en it either!”


It wasn’t just Kang Hanseo.
Joo Eun and Do Junyoung also shook their heads.


So, who the hell was that unknown person?


“Have you ever not been notified when a new person comes in?”




Kang Hanseo trembled as if he had seen a ghost and wrapped his arms tightly around himself.

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“Seriously, what’s this? It’s not like the system is faulty! T-T-Then, is it a ghost!? Do ghosts even access the system? H-Hacking! A ghost has hacked it!”


“Say something that makes sense, Hanseo.”


Song Hanna’s eyes looking at Kang Hanseo were filled with pity. What should I do with this cowardly S-class?


“Even though the results of the S-class measurements have not been released recently, the only case that the number of people has been added is that the S-class has been confirmed even without being measured.”


“They just have signed a contract with a great Entity.”


Unlike Kang Hanseo, who was trembling, Song Hanna and Joo Eun exchanged conversations casually.


There were two ways in which the rating was determined.


After awakening, measuring the grade with a magic meter, or confirming the grade with a contract with an Entity.


Those two fell right into the latter. All the Entities guarding their backs were gods strong enough to give S-class to the Awakened just by signing a contract.


“I’m really curious about who it is.
It would have been nice if they had officially registered with the association.”


Joo Eun murmured regretfully. Having a new strong ally, but they didn’t even know who they were.
It was a little disappointing as they had to cooperate with each other until they died.


“Not registering is a crime, but when it comes to S-class, it’s hard to argue with it.
I am curious about the new face, but what can we do?”


Hanna, who thought while stroking her chin for a moment, saw Kang Sejun sitting opposite her.


His expressionless face showed that he didn’t seem particularly interested in the situation, or he seemed relaxed because he knew something.


It was weird.
Looking at his face, he was in his 20s, but it was hard to figure out what was inside


Hanna spoke to him, thinking that a very interesting fellow had appeared.


“You are the first L-class in Korea, can you guess?”


I don’t know everything, but I can guess one thing.
There is a high probability that it was the one who killed the Level 2 Boss Monster.”


Alas, realization flashed on the faces of those who remembered what they had forgotten with the sudden appearance of Kang Sejun.


“Right, I was curious about that too.
You said someone else killed the boss mob that evolved into a beast.
We didn’t see it because we were in the dungeon.”



“As soon as we heard the message that a Break is going on, we tried to get out too.
But it took a while as a snake as strong as the boss was blocking the entrance.”


Joo Eun’s expression darkened.
This was because some people were injured by the boss during the delay.
If he had been more careful, this wouldn’t have happened.
It was his mistake as the leader of the raid party.


“By the time we got out, the situation was already over.
This is the corpse of the Boss Beast.”

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Song Hanna’s eyebrows twitched when she saw the photo.
The head of a snake huge enough to chew and swallow a car body was completely blown away.


“This style.
How could they handle things so roughly?”


Tsk, tsk.
Couldn’t it be done more neatly?


Kang Hanseo opened his eyes wide to Song Hanna’s lament.
Song Hanna, who had said so, liked to burst everything with psychokinesis, but here she was, talking as of none of these people here knew that.


“Kang Sejun, what did you see there?”


“A woman.
But she was wearing a gas mask, so I couldn’t see her face.
Looking at the weapon she was using, she was a sniper.”


“A sniper.
It’s a rare trait.
They might be surprisingly easy to find.
What else?”


“As you guessed, there is a high probability that she signed a contract with a fairly strong Entity.
The weapon in the Regeneration Jacket also looked unusual, but it would have been difficult to obtain without the aid of an Entity.”


“It must be someone who has a diamond spoon in her mouth.”


As Song Hanna grumbled in envy, Yoo Soo-eun and Kang Hanseo’s eyes became fierce.
Song Hanna herself was someone who had signed a contract with the strongest Entity in Korea.


“Anyone who finds the new S-class should let the others know right away.
If she’s capable of killing Level 2 Boss Monster in one shot, we must keep them in Korea.
She might be even stronger than me.”


“The domestic rankings will be turned upside down.”


“I’ve already come down from number one.
The new number one, please take care of me.”


Aigoo, it’s been too heavy a burden to carry on this old shoulder.
Hanna shuddered and rubbed her shoulders for no reason.


Even though she was the oldest of the existing domestic S-classes, she was still in full swing, so no one believed her.




After the conversation was over, the S-classes of the guild went back.
Do Junyoung was scheduled to be in charge of the briefing on the raid of the Level 2 dungeon and the appearance of the L-class Awakened.


For that reason, Kang Sejun and Do Junyoung went to the director’s office.
As he sat down, his gaze turned to Yoon Seora, who was outside, for a brief moment.


“Do you know your subordinates well?”


“What are you talking about?”


With a faint frown on his face, Kang Sejun shrugged as if it was a meaningless question.


“It seems that the staffs here hardly know that the director is an S-class.
I was just wondering if the opposite could be the case.”


“Does that mean there are people here who have hidden their ranks like me?”


Do Junyoung’s face became serious.
As if to tell him If so, say it right now.

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