uddenly occurred, an unknown person killed the Boss in one headshot, and it was done by the first L-class Awakened in Korea.


News of what happened, the Internet, and even the community dedicated to Awakened, were turned upside down dozens of times in just a few hours.


However, the biggest explosion occurred right after the association’s surprising briefing.


“Kang Sejun-ssi, the new L-class Awakened, has nothing to do with the Level 2 dungeon’s Boss.
It is a fact that we also only learned this time, but a new S-class that has not been identified has appeared, and it is currently speculated that that Awakened was the one who killed the Boss.”


[Administrator: (ノ*>∀<)ノ♡]


[A new article has been posted in the community.]




Today, I will surely hand over the letter of resignation I have written.


As soon as Seora was about to leave for her last day of work, the administrator sent a message.


Even if a new post was posted on the community, this kind of notification shouldn’t have appeared.
Looking at the emoticons, it seemed that the administrator had found something very interesting.


“… I’m nervous.”


[Title: Has anyone seen the video of the beast’s head exploded? What kind of headshot is that ;;]


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There’s even a video? I thought all the cameramen ran away, but there was actually a madman who was filming in the middle.


[Have you seen this video? I’ll upload the address, so check it out before reading.


Woah, you can’t compare it to just looking at the pictures.
That’s the level where its head just exploded;; What kind of headshot is that???


So, starting today, I’ll call the unknown classer ‘Headbang’.
It’s almost like throwing a bomb.
If you’ve seen the video, you’ll understand what I mean.


Crazy Bang-nim… Can I call you bro from today?]


“… What’s this?”


What? I beg your pardon? Headbang, you say?


“No, don’t do that! I hate such tacky nicknames! How could you give me such a strange nickname!”


But Seora was the only one who thought of it like that.




Wow;;; Wow this is really crazy;; Is it true that the head just explodes?;; The word headshot is not enough.
From today, I will appoint you as Headbang;;


How can you just burst a head like that? Awesome;;;


the video is crazy.
what is that? seriously


who took the video??? Is the person who took the video still alive?? Did you upload a video because you became a ghost?? Did you think everyone should see this even if you’re dead?


└ Are you crazy hahahahahha But I admit…


└ LOL Really, even if I die, I will get up again and upload it hahahahahahahaha


└ The guy who took the video will prosper from generation to generation.
Thanks for taking a picture of this precious thing.


Look at how fast the video spreads; even overseas, there are a lot of people saying that there’s a headshooter in Korea.
Hey, you guys.
The name has been changed.
From today on, that person is Headbang.


“No, no!”


Seora cried out, but no one heard it. Even the speed at which this article spread was really terrifyingly fast as the video. Oddly enough, the title of the video had already been changed to “Headbang”.


[Administrator: (☞ ˙∇˙)☞)))]


“Don’t laugh and do something about it.
You can fix this!”


[Administrator: (ง ˙∇˙)ว]

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“Ah, for real!”



Seora hung onto the system message.


What do you mean Headbang? I’m very unsatisfied.


“I will never reveal my identity.
If I were to be called by a nickname like that, I’d be really embarrassed and I might bite my tongue and die.


Tears flowed down again.


The resignation letter, the resignation letter must be submitted.
I don’t want to go through the dreadful thing of being found out to be Headbang in my workplace.


“It was unreasonable from the beginning.
I need to leave the company quickly before it spreads to the office…”


With the resignation letter that was well kept in her arms, Seora headed to the subway station.


But maybe because she was too enamored with the shocking nickname of “Headbang”…


“I’ve heard of people hiding their abilities, but I’ve never heard of people hiding their merits.”


She didn’t even notice that someone was approaching her until she heard a low voice from behind.


Surprised, Seora jumped about two meters into the air.


“Ah! You surprised me!”


Seora looked back with a bewildered face and widened her eyes when she saw the person standing there.


“… L-class?”


Kang Sejun was so handsome that it was hard to see him clearly.


“It’s Kang Sejun.
Don’t use ratings like people’s names.”


“Why are you speaking informally when it’s our first meeting?”


Seora was surprised for a while.
She frowned at the rude behavior of the man who was not that much different from her in age.


“You speak informally, too.”


“Oh, right.”


However, at the answer that came back, Seora immediately removed the frown from her expression and became speechless. Well, that’s it then.

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