“Major General Wang, are you a runemaster too?” someone finally reacted and asked.

“Wang Teng is the disciple of a runemaster in Xingwu Continent.
Also, he has reached the master level.” Dan Taixuan noticed their disbelief, so she spoke up.

“Master level!” Everyone looked at Wang Teng in astonishment.

“Master level at such a young age? Principal Dan, are you sure you’re not lying to us?” Chu Yongnian questioned.

“During the Star Maple City war, Wang Teng commanded a group of talented runemasters from the Xingwu Continent and completed a large-sized offensive array.
Then, he helped the master-level runemasters to complete another more difficult array.
Do you think I will lie to you about this?” Dan Taixuan replied angrily.

“This is… unbelievable!” They all finally believed her.
There was no need for her to lie about this.
Also, many people had participated in the Star Maple City war, so they could check the facts easily from others.
Dan Taixuan wouldn’t be so stupid and lie to them when it was so easy for their lie to be caught.
Situ Yun was even more dumbfounded.
This fellow was a monster.
Not only was he talented in martial arts, but his rune mastery was profound too.
It was hard to imagine.

“How confident are you regarding this array?” Chu Yongnian took a deep breath and asked.

“More than 80%,” Wang Teng replied confidently.
“80%!” Everyone was thunderstruck once again.
This probability was a little too high.

Mind you, this was a large-sized array, and the rune construction was extremely complicated.
A 50% confidence was high enough, much less 80%.

“What do you think of this Black Tortoise Sky-Lock Array?” Governor Jiang was appalled too.
However, he didn’t understand runes, so he left it to the professionals.

“If Major General Wang is 80% confident and the defense ability of the array is really outstanding, there’s no reason for us to reject the idea,” Chu Yongnian glanced at everyone and said.

“Wang Teng will be in charge of this matter.
We’ll start laying the array immediately.” Governor Jiang was decisive, giving his order right away.
“Okay.” Wang Teng nodded.
Since he was going to stay in Donghai, he wouldn’t let others lead the formation of this defense array.
He would only feel at ease if he did it himself.

The other runemasters had no objections either.

Wang Teng didn’t waste any time.
He immediately started explaining the structure of the Black Tortoise Sky-Lock Array to everyone.

It would be a waste not to use all this free labor.

This array might be precious, but he didn’t plan to keep it to himself.
He wanted to disseminate it.
It was a contribution to the human race.
After all, he had many similar arrays, and they were all free.
Hence, he had no pressure.

If he had spent a huge sum of money to buy them, he wouldn’t be so generous.
Wang Teng’s rune mastery was many levels higher than everyone, so they all benefited a lot from his words.
The runemasters were enchanted by his speech.
They were confused for one moment and surprised for another.
They were like students listening to a teacher.

After some time, Wang Teng felt thirsty, so he stopped and drank some water.

The runemasters were yearning for more, staring at him hopefully.
Chu Yongnian suddenly stood up and bowed at Wang Teng.
He said with respect, “Thank Master Wang for enlightening us!”

Even his greeting of Wang Teng had changed.
He was calling him Major General Wang some time ago because he acknowledged his martial arts ability.
Now, he respected his rune mastery.
It was indeed profound.

“Thank Master Wang for enlightening us!” The other runemaster reacted in time and stood up, giving him a deep bow.

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