happened, please watch the next match…

When Hilson was carried down, he was self-reflecting on two things.

First, he shouldn’t have challenged Country Xia.
What was he thinking when he chose to challenge a martial warrior from Country Xia?

He couldn’t find an answer to that.

Next, why didn’t he admit defeat earlier when he knew that he would lose?

He had the chance to admit defeat, but he didn’t treasure it.
He only regretted it after he suffered a brutal beating.
If heaven gave him another chance, he would immediately shout the three words: I admit defeat!

Wang Teng went back to the spectators’ stand, only to realize that everyone was keeping a distance from him and looking at him with disdain.

His face turned black.
“Is this how you welcome a victorious hero?”

“Seriously!” Dan Taixuan was furious.
“When you shouted that stupid incantation, our relationship ended.”

“Pfft.” Wang Teng almost vomited blood.
“You’re so heartless!

“Is it that stupid? I was just cheering for myself.
Didn’t you see how shocked the foreigners were?

“How can you do something big if you can’t accept this small flaw?”

Wang Teng reprimanded everyone in a righteous tone as if they were the ones who were wrong and he was just the misunderstood hero.

Look, he had raised the reputation of their nation in front of these foreigners.
He allowed them to experience their culture and power.
There was nothing wrong with it.

“No matter what you say, you can’t hide your childish heart,” Dan Taixuan replied coldly.

Wang Teng: …

He wouldn’t accept this injustice!

He snorted.
“An outstanding person like me will never be understood.”

Everyone looked at his confident expression and got astounded by his shamelessness once again.
They were so amazed that no one refuted.

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The competition continued.
The martial warriors from other nations came out and challenged other countries.
However, they avoided Country Xia once again.

They couldn’t afford to offend them.

Qu Fei, Yan Bo, and the others felt helpless.
They looked at Wang Teng indignantly.
It was this fellow’s fault.
They didn’t have a chance to step into the arena.

Wang Teng: …

His fault?

He was so furious that he just ignored them.

If you want to fight, go down and challenge someone.
Why are you looking at me?

Wang Teng rolled his eyes.
He was too lazy to care about them.
He chose to focus on the match and counted the gains from his last duel.

Spiritual Realm Spirit*205

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*180

Ice Cocoon Physique*120

Ice Force*600

Ice Spear Conscious*135

Ice Arrow Rain*30

Wang Teng was overjoyed by this round of great harvest.

This ice-element sheep had given him bundles of wool.

Looking at the hundred-plus points of Spiritual Realm Spirit and Enlightenment, Wang Teng suddenly felt a sense of achievement.
He had worked hard and knocked all these gains out with his brick.

He was touched by himself.

It wasn’t easy to get all these attributes!

If Hilson knew what Wang Teng was thinking, he might cry until he fainted.
This was inhumane!

The 120 points of Ice Cocoon Physique allowed Wang Teng’s ice element physique to rise by a certain degree.

Ice Cocoon Physique: 148/5000

He was still some distance away from the perfected stage, but with this ice element physique, Wang Teng got more sensitive towards the ice Force.
This was good for his cultivation.

He didn’t need to be afraid of his ice Force lagging behind others anymore.

Wang Teng felt elated.

The 600 points of ice Force were important too.
After the experience in the virtual reality world, his ice Force had reached the 9-star soldier level.

He gained more ice Force attributes during the global exchange, so his ice Force rose again.

Ice Force: 5320/9000 (9-star)

The rise in cultivation was the most obvious change.
Besides that, he gained new battle techniques too.

Ice Spear Conscious: 180/1000 (first-level)

Ice Arrow Rain (sky-rank): 20/100 (well-versed)

He didn’t just gain the ice spear conscious, but he also reached the first level.
This was another battle conscious added to his collection.

Along with the sky-rank Ice Arrow Rain, Wang Teng’s gains were huge.

Wang Teng didn’t have any attacking ice-element skills, but he had filled up all the gaps now.
He had ice element conscious and battle technique.
In terms of ice Force, he was no weaker than an ordinary brigadier general-stage martial warrior.

Wang Teng felt emotional.

Hilson was sincerely a good man.

He fought so hard, but it was all for his benefit.
What a good man he was.

The next few matches weren’t as interesting.
The martial warriors from the different countries challenged each other.
Some brigadier general-stage martial warriors acted and winners were created.

Wang Teng didn’t care if the matches were interesting or not.
Either way, he could collect many attributes.
It was a gain for him.

Fire Force*80

Earth Force*130

Earth Fist Conscious*60

Origin Of Life*2

Wood Force*90

Metal Force*205

Time passed.
Very soon, an entire day had gone by.

The high priest announced the ending of the matches today.
The event would continue tomorrow.

Wang Teng and Dan Taixuan headed down the mountain.
They prepared to go back to their hotel to rest.

“Wait!” A voice suddenly sounded behind them.

Everyone turned back and saw a group of people chasing after them.
It was Country Boar.

“What’s the matter?” Dan Taixuan asked curiously.

The leader of Country Boar, Darwan, smiled and said, “The talents from Country Xia have yielded brilliant results during the matches today.
The young men and ladies from my country kept pestering me to introduce them to you all.”

“Brilliant results?” Dan Taixuan’s expression turned strange.

Was he honestly referring to them?

Moreover, during the brigadier general-stage duels, only Zhu Yushao and Wang Teng went out.
Zhu Yushao lost while Wang Teng… there was no point mentioning him.

How could Country Boar say that they had achieved brilliant results?

Were they being sarcastic?

Darwan and the others didn’t know what Dan Taixuan was thinking.
They smiled and chatted with them as if they were here to make friends.

While the leaders were chatting, a tall and muscular young lady with an exquisite face walked out from behind Darwan and raised her hand directly in front of Wang Teng.

“Hello, nice to meet you.
I’m Valeria Matusovich!”

Wang Teng looked at the lady in front of him and suddenly felt a sense of pressure.

King Kong barbie!

For some reason, when he saw her gaze, a bad feeling floated into his heart.

“Hello, I’m Wang Teng.” Wang Teng tried his best to maintain his indifference.
He nodded and returned her greeting.

“I think that you’re very powerful.
Are you interested in being my boyfriend?” Valeria was extremely straightforward.

“Pfft!” Wang Teng almost fainted..

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