Jung Taesuk stamped his feet with an anxious face.

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The sound of a car coming to a sudden stop rang in his ears as he alternately glanced at the clock on his wrist and the gate.


Jung Taesuk almost shed tears as if he had met a savior when he saw Do Junyoung, the head of the management office, getting off the car.




“How is the situation?”


“The gate still won’t open.
No one has killed the Boss Monster, so how did this happen—”


“Then we will have no choice but to force the gate to open.”




Taesuk’s eyes widened when he saw the green magic stone that Do Junyoung took out of his pocket.


Isn’t that a precious gate stone that can be obtained with at a very rare probability in a dungeon? I can’t believe he’s going to use something so expensive to force the closed gate open!


Jung Taesuk was really moved this time and truly shed tears.


“We’re opening the gate.”


Do Junyoung left such Taesuk behind and brought the magic stone to the gate.
Since it was a Gate Stone with high purity, it would certainly be able to open the gates of a Level 3 dungeon.


… It was supposed to.


[Warning! Dungeon ‘Werewolf’s Habitat’ rating is too high! Gate Seat cannot be used!]


[Warning! Gate Seat will break due to overuse!]


The green Gate Seat was broke badly with a series of warning messages.






Do Junyoung and Taesuk opened their eyes wide at the unexpected situation.


Obviously the magic meter had said it was a Level 3 dungeon, but suddenly it’s saying that the dungeon’s grade is too high? Even the Gate Seat broke down because of excessive use?


How could this be?


But the surprise didn’t end there.
A new message popped up.


[Currently, the dungeon ‘Werewolf’s Habitat’ is rated EX.]


There was shock in the faces of Jung Taesuk and Do Junyoung.


Class EX.


A rating only used when the rating of something is so high that it is meaningless to put any rating on them.
It was the first time in Do Junyoung’s life to actually see an EX-class.


But why is a dungeon with only Werewolf rated EX?


‘It doesn’t make any sense.
If that’s the case, then Yoon Seora, the Hunter trapped inside…’


Do Junyoung’s face hardened at once.
If this was true, Yoon Seora would never come out alive.

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No, perhaps she had already…


Junyoung’s fists were firmly tightened.


“Oh, are you in charge of the civil service?”


At that time, Park Jinyong, the one who had thrown Seora into the dungeon, approached.
Taesuk took a deep breath as he noticed the look in Do Junyoung’s eyes.
However, Park Jinyong, who did not notice it, continued to talk.


“I didn’t do that on purpose, but I’m sorry.
I was only going to show the F-class the dangers of the dungeon.
How could I have known that it would close?”




“I’m glad it’s F-class though.
She won’t be of any help anyway.
I’m glad the gate was closed without any damage thank to her sacrifice…”


Park Jinyong, who had been chatting with excitement, was forcibly stopped.
It was because Do Junyoung had grabbed his mouth.


The cold, subdued eyes turned to him.


“It is forbidden by law to push people into dungeons, even if the other party is a Hunter.
There is no way that the raid leader of the Clear Blue Guild didn’t know about it.”


As Do Junyoung’s grip became stronger, Park Jinyong’s gigantic body slowly rose from the floor.
Park Jinyong’s eyes widened.
He grabbed Do Junyoung’s arm with his thick hand, but he didn’t budge.




“If you did it knowingly, you will face a heavier punishment.
From obstructing the execution of official duties, to attempted murder.”




“Section Chief Jung Taesuk.
Make a note of it.
Park Jinyong, Clear Blue Guild’s A-class Hunter, will be punished with my authority.”


“Di-Director— Uwakh!”


Junyoung’s fist was raised high, and at the same time, a strong roar broke out and the ground rumbled.


The park where the gate burst opened turned chaotic in an instant.




“… This is the S-class’s ability.”


Seora got goosebumps all over her body.


The number of wolf-type monsters in the cave was estimated to be about thirty.
But now, all thirty of them were lying on the floor dead. Is this all?


“One-shot one-kill for one werewolf…”


One mana bullet.


It was the number of bullets needed to kill a single werewolf, who was nearly three meters in height.


No, nevermind that.
Do S-class usually kill the Boss Monster of a Level 3 dungeon with one shot…?


“Administrator-nim, Administrator-nim.
No matter how you look at it, don’t you think this ability is fraudulent?”


Are all S-classes like this? Am I not believing my abilities because I’ve only lived as an F-class, who can’t even shoot properly? Do all S-classes have such monster-like abilities?!


The information window of her gun appeared in front of Seora, who alternately glanced at the sniper rifle and the dead Werewolf with shaky eyes.

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[Weapon Information]


Name: Hit (EX-class)


Type: Firearm


Unique Characteristic: The shape can be freely changed according to the owner’s will (However, limited to firearms).


Special Note: A gun with the protection of the system administrator.
Accuracy and destructive power increase by 200% each.




Seora rubbed her eyes.
Then she looked at the status window once, rubbed her eyes again, then looked at it again, and rubbed her eyes again, then she looked again…


But no matter how many times she repeated it, nothing changed.


So the one she was holding in her hand right now, this… this… gun… was an EX-class.


“… Administrator-nim, do you usually give EX-class items as gifts? One whose unique characteristic looks fraudulent?”


The gun suddenly felt heavy, and Seora trembled and held it gently with her two hands.


It was not uncommon to receive gifts or skills when contracting with higher-ranking beings, that is, the Entities.


But some lunatic actually gave me an EX-class weapon!


And the unique characteristics alone is—The shape can be freely changed.


After being silent for a moment, Seora muttered a little.




As the weapon shone, the heavy weight became lighter.
The sniper rifle turned into a Colt in an instant.


“It’s true…”


I have seen many weapons since becoming a civil servant, and I assure you, I have never seen a weapon that freely changes shape.


It was such a precious weapon that was much more expensive than Seora, who had become an S-class.


[Administrator: /(*´ ∇`)]


Then a very strange message popped up.


What’s this? What kind of text—


“The administrator… Don’t tell me— Are you the system administrator?”


[Administrator: (*^▽^)/]


Seriously? It’s the real system administrator?


“But why—”


—is it like this?


What’s with the emoticons? As far as she knew, after an Awakened made a contract with an Entities, even if it’s impossible to have a full conversation, they would be able to communicate in basic ways.

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So why is this administrator sending emoticons?


‘My impression of the administrator…’


Seora, who had imagined a serious, scary, and somehow normal image, was shocked as if she was hit in the back of the head.


Why is it communicating with emoticons? I’ve never seen anyone among the Awakeneds who have made contract with the Entities converse like this.



“Excuse me, Administrator-nim.
Why are you only sending emoticons?”


[Administrator:  ˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣]


It was crying.
Seora asked again.


“Could it be that… you are only able to have a conversation with that?”


Please say no.


[Administrator: o(T^T)o]


But the administrator trampled her hopes.
Seora slapped her forehead without realizing it.


Oh my gosh.
A contractor who communicates with emoticons.
With the administrator on top of that!


“The one who gave me an EX-class weapon was an emoticon administrator…”


[Administrator: (*´∀`*)ゞ]


‘Don’t be shy instead! I was being sarcastic!’


I’m not sure if it was totally unaware or if it was doing this even though it knew.


No matter how you look at it, this administrator looks very strange.
Is my contract okay like this?


[Administrator: ꒪⌓꒪ ]


Alas, her anxious expression must have been too obvious.
Seora quickly corrected her expression.


“No, let’s think about it.
When would I ever get scammed like this? Leaving the increase in accuracy and destructive power aside, it could even change shape freely.”


Returning the fraudulent-like item because I’m scared? What nonsense.
It is such a precious item that I’d even hold onto the administrator’s pants tightly even if they are already stretched out.


‘Yeah, let’s just think of it as winning a Powerball.
When it comes to Powerball, a diamond spoon is nothing.’


Seora constantly whispered to herself as if brainwashing herself.


“I will use it well.
Thank you.”


Pat, pat.


Seora patted the weapon like it was a baby’s butt, and carefully put it into her inventory.


Up until now, her inventory had only pure junk in it, and it was definitely not because of her mood alone that it had started to look like it had been painted with gold.


“Now that we have dealt with the Werewolf, the gate will open, right?”


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[Administrator: ◝(・ω・)◟]


“Then let’s get going…”


Seora, who was about to move, stopped her feet for a moment and looked around.


A cave covered in blood, thirty dead wolf monsters and one werewolf whose head was blown away.


Looking at it again, there was admiration, but there was one problem.


“If I go out now, at least S-classes like me will notice that my stats have changed, right?”


That would make things a bit difficult.


No matter how well you develop your skills, even if you can climb to a higher level, it is impossible for an F-class to jump to an S-class in an instant.
Even more so because her awakening limit was also up to F-class.


When this became known, it was clear that all the unwelcome gazes would be drawn to her.
She really hated it.


I don’t want to take on the responsibility that other people give me.
I don’t want to live the same life of sacrifice as someone else did.


“Is there any way I can make it so that no one knows that my stats have risen?”


[Administrator: ◔_◔?]


“… I don’t want to inform… anyone.
So please.”


Seora put her hands together and begged earnestly.


She didn’t want to live a life of being crushed by the responsibility of making sacrifices.
Her only goal was for her to live freely and comfortably.


Was that earnestness well conveyed?


[The system administrator gives blessing to the sole contractor.]


[The “Silver Curtain” is activated.]


[Blessing “Silver Curtain”


Ability: This is a blessing given to the contractor by the system administrator.
Some of the stats are covered by a veil.
Stats cannot be checked by those who are not allowed by the contractor.]


Standing under the blessing given to her, she opened her eyes wide.


“Th-Thank you.”


She didn’t know the administrator would be so docile, so she was a little stunned.
She wiped her arms as she felt as if something was really covering her body even though it was impossible.


Is this what it feels like to be in a contract with a higher being?


“Seriously, thank you very much.”


[Administrator: _へ__(‾◡‾ )>]




Even when I’m touched, my emotions will crumble just by looking at the emoticons. Seora, who had almost looked at the administrator with cold eyes, quickly wiped her face and changed her expression.


But oh well, what’s the problem with a little strangeness if it gives me these perks?


… I only hope that it is only a little strange, not very strange.

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