Chapter 207: The Changes In The System And Gun Battle

The heavy armor vehicle left Yong City.
It drove for more than ten kilometers on the main road before entering the wilderness.

The wilderness had weeds growing all over it.
They were taller than one’s knees, and there was no path for one to walk.
It was filled with potholes and steep slopes.
However, the heavy armor vehicle drove through the area as though it was moving on leveled ground with the help of its huge wheels that were the height of a human.

Wang Teng sat in the vehicle and didn’t question his teammates anymore.
Instead, he started examining the connection between him and the little crow.

He knew that he couldn’t use common logic to understand the situation now.

Wang Teng tested a few times and finally confirmed that he could exchange his angle of view with the little crow.

This discovery allowed him to feel at ease.
Then, he couldn’t help but feel elated.

At first, he thought that this was just a normal agreement.
He didn’t expect to have a surprise gain.

This ‘exchange of vision’ had many uses.
Without even needing to think carefully, Wang Teng came up with many scenarios where he could use this ability.

For instance, he could use it when investigating, keeping watch, or spying…

It was honestly extremely useful!

Wang Teng let out a huge breath to calm his emotions.
Then, he felt a little puzzled again.

Why didn’t other people experience this situation when they formed the contract? Why did it only appear when it was his turn?

Could it be that he was the destined protagonist, so he was given this special treatment?

Cough, don’t you know that you will get beaten by others if you are so shameless?

Or rather, it may be because Master Ling Xu is so amazing that all the spiritual pet contracts he made have special effects? Wang Teng wondered to himself, but he denied it thereafter.

That wasn’t right.
If this spiritual pet contract had such a benefit, General Manager Li, whose eyes would light up whenever he saw money, wouldn’t sell it to him at such a low price.

Could it be… He frowned and pondered for a long time.
Suddenly, a thought flashed past his mind.

Spiritual Sight!

That’s right, it must be the Spiritual Sight.

Wang Teng remembered that Spiritual Sight was an ability dropped by the little crow’s parent.
He had just picked it up.

That meant that the little crow had most likely inherited Spiritual Sight too.
Hence, there was a similarity between him and the little crow.

This might be why he was able to change to the little crow’s vision.

The more Wang Teng thought about it, the more he felt that this was possible.
He felt enlightened and stopped pondering over this question.


Once he straightened his thoughts, Wang Teng’s gaze landed on the attributes panel unconsciously.
He couldn’t help but let out a gasp of surprise.

The attributes panel had changed silently without him noticing.

An additional column had appeared out of nowhere.

Spiritual Pet: Spirit Flame Ghost Crow [1-star (8/100), Talent: Spiritual Sight, Spirit Flame (not awakened)]

After making the connection, the attributes of the spiritual pet actually appeared on the attributes panel! Wang Teng had a sudden thought. In that case, can I add attributes for it?

He still had some blank attributes leftover after killing all the star beasts in the past.
He added one blank attribute to the little crow’s Force attribute.

The attributes on the attributes board immediately changed.

Spiritual Pet: Spirit Flame Ghost Crow [1-star (9/100), Talent: Spiritual Sight, Spirit Flame]

The little crow seemed to have felt the change in its body.
It gave a confused look.
It didn’t know what happened at all.

I can really do it! Wang Teng was elated.

This way, he was able to save a lot of time grooming the little crow.
He just needed to get blank attributes, and he would be able to quickly increase the little crow’s ability.
It would soon become a useful helper.

Also, when the little crow grew to its parent’s size, Wang Teng would have an additional mode of transport, flying.
This would look better than riding on an airplane.

It’s just a little big, so it will be inconvenient to bring it along… Wang Teng touched his chin and thought to himself.

At that moment, an explosion from outside broke his thoughts.
The heavy armor vehicle took a huge turn.
Wang Teng was caught off guard, so he flew out and fell to the side.
With his face facing forward, he bumped into something soft…

“Enemy attack!” Lin Zhan shouted.

Wang Teng turned serious.
He hurriedly raised his head and met Liu Yan’s embarrassed and angry gaze.

“Erm… Sister Yan, I didn’t do it on purpose,” Wang Teng hurriedly explained.

“Hmph, I will settle this score with you later.” Liu Yan glared at him.
The machine gun in her hand was already loaded.
She aimed it behind the vehicle.

“Who is it?”

Wang Teng followed her gaze and saw three heavy armor vehicles driving out from the little hill behind them.
They were rushing towards them at high speed.

“I don’t know.
Damn it, how dare they sneak attack us.” Lin Zhan was infuriated.
His expression was extremely ugly.

If he hadn’t reacted in time and evaded the sudden cannon attack, the people in the vehicle would be dead or crippled.

“Let’s kill them then.” Liu Yan’s gaze was filled with killing intent.
She aimed her heavy machine gun at one of the vehicles behind and pulled the trigger.

Bang, bang, bang!

Clang, clang, clang!

Three bullets per round.
All of them hit the armor of the heavy armor vehicle, igniting a series of sparks.

The other party was a master too.
When the person saw Liu Yan firing, he drove the vehicle in another direction.

The other two vehicles didn’t slack either.
A huge number of alloy bullets shot towards them.
They hurriedly lowered their heads to evade the attacks.


Their opponent fired the cannon once again.

Lin Zhan steered the steering wheel violently.
At the same time, he stepped on the accelerator, and the heavy armor vehicle shot out for some distance.


The cannonball landed on the ground less than 8 meters away from the vehicle and exploded.
The vibration caused the heavy armor vehicle to shake right and left.
Rocks and soil splattered towards them.

“F**k, do you really think that we’re easy to bully?”

Yan Jinming’s face was cold.
He took out a rocket launcher from a box filled with firearms and carried it on his shoulder.
He fired it at one of the vehicles chasing them.

Normally, when a martial warrior team went out, they would always prepare ample firearms so that they would have the ability to retaliate.


Unfortunately, their opponent also evaded Yan Jinming’s attack.

At the same time, Yan Jinyue took out a heavy machine gun from the box and helped Liu Yan disrupt their opponent’s gunfire attack.

The two siblings didn’t specialize in firearms, but they had been through training, so their aim was accurate.
They weren’t shooting anyhow.

Wang Teng didn’t waste his time either.
He took out his rune gun and aimed it at one of the drivers of the vehicles.
He then squeezed the trigger.

The other party had a look of disdain.
He seemed very confident as he steered the steering wheel and evaded the route of the bullet.

However, the next moment, the expression on his face froze abruptly.


Blood splattered everywhere!

A single headshot!

This is Gun Kungfu! Wang Teng thought to himself.
An ambiguous smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

Everyone was shocked!

Liu Yan turned to look at Wang Teng.
Even she didn’t understand that shot.
The driver had already evaded the route of the bullet, so why was he still hit?

However, this was obviously not the time to probe further.

“Good job.
Continue!” Lin Zhan laughed loudly.
He didn’t care about all these as long as the enemy was dead.

The heavy armor vehicle that lost its driver crashed to the side uncontrollably.
The person on the passenger’s seat pushed away the corpse of his comrade and regained control of the steering wheel.

However, this gap was enough for Wang Teng and his teammates to finish their operations.

“Wang Teng, let’s have a competition to see who kills more people,” Liu Yan aimed her gun as she spoke.

Since Sister Yan is interested, I will accompany you.” Wang Teng smiled in a relaxed manner.

The two of them exchanged glances with each other.
Then, they fired almost simultaneously.

Liu Yan was obviously more serious now.
The people in the vehicle weren’t able to evade at all in their state of flurry.

Wang Teng and Liu Yan continued their victorious pursuit.
Their target was the people in that car.

“Bang, bang.” Two gunshots and two lives were lost instantly.

There were five people in the car.
After three of them died, the other two’s expressions changed.
They didn’t dare to snatch the steering wheel anymore and chose to jump down the car directly.

However, if they were able to think about this, Wang Teng and Liu Yan could too.
The moment they landed on the ground, another two gunshots were heard.
Their bodies twitched, and they were unable to stand up anymore.

The other two vehicles got closer and closer.
The people in the car emptied their magazines at Wang Teng and his teammates.
They had surrounded them from both sides.

Lin Zhan drove the car and dashed right and left.
Yan Jinming and his sister supported Liu Yan and Wang Teng.
They interfered with the enemies for them.

The other side had many people and firearms.
Wang Teng and Liu Yan could only evade and fire whenever they had the chance.


Gun Kungfu was indeed powerful.
When Wang Teng fired, a person on the left fell down the car before he could shout in agony.

But, at the same time, the two cars had already flanked them.
One person from each car held a cannon and aimed it at Wang Teng and his teammates.
They fired immediately.

“F**k, sit tight!”

Lin Zhan’s pupils constricted.
He couldn’t help but curse before pressing a red button on the car panel.

The engine of the heavy armor vehicle growled like the roar of a wild beast.
The runes on the car lit up, and the car’s speed accelerated exponentially.
It felt as though a huge force was pushing it forward.

The two cannonballs scraped the tail of the heavy armor vehicle.
They then shot towards the two vehicles at the side.

“Jump quickly!”

The people in the two cars were stunned when they saw the cannonballs flying towards them.
They were at a loss.
However, someone regained his senses and shouted in fear.

The people in the car jumped out subconsciously.



The two vehicles were blown into the air.

On the other side, Lin Zhan stepped on the brake, and the heavy armor vehicle skidded furiously.
It stopped after creating a burnt arc on the ground.

Then, he jumped down the car and charged at those people.

Liu Yan and the two siblings didn’t need any reminders.
They had been working together for a long time, so they knew what they had to do now.

After Lin Zhan got out of the car, they followed closely behind him and leaped down.
They took out their weapons and walked towards the attackers.

Wang Teng unsheathed his battle sword with one hand and followed right behind.

When attacked for no reason, anyone would be angry.
There was nothing to say about this matter.
These people must die.

Those attackers that jumped out of the car were dizzy from the explosion.
However, they were all martial warriors, so they regained their consciousness really quickly.
They immediately stood up and dashed towards Wang Teng and his teammates.

“Kill them!” one of them shouted coldly.

There were still seven to eight of them left.
They took out their weapons and attacked Lin Zhan and his team members.


Lin Zhan was fuming in anger.
He took out the giant battle axes behind his back and shouted as he attacked.

He chopped a man’s weapon into two with his ax, and his giant ax cut landed on the person’s head.
It cut through his head like paper, splattering red and white matter everywhere.

This was Lin Zhan’s first battle after he advanced to a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior.
He didn’t expect it to be in a situation like this.
His opponents were pitifully weak.

They were mostly 1-star or 2-star soldier-level martial warriors.
Under Lin Zhan’s giant axes, they could only get trampled by him.

There were two 3-star soldier-level martial warriors among them.
They noticed that Lin Zhan was the most powerful member of the team, so they attacked him together.

On the other end, one 2-star soldier-level martial warrior charged towards Wang Teng with a sinister smile on his face.

He had already noticed that Wang Teng was the youngest person on this team.
Also, they had researched this team before and knew that there was a 1-star soldier-level newbie in it.
It had to be this young man in front of him.

Wang Teng felt that he was looked down upon.
The person opposite him seemed so confident that he couldn’t bear to disappoint him.

Unfortunately, this was a life-or-death battle.
If his opponent didn’t die, he would be killed.
Wang Teng slashed his sword in the air, and the sinister smile on the person’s face froze.
Then, it slowly turned into fear.

How is that possible?

He was confused.
What happened to being a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior?

Why is he so powerful?

In the end, he left this beautiful world in confusion.

Another martial warrior who was closer to them looked at him as though he was a ghost when he saw his comrade getting killed instantly.
He wanted to escape.

However, a figure quickly appeared in front of him.

“Are you trying to run?” Wang Teng smiled and asked.

“Please spare me!” The man immediately threw his weapon down as if he was afraid that Wang Teng would kill him if he was a second too late.
Then, he kneeled on the ground without any dignity and begged for mercy.

“Answer my questions, and I might just spare your life,” Wang Teng said.

“Please ask, please ask.
I will definitely tell you everything I know.” The man nodded frantically.

“Who sent you?” Wang Teng asked.

“The Yao family’s family head, He made a deal with many martial warriors and asked us to kill the 4-star and below martial warrior teams that came back from the Dark Mist Forest three months ago,” the man said hurriedly.

By this time, Lin Zhan and the rest of the team had ended their fights too.
Besides a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior who was half-crippled and was being dragged over by Lin Zhan, the other martial warriors had all died.

“Leader!” The man saw the 3-star soldier-level martial warrior in Lin Zhan’s hand.
He seemed to be on the brink of death.
He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva, his eyes filled with fear.

These people were too powerful!

They had killed his entire team without getting harmed.
Even the two 3-star soldier-level leaders were in this state.

“Yao family of Yang City!” Lin Zhan’s expression was stern.
He exchanged glances with his team members.
They had obviously guessed the reason.

“Do you know why they are doing this?” Wang Teng still asked.

“The son of the Yao family’s family head seemed to have been killed in the Dark Mist Forest.
But, he didn’t know who killed his son, so…” the man replied honestly.

“So he decided to not let anyone off and kill all the teams that came back from the Dark Mist Forest,” Wang Teng said with a cold smile.

“Yes, yes.” The man didn’t dare to match Wang Teng’s gaze.

The Yao family’s family head’s method was a little outrageous.
Just because the Yao family was strong and powerful, he decided to spare no innocent to take revenge for his son.
They must have implicated so many innocent people.

His way of doing things was unscrupulous!

Of course, these people were no better.
They would do anything for money.
They were jackals of the same lair.
They had no right to reprimand the Yao family’s family head.

It was fine if they met someone weaker.
But, the problem was, they met their nemesis this time.
He had no choice but to bow down to them because he was going to lose his life.

Of course, if he knew that he met the real murderers, how would he feel?

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