( They are gonna tear her apart )

Chapter 14 & 15



Meanwhile Maverick was staring at them from the other end, he suddenly dropped his glass of wine when Romeo pulled Jennifer to his lap, and he started walking towards them with a straight face

”Baby, ” Anita called from nowhere and blocked his way

Maverick stared at her with a straight face, he looked over at Romeo and Jennifer to see them smiling

”Shes not even your girlfriend, whats the big deal? ” His subconscious mind said

”Have been looking for you, thank goodness I found you Maverick baby, ” Anita said and pecked his cheeks

”Stop that! ” He said and looked forward but Jennifer was gone

”I still need to confirm if shes the one, so lemme keep it cool, ” he said to himself and walked away

Anita follows him instantly




”This is impossible, how could he! How could he have a wife and kid? ” Ricky said, his fist clenched tightly

Stacey rested her back on the wall behind breathing heavily

”But how? ” Ricky added

”This is all your fault, you said he will never walk again, I did my part and it went smoothly but just look at him, just a single job you couldn do it well, ” Stacey yelled at him

”What are you talking about? I played my role well, I even paid the doctor extra money to make sure he gave him the medicine that will kill his veins, ” Ricky said, he touched his forehead and rested his head on the wall also

”Just when we were close to success, you could have killed him once and for all back then, call that stupid doctor I need to slap some sense into him, how dare he, ” Stacey snarled

”That boy must not leave, I can let him destroy my hard work, he has to die, ” Ricky said and Stacey stare at him

”If Romeo walks again there is trouble, a huge trouble and we can let it happen, ” Stacey Replied, she made to Walk past but Ricky pulled her back and pinned her to the wall

They were the only ones in the room cos every other person were inside the party hall

”Who said I will ever let him work, he doesn even know that the medicine he has been taking is what is killing him, and very soon, just soon he will give up and die, ” Ricky said, he carried her up a little and she wrapped her legs around him

Her back on the wall

”I will send a message across the doctor, even if it means killing everyone close to him I will do it, and as for his little boy, you shouldn worry about him cos I will send my boys over to get him, and as for his woman, ” Ricky laughed, he unbuttoned her shirt and her bra came to view

he unhooked her bra and her br£@$t came to view, he captured one of her nipples into his mouth sucking on it

”F**k, Ricky, ” Stacey moaned

His hand caressing her thighs, he shifted her pants and pushed in a finger

”Ugh!! ”

”I will f**k his woman right before his eyes, I will make sure to paralyze him completely to the extent that he won even move a finger, he will be dead and alive, I will make sure to have all his wealth and he will die miserable, ” Ricky said

”Now you
e saying something that entered my ear, but I want that boy dead by all means, he can be alive, ” Stacey said and he nodded

He drowns his rode straight until her pu$$y

”F**k… Ricky, ”

”I did it before, I will do it again, ” Ricky replied as he moved back and forth inside her



”Don think you
e my woman cos you
e not and you
e not that beautiful, ” Romeo said and Jennifer chuckled softly

”I know, ” she replied and he frowned

”You know what? ” He asked, she sat next to him

The sound of the slow music could be heard as many couples dance, Mrs. Thomson didn say a single word, she just watch, and Mrs. Thompson wasn left behind

”I know that someone I know couldn stop staring, he was even boosting of having a beautiful wife which he will never have, ” Jennifer replied and looked away

Romeo squeezes his face

”Whats that supposed to mean? I wasn staring, I was playing alone so you won look disappointed, ” He asked and rolled his eyes

”A little thank you would have been better, it doesn pay to be proud, ” Jennifer replied and looked away

A moment of silence passed

”Care for a dance? ” Jennifer asked and Romeo ignored her

”Oh, cmon, don be a party crasher, ” Jennifer added and bumped her shoulder Into his

”Are you trying to remind me that I can walk? ” Romeo asked and she furrowed her brow

”Not at all, its so boring in here, cmon lets go dance, ” Jennifer replied, she stood up and sat on his lap

”Get up or I will f**k you right here, ” Romeo threatened

She laughed

”Coming from a paralyzed d**k, ” she laughed and he made to grab her breast but she quickly blocked his hands

”Woo …woo, take it, easy hungry guy, ” she said and laughed

Romeo found himself laughing, he rolled his wheelchair to the center of the dance floor and everyone made way for them

He rolled it around and she spread her hand before taking them back to his face, she was facing him and he stylishly look into her stripeless gown

”Im seeing your br£@$t, ” Romeo said and looked at her face

She just smiles

”Advantage of seating on a wheelchair, ” She replied and he squeeze his face

He wanted her to frown but she was not doing that

”Huh ”

”You couldn have seen it if have legs, ” She added and he chuckled

”You always have something to say, huh? ” Romeo said and she smiled


Mr. & Mrs. Thomson watch them from where they sat, Mrs. Thomson looked at her husband

”Do you think he will ever change his mind and not die? ” Mrs. Thomson asked and Mr. Thomson shook his head negatively

”You know how stubborn Romeo can be, ” he replied gently

”Hes so happy, look at my little boy! I just wish he will leave with us even though he can work, I don mind taking care of him again like I did when he was still a baby, ” Mrs. Thomsom said

Tears dropped from her eyes and Juniorprince looked at her face, he was still on her lap so he gently wipes the tears with his little hands

Mrs. Thomson looked at him and hugged him tightly

”Little thing, you
e so lovely, ” Mr. Thomson said and ruffles his small texture hair

He took his gaze to Romeo and Jennifer who were laughing as Romeo rolled around the dance floor

”Have never seen him this happy, I just wish he will forget about dying and leave with us, ” Mrs. Thomson said

”You worry too much, once Romeo made up his mind nothing will change it, he already agreed to spend a few months with us before dying so allow him, ” her husband said

”But….. ”

Mr. Thomson glared at her and she kept quiet

”If you keep crying the press will come to know why, I don want to appear in the newspaper because of you, ” Mrs. Thomson said

He brought out a white from his suit and clean the tears in her eyes

”I don want my baby to die, I just want him to spend more time with us, hes not the only disabled child in the world, ” She hiccupped

”Lets talk about this at home, people are watching, ” Mr. Thomson said and she nodded gently

Juniorprince was busy staring at her face, he was ready to start crying when she hugged him to her chest



Ivan was about to eat dinner when he heard the doorbell, he went downstairs and opened the door only to see Adrian standing there

”Am sorry for punching you, ” Adrian said and turned around immediately to leave

Ivan scoffed

”Wait, ” he said and Adrian stop and looked at him

”Lemme guess, your sister asked you to apologize! ” Ivan chuckled and nodded

”Apologize….. ”

Adrian started walking away before he could finish what he was saying

Ivan watched him leave as many thoughts ran through his mind

He went back inside and slammed his door



Arianna was busy getting the things she needs when someone tickle her from behind, she smiled and looked back to see Johnny standing there

She already saw him through the mirror in front of her

”Silly boy, ” She said and hit him lightly

”You look beautiful today, ” Johnny complimented and she gave him a knock on his head

”Ouch, what was that? ” Johnny winched, his left hand stroking his head

”Are you hitting on me? ” She asked and he frowned

”Nah, I already had Harper but shes playing hard to get, ” he pouted

”We will get her, where are the others, ” she asked and Oliver carried her up from behind

”Over her queen, ” Thor said

”Drop me!! ” She shouted, and they laughed

People were already staring at them, she looked at Blaze to see his angry face

”Whats with the long face? ” She asked staring at him

”Hes crushing on Professor Charlotte, ” Olivia said and Arianna raise her brow

”That strick woman that is always frowning, ” Arianna muttered and Blaze looked at her

”Just saying whats on my mind, ” she added and rolled her eyes

”Whatever, I will keep trying, ” Blaze said

They paid for what she bought and they left the store

”But why her of all people? ” Arianna asked and Blaze rolled his eyes

”You will help me right? ” Blaze asked and she shook her head negatively

”H*ll no, I can go near that scary woman, you won her to give me F, not me, ” Arianna replied

They all burst out laughing

”Choose someone else, ” Thor said

”Maybe he will go for professor Emma this time around, ” Oliver joked

They laughed

”Guys thats not fair, love is blind remember, and Blaze wasn the one that blind it, right blaze? ” Johnny asked he was trying hard not to laugh

Arianna who was beside him tickled him and he threw his head backward and laughed, hitting his hand on the steering wheel

”Johnny watch out, ” Thor shouted and he stepped on the brake pedal instantly

He looked back at them

”You could have killed us, I still need to see Garrett and Mateo before dying, ” Olivier said and he drove off



”You look sad, ” Jennifer said staring at Maverick

She flashes a light smile but she wasn buying it

”What happened? ” She asked and he ruffles her hair like a kid

They sat on the bench with the cool breeze blowing on their skin

”You didn come for the game as you promised, ” he said and she pouted

”Am so sorry, I have another part-time job and my boss wanted me to act like his girlfriend, ” she explained

He didn know why but he was happy, she wasn his girlfriend, after all, he has nothing to worry about

He thought she was going to lie but she didn

”How is your brother? ” Maverick suddenly asked and she looked at him

”Very well, you seem kinda off, ” she said and he stood up dragging her alone

”Is it because of the game? We can still play it some other time, ” she said sadly

”Am fine, you worry too much, ” Maverick replied

They are now walking out of the park

”I don like it when the people around me are sad, it breaks my heart and right now my heart hurts, ” she said, her right hand on her chest

”Lemme see, ” Maverick knowing said, he made to touch her chest but she hit his hand away

”Don be a pervert, ” she said and he giggled

”Am trying to help my friend, ” He replied, he made to touch her chest again but she pushed him lightly

”Stop it, Maverick! You
e being naughty, ” She said and he laughed

”Am always naughty, thats why am Maverick, ” he said and she poked his chest

”Rock chest, ” she said and he laughed

They went into his limo and it wasn long before they stopped in front of her house, Maverick stepped down first then Jennifer gently came down

He let go of her hand and she smiled

”Mr rock had chest, thats your new name, ” Jennifer said and he laughed

”Whats Rock hard chest? Its too long and odd, shorten it, ” Maverick said and she stuck out her tongue

He giggled

”Whats so funny, huh? ” Ivan came out of nowhere and asked

Jennifer looked at him and frowned

”What are you doing here? ” She asked staring at him

”Cmon Jennifer, we have been friends since childhood, you can just break our friendship cos of a single mistake, trust me I wasn the one that called the cops, ” Ivan said all in one word

”There is no excuse for putting my brother in jail, our friendship journey has ended so get that into your head, ” Jennifer said and made to Walk away but he hold her hands and pulled her back

e mine, by choice or by force, ” Ivan said and tried to kiss her forcefully

She slapped him hard across the face and pushed him back, she made to walk away but he grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her back

Ivan made to kiss her again but Maverick hold his head

Ivan chuckled

”What are you now, huh? A savior? ” Ivan asked and Maverick chuckled

He let go of Ivan and turned to Jennifer,

”Are you alright miss soft fluffy chest, ” he asked and she frowned at him

”Maverick, learn to mind your business, cos I don care if you
e a billionaire or not but I will make sure to luck you up and you will never see the light of the day again, ” Ivan threatened

Maverick turned around and face him

”Wow? Really? ” He asked, he raised his brow

”Try me, ” Ivan added and Maverick shook his head Negatively

”I never knew you can do that, why not show me what you have got first, ” Maverick said

”You don want to see this miss soft fluffy chest, why not go inside, ” He said to Jennifer and she looked at him

”Don kill him, please, ” Jennifer muttered

”Am not a murderer, ” Maverick replied gently

Ivan laughed

”Is this some kind of joke or what? ” Ivan said staring at them

”Don get killed, ” Jennifer said

”Nah, I just want to teach him the word ”Respect ” and how it works, Maverick doesn fight, I teach! ” Maverick replied

His boys escorted her inside and they stood by the door so she won come out

Maverick boy surrounded them in a cycle, it was already dark but the light in the city made it bright for them to see

”What are you know huh, shes mine Maverick get that into your head, ” Ivan said and Maverick chuckled

”You talk too much, ” Maverick said staring at him

One of his boys went back to the Limo, he came back with a two-headed whip and handed one over to Ivan, the guard hold the other one

”No boys, its just the two of us, ” Maverick said and they hand the whip over to him

Ivan Smirked

Maverick took a step forward and Ivan also did the same, they continue moving closer to each other, and suddenly….


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