Lin Chuhan felt that Wang Teng was belittling her when she heard his tone.
She glared at him as she said, “I can’t?”

I always thought that you will move down the scholar path,” Wang Teng replied innocently.

“After all, this is the martial arts era.
We can foresee that the uses of martial arts will become greater and greater.
Its influence will seep into every aspect of society.
The change for this year’s university entrance exam is a signal.
Thus, even if I go with the scholar path, I don’t want to forgo my martial arts.” Lin Chuhan analyzed objectively.

“You make sense.” Wang Teng nodded.

“You should be participating in the martial arts course exam, right?”

Lin Chuhan gave Wang Teng a meaningful look.
From his recent performance, she was around 90% certain that he would take the martial arts exam even though she couldn’t confirm it.

Wang Teng just smiled.

Lin Chuhan didn’t probe further.
However, in her heart, she already had her answer.

No wonder he didn’t place much emphasis on his studies.

However, the martial arts exam had a written portion too.
The ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’ was a must-read.
Did he have enough confidence?

She still had some doubts.
But, once she remembered the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’, she frowned uncontrollably.

“What do you think the Ministry of Education is thinking? Why did they release this news at the last moment? Many intermediate stage martial disciples haven’t read the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’ properly.
They have no hope in passing the exam.”


“How would I know? The way these powerful people think is always peculiar.” Wang Teng shook his head.

At this moment, a young man in front of them suddenly turned his head and jumped into their conversation.

“Hehe, I heard that it’s related to the policies by the World Federation!”

“World Federation’s policies?”

Wang Teng and Lin Chuhan exchanged glances with each other.
This involvement was a little far-fetched.

“Yang Jian, how do you know this?” Wang Teng asked the young man.


Yang Jian wanted to perform in front of Lin Chuhan, so he turned his body and explained in a proud manner, “My uncle works at the Ministry of Education.
A month ago, I heard this piece of news from him.
I’ve been reading the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’ recently.”

“F**k, you have connections!” Wang Teng laughed and scolded him.

Wang Shengguo had also gotten some wind of this, but he thought that since Wang Teng had just started training, he had no hope of taking the exam this year.
Hence, he didn’t tell Wang Teng.

Lin Chuhan felt a little speechless and helpless.

This was the difference between an average student and someone like Yang Jian.
Yang Jian received the news one month earlier, but she had to wait for the school’s notice.
She got her information too late.

No matter what era it was, information was always the most worthy.

Yang Jian didn’t take it to heart.
He smiled and said to Wang Teng, “Young Master Wang, you’re the one with the most connections.
Why are you teasing me?”

Then, he looked at Lin Chuhan’s expression and guessed her thoughts.
He hurriedly consoled her.

“Class monitor, don’t worry too much.
Since the authorities released the information at this time, they must understand the students’ plight.

“I’ve also heard that the normal exam’s difficulty and results will be lowered.
It might be the lowest among all the previous years.”

Wang Teng instantly smiled at Lin Chuhan.
“You heard him.
It means that there’s much hope this year.
Don’t put on that face anymore.

“Also, with your top student’s brain, the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’ is just a piece of cake for you.”

Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes at Wang Teng.
She then replied to Yang Jian, “Thank you for telling me this.”

“You’re welcome; you’re welcome.
Even if I didn’t tell you, you’d have heard it soon.
Since they released this policy, they won’t be able to hide some information from the public.” Yang Jian waved his hands.

“Alright, students, ten minutes of discussion is up.
If you continue talking, I won’t need to start my lesson anymore.” Fan Weiming knocked on the blackboard.

The students immediately sat up straight.
The teacher’s dignity was not to be messed with.

For the entire afternoon, everyone was immersed in the piece of news their teacher gave them.
The moment class ended, they started a huge discussion.

Some students went to take a look at their neighboring class.
They were talking about this too.

After the lesson, some students took the chance to call their families and ask their parents to get some insider’s news.
Others asked their parents for opinions.

The martial arts exam was extremely important!

Many parents skipped work once they received their child’s call and started hunting around for news.

They found their relatives and used all the connections they had.

When a family had a child taking the university entrance exam, they would always be the focal point of the family…

The three afternoon lessons soon ended.
It was time to go home.

Wang Teng looked at Lin Chuhan, who was packing her bag beside him.
“Miss class monitor, shall I send you home?”

“No need!” Lin Chuhan replied in a hurry.

She was afraid that if she replied a little late, she would be pulled into his car forcefully.
She kept thinking that this fellow had some motive towards her.
He didn’t restrain himself as he did in the past.

“Your choice.”

Wang Teng didn’t mind.
He got up and prepared to leave.
But, he thought for a moment and said, “Since you want to take the martial arts exam, you shouldn’t work part-time for the next two weeks.
Time is a little tight.
You should use it wisely and look through the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’.
If you face any difficulties, as your table buddy, don’t forget to look for me.”

Wang Teng didn’t give her a chance to refute as he left the classroom directly.

In an instant, Lin Chuhan felt warmth spreading in her heart.
She shook her head and scolded.

“This fellow is seducing me again!”


Wang Teng, Xu Jie, and Bai Wei met one another at the school gate.
They already knew about the increased enrollment quota.
Even Bai Wei and Yu Hao, who were in the second year, knew about it.

Bai Wei and Yu Hao were excited.

After all, they still had one year.
Becoming an intermediate stage martial disciple was much easier than becoming an advanced stage martial disciple.
Their chances were high.

Especially for Bai Wei, even if she had never practiced martial arts before, it shouldn’t be a problem for her to become an intermediate stage martial disciple in a year.
The Bai family just needed to provide her with more resources.

Xu Jie was a little dejected, though.
The increased enrolment for martial arts courses was cruel to those who didn’t practice martial arts.
They felt that they had no chance.

Becoming an advanced stage martial disciple might be a little tricky, but if Xu Jie practiced diligently, he still had hopes of becoming an intermediate stage martial disciple.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in this world!


Opportunities were given to those who were prepared.
He was destined to miss the chance this year.

Wang Teng thought for a moment.
“Xu Jie, maybe you can repeat the year.
Go home and discuss it with your parents.”

“That’s right, we were persuading him to repeat a year too.” Yu Hao agreed with Wang Teng.

“Brother Wang Teng, do you really think I should repeat a year?” Xu Jie raised his head.

“It’s not what I think.
It’s what you want,” Wang Teng replied.

“I… let me go home and ask my parents first,” Xu Jie hesitated for a moment before saying.

Wang Teng didn’t reply to him.
After all, the final decision was up to the guy.

After everything he had experienced recently, Wang Teng knew that the martial arts path wasn’t easy…


Should he practice martial arts?

Was it right or wrong to practice martial arts?

Would he regret it in the future?

No one could provide Xu Jie the answer.
He had to walk the path personally to know if it was right or wrong, or whether he would regret it or not.

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