e obtained.

Wang Teng’s expression turned a little weird.
These people kept complaining about the difficulty.
Well, he did learn some rune knowledge from Gorlin, so…

He felt that it wasn’t that difficult.

Could it be that the powerful arrays they were talking about were a different thing?

Also, he would be able to create the rune arrays without any help from Xingwu Continent too.
After all, his rune mastery had already reached a certain profound stage.
However, if he said it himself, he would be suspected of boasting.
They might not believe him at all!

Wang Teng was in deep thought.
How could he say it so that his boasting would seem logical?

“You have been discussing it for a long time, but there’s no result.
In that case, why don’t you ask the relevant party? Wang Teng moved the three mountains, so he might have a plan already.” Dan Taixuan’s impatient voice sounded at this moment.

She thought that the runemasters would be able to achieve some progress, but in the end, no conclusions were formed.
She felt speechless.
The runemasters were stunned, feeling a little embarrassed.
Then, they quickly looked at Wang Teng.
Was Dan Taixuan saying that Wang Teng had an idea?

Situ Yun’s expression changed slightly.
He knew that Wang Teng’s rune talent was good, but that was it.
Wang Teng hadn’t spent much time in school.
He would find it unbelievable if he knew that Wang Teng’s rune mastery had surpassed him in a blink of an eye.

But he knew that Dan Taixuan wouldn’t speak without a reason.
It seemed like Wang Teng was hiding something.

The other runemasters didn’t know anything about Wang Teng’s rune mastery.
They didn’t even know that he was a runemaster, so they were a little hesitant.

However, someone still asked in the end, “Major General Wang, do you have any ideas?” “Please give me a map of Donghai’s surroundings,” Wang Teng said to Governor Jiang.
He didn’t put forward his thoughts immediately.

Governor Jiang was surprised before he ordered someone to get a map and laid it out in front of everyone.

“What is he going to do?” Curious, everyone gathered in front.

Wang Teng drew three huge mountains on the coastline first.
Then, he crossed them out and started outlining Donghai.

“Can you see anything?” Wang Teng said with a smile and a confident expression.
He threw the pen casually on the table after he finished drawing.

Speechless, they all looked at Wang Teng absent-mindedly.

What was he drawing? Their eyesight was a little bad, so they couldn’t tell what it was.

Wang Teng’s smile froze when he saw their expressions.
He lowered his head and glanced at the map, asking in a soft voice, “Is my drawing ugly?”




Everyone laughed awkwardly.
If Wang Teng was just a younger generation, they would have reprimanded him furiously.
What on earth was he drawing?

Unfortunately, they couldn’t.

Wang Teng was too powerful and could kill them with a pinch.
They couldn’t afford to offend him.

On the other hand, Dan Taixuan didn’t have such a concern.
She pouted and said, “What the hell is this? Don’t you know what your standard is?”

Wang Teng: …

“Why don’t Major General Wang just explain it to us?” Chu Yongnian said.

“Don’t you think that this looks like a life-like black tortoise?” Wang Teng took a deep breath and replied helplessly.

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