Chapter 509: Clone

There wasn’t time for him to ponder over it as another memory floated into his mind.

This was a memory of the cultivation method for Shadow Merging Secret Skill.

A ray of light appeared in his mind and reproduced the cultivation process perfectly.
It would turn into a shadow occasionally and travel in the darkness.
It was hard to gauge its position.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He immediately understood the skill and grasped the Shadow Merging Secret Skill.

This Shadow Merging Secret Skill would allow him to merge into any shadow like what the vampire did and conceal himself perfectly.

In the past, Wang Teng used his dark Force to hide in the darkness.
However, there was a huge difference between these two methods.

The Shadow Merging Secret Skill was obviously more profound.

Wang Teng was elated.
He looked at the corpse of the old vampire lying on the ground and suddenly felt gratitude towards him.

He specially came to send him this secret skill!

What a good vampire!

Also, he didn’t feel as furious towards Kun Shan’s ex-master as he did previously.
After all, he had sent this vampire who had the Shadow Merging Secret Skill and the vampire race ciphertext to him.

But even though he was thankful, he still had to kill him.

Those two things didn’t affect each other…

Wang Teng turned to Zi Ye, who was still looking at him with wide eyes.
He regained his composure and kept the corpse of the vampire.
Then, he said to her, “Go to sleep.
It’s alright.”

“Oh.” Zi Ye trusted Wang Teng entirely.
When he said that it was alright, she believed him and went back to sleep.

Wang Teng shook his head.
He remembered something and took out the treasure map from his space ring.
He started translating it based on the vampire race ciphertext.

“Mata Mountain Ridge!” Wang Teng was in deep thought.
He muttered to himself, “Could it be that this treasure map is real?”

Based on the recordings on the treasure map, this ancestor of the vampire race hid his treasure in the depth of the Mata Mountain Ridge.
As for what the treasure was, it remained unknown.

Wang Teng’s gaze shone a few times.
Then, he threw the treasure map into a corner in his space ring.

The most important thing was to return to Earth.
The others could be dealt with later.

Of course, that would only happen if he could still return to the Abyss World after he went back to Earth.

Anyway, this ancestor of the vampire race must be very frustrated.

If another vampire race member got the map, there would be great bloodshed.
Numerous vampires would fight for this treasure, but it had landed in Wang Teng’s hands.
The treasure might lay there forgotten.

The next day, Wang Teng came to look for Rodney.
“Vampires love to consume fresh blood.
Is there any slaughterhouse for star beasts in Blackcrow City?”

Rodney was stunned for a moment.
He nodded and replied, “Yes, a huge bunch of powerful and rare star beasts will be sent here every day.
After they are slaughtered, they will be sent to the manors of the various noble vampires.”

“Lead the way.” Wang Teng was elated.
However, he remained calm on the surface.

Rodney didn’t know what he wanted to do.
He just nodded.

Wang Teng followed Rodney to the west of the city.
Very soon, he saw a huge slaughterhouse.

Shrill screams and howls of star beasts came from within.
A strong stench of blood could be smelled too.

“Wait for me outside.” Wang Teng walked directly into the slaughterhouse after he finished speaking.

He was a vampire, so he had the right to enter many places.
The slaughterhouse was one of them.
A portion of the blood produced here would be sent to the different vampire manors while another portion of it would be sold.
Other vampires could come here to buy the blood.

“Viscount, do you have any orders?” Wang Teng’s viscount identity was put to use here.
The giant apparition in the slaughterhouse spoke to him respectfully the moment he saw him.

The Blackcrow City was governed by the vampire race, but there were dark apparitions from other races living here too.

The giant apparition was tall and huge.
It was cruel and blood-thirsty in nature.
Hence, butchering was the most suitable job for him.

“Bring me around,” Wang Teng said calmly with his hands behind his back.

“Alright, follow me.”

The giant apparition led the way with his lofty body, passing through many rooms.
Star beasts were being slaughtered in the different rooms, and their blood was released.
The giant apparition started introducing his slaughterhouse to Wang Teng as if it was his treasure.

Wang Teng collected the attribute bubbles scattered in his surroundings as he listened to him.

Dark Force*130

Blank Attribute*105

Blank Attribute*90

Dark Force*108

Blank Attribute*100

It had been a while since he saw blank attributes.
Coming here was the right choice.

Wang Teng was elated.

These star beasts were all dark star beasts.
Hence, they possessed the dark Force.
Wang Teng didn’t care about that.
The blank attributes were his main motive.

To return to Earth, he needed a huge number of blank attributes to increase his ability.
If not, it would be hard to execute his plan.

Half a day later, Wang Teng left the slaughterhouse.
The giant apparition was a little stunned as he sent Wang Teng off respectfully.

This vampire viscount wasted half of his day, but he didn’t buy anything!

One could imagine how frustrated and bitter the giant apparition was.

However, Wang Teng was too powerful, so even though he was bitter, he couldn’t do anything to him.

Wang Teng pulled out his attributes panel and smiled.

Blank Attribute: 3560

In this short span of time, he had received more than 3000 points of blank attributes.
It would have been so troublesome if he had to kill the star beasts himself.

How smart of him!

He was so smart!

Wang Teng complimented himself in his heart.

His blank attributes could reach ten thousand after coming to the slaughterhouse a few more times.
That would be enough to support his plan.

Hence, for the next few days, Wang Teng would visit the slaughterhouse whenever he had the time.

The giant apparition almost went mad.
This viscount came every day but never bought anything.
Was he making a fool of him?

But when he remembered the aura this vampire leaked ‘accidentally,’ the giant apparition got scared.

“Alright, there’s no need to send me.
I’ll come again tomorrow.” Wang Teng waved his hand at the main door and left directly.

“You’re coming again!” The giant apparition looked at his back view and had a breakdown.

However, Wang Teng didn’t come the next day.
He had enough blank attributes.
The vampires were all looking for him, so he mustn’t waste any more time.
If he got caught, he would be dead.

Wang Teng used his blank attributes on Darkness Clone Technique and Shadow Merging Secret Skill.

Darkness Clone Technique: 5000/5000 (perfected)

Shadow Merging Secret Skill: 5000/5000 (perfected)

Once these two special skills reached the perfected realm, Wang Teng finally felt more confident.

At this moment, a black light was shimmering around Wang Teng.
A wisp of black smoke floated out from his body and turned into a clone.
It had Wang Teng’s real face.
He smiled and said, “Go ahead!”

“You sent me to death the moment you called me out.
You’re so ruthless.” The clone sized up his body before speaking angrily.

“Hey, don’t bother about the details.
You won’t really die anyway,” Wang Teng waved his hand and said.

“Alright, you’re the true form and I’m the clone.
There’s nothing I can do about it.
Leave it to me.
I’ll make sure the dark apparitions won’t notice anything,” the clone said.

After he finished, he merged into the darkness and disappeared.

It’s up to you now. Wang Teng smiled.

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