es on the table and called the father and son for dinner.

Chai Yu was sitting in a car.
The staff driving the car asked, “Brother Chai, how much truth do you think there is in the young boy’s words?”

“It’s hard to say.”

Chai Yu frowned.
“Based on the chemical examination of the site, the martial warriors who were fighting are already dead.
There should have been a third party at the scene.

“From Li Rongcheng’s statement, we know that Wang Teng isn’t weak.
He’s probably an advanced stage martial disciple now.

“But, it’s impossible for an advanced stage martial disciple to kill two martial warriors.”

“Hence, it should have nothing to do with him.
He probably saw the fight and got scared, so he didn’t dare to tell the truth.”


The driver also made his guess.
“Is it possible that the two martial warriors perished together and he reaped their benefits?”

“Are you reading too many novels? If there’s such a lucky thing, why didn’t it happen to me?” Chai Yu rolled his eyes.


“Haha, Brother Chai, don’t you know that this plot is popular nowadays? It feels good when you read it!” The driver laughed.


“Just focus on the road.”

Chai Yu laughed and scolded him.
Then, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Li Rongcheng and Wang Teng are both advanced stage martial disciples.
There is a chance that they will become martial warriors in the future.
The Li family and Wang family are not ordinary families.
Their lives are really good.

“Also, the possessions of the martial warriors have disappeared and their cell phones are gone.
We don’t know their identities.
And we don’t even have a clue where to start investigating.
This will probably become an unsolved case.”

“You’re right.
Ever since we got linked to the Xingwu continent, it’s getting hard to count the deaths and disappearances of martial warriors,” the staff lamented.


After dinner ended, Wang Teng carried the backpack with the egg back into his bedroom when his parents were not looking.

He took out the egg and placed it in the incubator.
He switched the incubator on and let it incubate the egg slowly.

Then, he laid on his bed and placed his head on his hands.

He was in a daze for some time.
Then, he suddenly leaped out of bed and took out a mirror.

Wang Teng looked at the mirror and activated his Spiritual Sight.
He saw a thin layer of black film covering his pupils…

It’s as if I’m wearing cosmetic contact lenses.

Huh? There’s a spot of red light deeper in my eyes!

Oh my god, why do they look a little like crow’s eyes!

Wang Teng observed his eyes carefully and immediately felt frustrated.
Did they really turn into crow’s eyes?

Sigh, I wonder what kind of talent Spiritual Sight is?

With a sigh, Wang Teng scanned his room.
When he saw the egg on the incubator, his gaze suddenly stopped.

“This is…”

When his Spiritual Sight was activated, the egg turned entirely red, as though it was a ball of burning flame.

“Fire Force!”

Could it be that the use of Spiritual Sight is to allow me to see Force?


Wang Teng had a mind-blowing thought.

This might be the talent that allowed the crow to find Donghai City.
That was how it was able to lock in on him.

This talent came from the giant crow.
Compared to it, his talent was a weaker version.
There was plenty of room to develop it further.

“However, this talent is not bad.
I can see the Force through my eyes, so I can predict how strong or weak other martial warriors are!” Wang Teng muttered to himself.


Wang Teng was burning with eagerness.
He experimented with the talent for a long time until he felt his eyes turning sore and his head getting heavy.
He had no choice but to deactivate his Spiritual Sight.

“What’s the matter? I feel a little dizzy!

“Could it be…”

Wang Teng was a little surprised.
He fished out the attributes panel and looked at the Stats section.
There was an (over-consumption) behind the attribute.

Spiritual Sight consumes spirit!

It looks like I can’t use it recklessly.

Wang Teng rested for a while before the dizziness gradually disappeared.

“I only know that Spiritual Sight can help me see the Force.
I wonder if it has other abilities.”


Wang Teng pondered for a moment and decided that he would pay more attention to it in the future.
Spiritual Sight talent was very promising.
He must focus on it.

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