Terrified, Seora kicked the ground in a hurry.
But perhaps because she was too flustered, she tripped and fell to a place far from the gate.

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Clinging to the cave wall, Seora looked at the egg with a blank face.


“The boss mob of the dungeon hatches.
Could it be that that is the boss mob?”


Unlike other snakes, it was a bright red snake that ripped the egg out.
However, it was very small, perhaps because it was just born.


… Isn’t this my chance to kill it quickly before it turns into a three hundred-meter snake!?




I was so engrossed in the baby boss mob that I forgot that there was a mother who laid the egg.


Seora felt the poisoned harpoon flying towards her and hurriedly threw her body in the opposite direction. Then a harpoon of a tail flew in this time.


“There really is a mountain over a mountain!”


There really was no end.
The small baby snake suddenly began to grow at a tremendous speed.
Twice as large as other snakes.


The harpoons on the tip of its tongue and tail were also markedly different from those of the others.
It was a dark red color that looked like blood.


“I asked why the dungeon was called Cradle instead of Snake Den, is it because it is the birthplace of the baby boss?”


Damn it.
In the future, the name of the dungeon should not be overlooked.


What do I do? That boss mob looks unusual no matter how you look at it, should I leave it all to the raid party and escape? Or should I just fight? And what if something goes wrong and someone dies?


“Shit! Ah, wait a minute! Give me time to think!”


However, the mother who gave birth to the baby boss was also not an ordinary snake.
The attack was so fast that Seora had no time to think.


But I can’t just ignore the poison and attack! What should I do…


[The Boss Monster ‘Harpoon Snake’ has an excessively high rating.
It evolves to the Beast level!]


[Warning! The dungeon can’t handle the power of the Boss Monster! The dungeon is shaking!]


[Dungeon Break is accelerated!]


“… What?”


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Seora’s eyes widened.


B-Beast level? That’s the top level of a monster… It refers to monsters who are not only greedy for slaughter, but also intelligent enough to have reason.


Indeed, the boss snake, who had been procrastinating, seemed to realize that it could not kill Seora at once.
Also, there was a lot of food outside the gate.


The gate where the snake’s gaze was directed had suddenly changed to green instead of blue, which symbolizes Dungeon Break.




If a Level 2 beast, not monster, goes out, it is truly a disaster.


“Administrator-nim! Administrator-nim! Gate control! Please close the gate!”


Seora once again avoided the mother snake’s attack and shouted into the air.


[Administrator: 。゚(゚∩´﹏`∩゚)゚。]


The administrator was crying profusely.


It had mentioned that the creation of the dungeon was not its will, and it seemed like Dungeon Break was also beyond its control.


Damn it.
What is possible and what is impossible for you?


No, now was not the time to think about that.


‘What do I do? Should i tell the raid party with the risk of getting caught?’


While Seora hesitated as she was being attacked by the mother snake, the Boss Beast was getting out of the gate.


Seora’s face hardened. I can’t.
I don’t have time to go call the raid party.


They must have heard the Break acceleration message too, but they still wouldn’t be able to get out so soon.


Then how…


[Administrator: (´—ω・)︻┻┳═=━]


“I have no choice but to shoot and kill it.”


Seora made up her mind.
Once again, she grabbed the harpoon of the mother snake’s tail as it flew, then turned around and inserted the harpoon into the mother snake’s body.

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Shaaaaah! The serpent’s painful howl shook the cradle.
Seora didn’t even look at it and immediately kicked the ground.
She slipped out of the gate in no time.


Not long after, it was already a mess outside.


Reporters who came to cover the story were screaming and busy running away, and civil servants and guild hunters were fighting against the beast.
But they wouldn’t last long.


‘I have to keep my distance.’


She climbed back up the tree where she had hid before she entered the gate.
She could definitely see the view best from here.


“Skill activated.”


[Activate the skill ‘Field Control’!]


It was her first time to used a skill since she became an S-class.
Even so, she instinctively knew what to do and how to do it without anyone telling her how to do it.


“Field deployment.”


A red cube appeared in the air.
At the same time, Seora’s left eye was also dyed red.


Things like coordinates rose above view.
Her red eye identified the space.


[Zone setting complete.
Temporarily takes control of the specified field!]


The red cube suddenly grew bigger and wrapped around the head of the Boss Beast who was running wild.
The Hunters at sight, who were blocking the beast while bleeding, stopped for a moment.


The snake in the cube went wild, but it couldn’t get it off.
Because what Seora designated was the snake’s head itself.


Seora held her sniper rifle and took her position.


[“Hit” responds to the skill “Field Control”.
Desctructive power increased.
Accuracy increased.]


[Weapon ‘Hit’ bullets are converted appropriately!]


The gun barrel began to turn red.
As soon as the cube was accurately captured on the scope, Seora pulled the trigger.


At the tip of the muzzle, the formidable magic energy of the an S-Class Hunter was shot and cut through the air.
The mana bullet pierced the red cube as it was.




A great roar shook the world.
The Hunters fighting, the people running away, all could not even scream and had to cover their ears.

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Chupak! Chupak!


In just one moment, the roar that shook the world disappeared and the first thing one could hear in the silence that came was the sound of heavy liquid pouring onto the floor.


People slowly raised their heads.


“… What’s this?”


“Oh my gosh…!”


The head of the Level 2 Boss Beast, which was like the advent of disaster, was completely blown away.


Thuud, thud! Its huge body, which had lost his head, fell sideways, bleeding everywhere.
It was a very neat and tragic death of a Level 2 Boss Monster.


A huge shock swept through the front of the gate.


And Yoon Seora, who had created this scene.




She really couldn’t help but swear.


She had become an S-class, and she had just blown away the a Level 2 Boss Monster at once.


… Is this for real?


“It’s not even a monster, but a Level 2 beast, how could I—?”


Should I blame this on the weapon effect? Or the skill ability? Or a collaboration of the two?


“Either way, it doesn’t change that I’m a scammer…”


How could there be such a reversal in life?


[The boss of the Level 2 dungeon ‘Cradle of the Harpoon Snake’ has died!]


[Top Contributor: Yoon Seora (S-class)]


[First in Korea, succeeded in hunting Level 2 dungeon Boss Monster alone!]


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[You have achieved an amazing achievement!]


[The skill ‘Poison Resistance (S-class)’ will be awarded as achievement.]


[The item ‘Poisoned Harpoon’ has been acquired.]


[You have acquired the item ‘Harpoon Snake’s Core’.]


[You have acquired the item…]


Messages poured in countless times.
Seora, who was staring blankly at it, put Hit back into the inventory.


“I got a lot done in a short period of time.”


Suddenly, her inventory was filled with expensive things.


She even acquired a poison resistance skill because she killed the poison snake. It is worthwhile to defeat the Level 2 Boss Monster alone…



“If this becomes known, their expectation for me will be higher, right?”


Oh, no no no no. Not anywhere else, but a Level 2 dungeon, and the Boss Monster on top of that. Bad memories kept coming back to Seora.


Seora’s body shook.


I really need to quit my job.”


It shouldn’t be a problem since there were two strong people among the bosses at work.
How many top-class people had she encountered in this period of time? Seora didn’t know, but this was definitely a perfect environment to get caught.


Let’s put aside whether Song Hanna had realized something.


“Alright, I’ll just say I happened to be near the Level 2 dungeon today, so— Mm?”


At the moment when Seora was muttering alone, she turned her head unconsciously to a certain direction because she felt a gaze.
It was an instinctive move.






Her eyes met someone’s head-on.


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