After a total of four periods, it was now time for their lunch. Kasia was gathered with her friends in the cafeteria sitting on a bench. Today, like all first days of school, there were only teachers lectures and instructions about the new beginning of the year and the rules that have to be followed.

They were now sitting eating their lunch together.

”Kasa! Sister, see Ace is bullying me. ” Alivia said when her apple pie which she was eating was suddenly snatched away by a certain someone.

”Ace! Stop troubling her and eat your lunch. ” Kasia said, taking the pie from him and giving it back to Alivia.

Ace looked at the pie longingly as he reluctantly looked at his own food. He then said starting a conversation ”So guys, what were you all doing in the holidays? ”

”Just roaming. ” Came Leias haughty and carefree voice between her bulging cheeks which were full of food.

”Eat properly Leia. ” Kasia advised her. ”A mosquito might come into your mouth. ” Her voice suppressing her laugh while saying this.

” I was studying. ” Finnick said, touching his glasses.

”As expected from a boring guy like you. ” Came the instant rebuttal of Leia.

Finnick just ignored her.

This guys are quarreling all day long. Kasia thought, shaking her head.

”I was sleeping. ” Here came the yawning voice of the person who asked the question, Ace.

”What were you doing Amelia? ” Ace asked Amelia, looking in her direction.

”I visited my sister. ” She said, looking towards Kasia. Just as she said these, all of their eyes came on her.

Kasia shrugged her shoulders and said ”She asked her mom, and as her mom was our family friend, she agreed. ” She said normally as it was not her at all who refused them to visit her in holidays.

”This is cheating, Kasia! ” Ace said, receiving nods of agreement from other members of the group.

”Mom, agreed because she and dad were busy and there was no one to accompany me and I was getting bored. If you guys had asked too.. then… ” said Kasia in an optimistic tone.

They all just looked at her as if, they were all saying Are you kidding me.

”We aren talking to you now. ” They all said in unison beside Alivia, certainly.

”Oh…did I tell you guys? There is a new sister shifting next door to us. I would be getting a new playmate. So, I don think I need you guys to play with me anymore. ” Kasia said acting like she doesn care at all. Though, at last she would be the one bringing them their favorite things, to convince them, after all.

”Who is it, Kasia? ” They asked as their interest was piqued. Forgetting all the previous tantrum and dissatisfaction.

Kasia smiled knowingly as she found out that she had successfully convinced them all and changed the topic, she knew these guys won be angry knowing it. They understand and are happy knowing that she won be alone at home. Her parents are mostly out of the city and there are no friends at home for her to talk to. So, they were only happy to know that she would be getting someone to accompany her, as they can also not visit her because of her parents restrictions of letting no one other than the people they know properly, visit her often. This was the speciality of their group. There is unity between them as well as understanding each other well.

”But would your parents allow you to play with her? ” Finnick asked, knowing that her parents were strict when it came to her safety and they didn let anyone come near her, though they didn understand that in an attempt to keep her safe, they just had let her feel only loneliness.

Listening to Finnicks logical question they all went silent.

Kasia smiled as she said to them ”I think they will, the neighbors that are moving are my fathers friends family and Mom has said this to me, that I would be getting a new sister. ” Her voice was filled with cuteness and cheerfulness.

”But would she be a good girl? ” Alivia suddenly raised a question with her timed voice.

”I don know. ” Kasia said with furrowed brows as she never thought of this chance.

Just as they all were lost in their thoughts about how the girl would be, the bell rang indicating that the lunch was over. They all hurriedly packed their lunches as they once again moved towards their classes praying that the girl would turn out to be her good friend. And in future, this prayer of theirs would turn out true, but just with a tiny bit of difference.


The school was over now but the children were still energetic as they were in the morning. Some were waiting for their parents and some were going home with their drivers. One of them was her, Kasia naturally. But she was still excited thinking about her new soon to be going friend that she didn feel lonely seeing all children going with their parents, as usual.

But thinking of Alivias question this morning, there was still a tiny bit of fear in her heart thinking about how her new friend would turn out to be.

In a black car there was a boy sitting alone in the back seat looking gloomy and cold. It was astonishing that he was so gloomy at his small age. He was lost in his own world having no idea that in a certain place, he was all assumed to be both good and bad by some people.

Kasia was home now, running towards the living room intending to meet her mother.

Only to be greeted by a silent living room.

She heads towards the kitchen to see any sign of her mother. But she saw that she was not there. She saw the head butler instructing some servants, so she moved towards him. ”Charley! Where is Mom and Dad too? ” His name was Charles but Kasia gave him the nickname ”Charley as she thought it sounds better and cuter than Charles.

The butler smiled dotingly. He had taken care of Kasia, from when she was born. He was quite old now. And he always treats her as his granddaughter. He said in his always respectful tone ”Young Miss, Madam and Sir have gone out for some work. ”

”Ohh ” Kasia said dryly.

”When are our new neighbors shifting? ” Kasia then asked him.

”I don have any ideas. ” Charley said ”But they may be coming soon. Madam had told us to prepare dinner for them. ”

”Okay. Charley, don call me young miss, call me Kasa or Kasia. ” Kasia said she had told him many times, but still Charley always forgets and refuses to call her by her name. He always says that it is disrespectful and if her Mom, Dad heard it, he might be punished.

”But…. ” Charles was going to say something when Kasia interrupted him ”Yeah..yeah..I know, you can call me because it is bad, but you can at least do it when we are alone. ”

”Okay, miss. ” Charles said defeated. ”You should go and get ready and also wash your hands, I will serve some snacks for you. ”

”Okay, Charly. ” Kasia said sweetly, ”I want to eat strawberry pastry. ”

”Okay Miss, I will get it for you but not more than one piece. Madam has strictly forbidden it. ”

”Okay, Thank you! Charlie. ” Kasia said as she started moving towards her room to change her clothes and specially, to get prepared to meet her new little cute friend.

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